Royal Pain

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Chapter 3

Slowly waking from the rays of the sun coming through the window, Deva rubbed a hand over her face. Snuggling closer to the silk sheet Deva hesitantly opened her eyes and frowned. The sight of old Victorian red and gold wall paper greeted her, and that was when realization hit her. It wasn’t a dream after all.

She closed her eyes and shook her head. This can’t be happening. There was a soft knock at the door, but Deva didn’t make a move to get up. Amy came rushing in taking in the view of Deva still in bed.

“Lady Deva, will you please wake up? You have only thirty minutes till you must meet with the princes.”

“Do I have to go?” Deva asked in a groggy voice.

“Yes my lady. Today is your first challenge. You are to wear your uniforms.”

Deva quickly shot up from underneath the covers. “Uniforms?”

“Yes they are in your wardrobe; along with other items of clothing from jeans, sweats, shirts, dresses just about everything.”

“Perfect,” she mumbled getting out of bed, “how thoughtful of them.”

Her first mission was to hit up the posh table in the middle of the room that was decked out with glorious food. Deva grabbed a bagel and headed for the closet in search of her uniform.

She spotted a duffle bag that had first challenge written on it and pulled out a really short pair of shorts and a tight black tank top. Wow, she thought, they would choose an outfit like this. She refused to wear the booty shorts and pulled out a casual pair of brown capris that fit her well but not as well as the tank top. It formed to her body so tightly that it was almost uncomfortable and way too revealing.

After freshening up, Amy came back into the room ushering Deva and Lacey through the mansion. They finally made it to the back doors leading to the gardens. The sky was grey, and the atmosphere was misty and clouding. It looked like it was going to rain any minute. In fact, it was already drizzling.

Amy stopped at the door and pointed out into the yard to a rather large looking gazebo. “The princes are waiting for you ladies there. Good luck.” With that, she disappeared back into the castle.

“Really,” Lacey complained.

They were the last to arrive. It felt as if they were all waiting on Deva and Lacey.

Deva spotted Julia standing towards the back wearing the skanky shorts. Her naturally olive completion plus her muscular legs could make any guy’s mouth water. Deva felt a hint of jealously at how her friend could pull off any outfit. Julia always carried a certain confidence with every look she wore.

Deva walked up behind her and said, “Very nice,” in a really thick Borat accent. Julia turned around and Deva grazed her eyes up and down her body, “How much?”

Julia and Deva laughed at the stupid joke.

“For you, baby,” Julia scanned Deva’s form in approval, “it’s on the house.”

“Can I join?” they heard a deep husky voice say.

Marcus was without a doubt a ladies man. He was naturally flirting with his blue eyes with absolutely no effort at all.

“I’m sorry, love,” she said using his nickname he gave her, “but it’s a private party.”

Deva could hear the low chuckles of the other princes. Marcus only grinned and continued to admire her appearance. “You’re not wearing the uniform, love.”

She shook her head looking at the other princes as well, who were also staring at her. “Don’t you boys think you have enough views of the girls’ ass...ets as it is? I really don’t think my body parts are any different from theirs.”

Marcus leaned close to her ear, “Yes, but now I can’t admire your ass..ets the way I planned on.”

“I think you’ll live, perv.”

Marcus chuckled as did his brothers.

Darius began instructions. “Ladies, today is the first of your challenges. The reason we are out here today is because you will be playing a game of tackle football.”

Some of the girls’ faces began to fall in disappointment.

“This challenge will show us your strengths and agility. It will be about team work as well as enjoying each other’s company. You are all strangers to one another so this game will force you to depend on others even when you don’t know them.”

“What do the winners get?” A small timid voice asked.

Lucian walked over to the tall model-like blonde who had spoken and caressed her cheek. She practically went limp at his touch, obviously affected by his sex appeal. “The ladies we see as winners will be rewarded with a date, dear Tanya.”

Tanya’s lips twisted into a smile, and her eyes turned to a competitive glare towards the other girls.

“Now, you will be split into two groups, the white team and the black team depending on your shirt. Now we understand that there will be a team of 5 and a team of 4 but we believe you capable ladies are up for the challenge.”

Deva glanced around and realized both Lacey and Julia were on her team. This was going to be interesting.

“But prince it’s raining. We’ll get wet,” said a voice in a very irritating tone.

The redheaded girl looked distraught and was pouting. The girl was decent looking but all the makeup she was wearing was unnecessary.


“Afraid that your face will melt off, or is it fear of breaking a nail?”

The girl turned and gave Deva a death stare. Deva dared the girl to make a move.

“Was that supposed to be a joke?”

Deva mentally rolled her eyes. “I don’t know Red you tell me because your face sure looks like a joke to me.”

Red stomped her way over to Deva. Her red-orange hair was obviously dyed judging from the brown roots coming in already.

“I’ll show you a joke.”

Darius amused by the entire conversation took it upon himself to step in and block the girls from physical contact. “Ladies, that is quite enough. It is time to get wet and play the game.”

“Aww hear that Red. You’re going in the rain. Quick cover your face.” Deva had no real reason to pick on a girl she just met.

Deva was battling her own demons. She was mad and frustrated, now that she was in a different environment. She didn’t want to be around vampires or potential queens.

Red tried to make an attempt at shoving her, but Lucian held her back. He was whispering words in her ear and pulling her in the opposite direction. The other girls began to follow, walking toward the wet playing field.

Deva felt a pair of strong arms snake around her waist and a warm breath caress her ear, “The point of the game is to make friends sweetheart.” She heard his silk voice whisper, and she knew it was Darius.

“This is a competition where 9 girls are fighting for the attention of 3 gorgeous vampires who also want to make one of them queen. I seriously doubt there is time to be nice and friendly.”

