The Siren's Love (The Tales of The Misunderstood Series)

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Peisinoe is a siren, cursed to forever remain the monster who feasts on the hearts of men. That was until one man broke the trance of her beast within and left many questions unanswered. Now her sisters are trapped as dangerous monsters and the barriers that had secluded them from the world has been lowered. Peisinoe is after answers and shes not alone as her quest begins.

Fantasy / Romance
Chloe. J
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My life is a repetitive routine, we sing and draw in the ships to shatter into the sea. My sisters and I, are sirens and we are cursed to feed on the hearts of men. I seek to break this curse, but the days roll on and no answers are ever given as to how.

I am a siren, cursed to live with a monster within.

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