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Sirens, have you heard them? The sinful voices behind the shipwrecks who often crash into even the calmest of seas? If you could follow a story about the youngest siren , one of fish-tailed creatures who is often called a monster, an abomination and a danger not just by humans but also gods, would you? Peisinoe is the youngest siren. She believed the gods cursed her. But a series of events leads her to learn otherwise, not only is she cast into darkness and death. But she is also thrust into a love in which they were both spelled to forget. With help of the God of secrets, what does she find out?

Fantasy / Romance
Chloe. J
4.7 18 reviews
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I want to know how much more of a world is out there, but I am trapped in a secluded sea. I do not remember how I got here, just that no matter how much I crave to leave its not possible. I am cursed, forever a singer of death. Monster of hearts, just one of many name given to me over the years of passing creatures. The chilly unforgiving waters call the monster inside whenever a ship draws near.

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