He chuckled and slowly lifted her feet towing her to the edge of the gazebo. “So you’re actually trying to play this competition then?”

“Not in the slightest, Casanova, but I might as well entertain myself while I’m here.” She responded.

Darius slowly untangled himself from her.


“Not likely.” She then ran to where the black team was huddled.

She stared at her team mates as they tried to come up with a game plan. Finally after a little scheming the girls pulled away. Lacey’s eyes were fiercely drowning in determination.

“Lacey,” Deva patted her back. “You really want to win that date.”

Lacey nodded without hesitation. “I’ll help you. Stay close and I’ll take on any girl that gets close.”

“Thanks girl.”

Deva smiled to herself. I am making friends; she thought thinking back to what Darius said. The game was slowly getting into swing. The girls were slipping and sliding all over the field tackling and throwing as much as they could. The teams were at a tie. Some of the girls were getting exhausted from all the extra effort. The rain had picked up. All the girls were covered in mud and now Deva knew why they chose today and why they chose the skimpy outfits.

She focused her attention on the brothers who were staying dry in the gazebo. Their identical faces conveyed pleasure at the mere sight of half-naked dirty girls.

“Enjoying the view princes?”

They immediately glanced at her and all three of them flashed the exact same smile of devilish proportion. She shook her head, laughing at the uncanny reaction.

There were only two more goals to get. Lacey made a run for it, and Deva followed pinpointing a brunette making her way to them. Deva leaned forward and tackled the girl head on. The girl fell back, and they both toppled to the ground.

The tall brunette cussed, “What the hell?”

“It’s all part of the game.” Deva said getting up and seeing Lacey snag the ball, scoring the team another point. Deva did a victory dance, throwing her hands in the air and swaying her hips.

They made it back into formation. It was the last goal and they needed it to win. At this point Deva didn’t care about the game. It was really starting to pour, and she just wanted to go inside where it was warm.

The girls on her team started to make a run for it. Deva had a thought pop into her head, and then began charging towards Julia. She jumped onto her back tackling her to the floor. Julia tried pushing her off but to no avail.

“What are you doing Dev? I’m on your side.”

“I know.” Deva said pushing Julia’s head into the muddy ground. Julia struggled but the effort only tired her out. “But I just thought of something. Remember when we went to David’s party last week.”

“YES!” Julia barely got out from all the shoving Deva was doing.

“And how you let me walk around with a lollipop stuck to my butt.” She said in sarcastic revenge.

Julia’s anger quickly left her face as the memory came back to her. “Oh yeah, that was priceless.”

“That, my little grape, was utter embarrassment, and you are so going to pay.”

Julia laughed in spite as they both rolled in the mud getting them even more smothered in dirt.

“Ooh, I’m shaking with fear.”

“You should be.” Deva said scooping mud in her hands and rubbing it in Julia’s face.

“You didn’t just do that.”

Julia attacked Deva pushing her to the cold ground straddling her. Deva couldn’t stop laughing at Julia’s horrorstruck expression.

But just as Julia was about to show Deva her wrath she was quickly hoisted up off of her by two muscular arms.

“Ladies,” Marcus chimed. “The game is over.”

Darius extended his hand to Deva. “This is how you make friends?” He lifted her up.

“Mmhmm. Wanna be best friends?”

“You gonna wrestle me in the mud too?” Darius was hopeful and she laughed it off.

“So who won?”

“The black team.”

Deva beamed. Lacey was sure to get the date. Deva felt accomplished finishing her good deed for her new friend.

“After much thought my brothers and I have chosen the winners, not based on winning but by cooperation and determination.” Darius paused, probably for dramatic effect.

Lucian announced the first winner. “I will be taking Deana out tonight because she showed great teamwork.”

Deana had beautiful black glowing skin which could still be admired despite the patches of mud covering her body. She was medium height, athletic body, and big enticing brown eyes. Her gorgeousness intimidated Deva who wasn’t even trying to compete in the competition.

Then, Marcus spoke up, “And I will be taking Julia out tonight for her show of strong will.”

Deva had to clap for her friend because it was true. Every time Julia was knocked to the floor, she would pick herself right up and try harder.

“And lastly I will be taking...” Darius dropped his gaze to Deva amused to see her reaction. “Deva.”

She looked as if she was hit with a bulldozer. “What?”

“Did I stutter?”

“No I can’t go. I don’t deserve to go. I wasn’t even really playing.”

Darius was fascinated by her refusal. He was beginning to realize she was going to be his biggest challenge.

“Sweet Deva don’t show your modesty now. I saw you tackling girls like there was no tomorrow. You did your part and helped your team to victory.”

“But...” She pouted. Darius held a finger up to her dirty lips.

“There is no getting out of this Deva. My word is final.”

Deva crossed her arms and very low mumbled, “Stupid arrogant son of-”

Something Darius wouldn’t have heard if it wasn’t for his vampire hearing. “What was that sweetheart?” Deva’s arms fell in defeat, and Darius smirked in victory.

“I said beautiful handsome son of a king. I would be so honored and over joyed to go out with you tonight.” Deva eyes glimmered with mischief as she brought her arms up to wrap around Darius’ neck.

He didn’t pull back from her dirty, muddy embrace. He let her have her small triumph. She pulled him close, and to be honest, he was rather enjoying her show of affection. His shirt was soaked and coated in mud at her expense.

“So so honored.” She whispered, pulling away and admiring his very dirty v-neck shirt before walking off.

“Be ready by seven.” He said to her retreating figure. “Perhaps a shower would do, and Deva wear something nice.”

She threw her hand up. “Whatever princey.”

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