Nollax : the vampwolf chronicles

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Born from the forbidden union of the king of werewolves and the queen of the vampires, Scott Nollax , a teenager living in the human world, dives into his hybrid heritage after taking the life of a homeless woman. The young vampwolf’s life becomes even more tragic when he and his foster sister, Sardonyx, come to find that their adopted mother was slain as a result between a war between vampires and werewolves. Seeking to avenge the human who raised him and learn more about his heritage , Scott soon finds himself in the crossfires between both supernatural creatures. But will the young vampwolf prevail in his search or become the next casualty of war ?

Fantasy / Thriller
Boss Kelly
Age Rating:

Chapter No.1 First Bite

“What the hell have I done? Scott Nollax. 16 years old teenager stood over the body of a homeless woman in the middle of an empty street in Rochester, New York.

I’m sorry I’m so so sorry”.

The teenager was covered in the woman in blood from his mouth to his chest.

Sirens echoed from behind him as police cars drove from a distance.


Scott ran from the

Police cars, zooming away at super human speed.

The air rushing through his blue hair with silver highlighter in it.

The frantic teenager hood behind the valley between two buildings as police cans past him.

“This …… this never happened before” Scott said seuzing his head.

Scott loosened his grip around his head as he heard a separate pattern of footsteps follow him.

“Smell like a Vamp wolf” A 250 ib thug appeared with two biker thugs by his side.

Looks like he had a little speak and didn’t bother to share one of the things added.

“We’ll just have to settle for those half wolf bustard. The third thug said.

Conflicted by the life that he took away Scott tackled with a internal compulsion to find off the thugs.

“Leave me alone please…. I…… just want to go home Scott pleaded.

“I just wana go home”

The thugs mocked him with their teeth growing fangs and their figures pro producing talens.

“Don’t you know it’s a full moon, half breed?” The leader smirked.

Scott curled to his knees as the pulsating feeling he experience became worse.

That meats its time for our dinner the thugs gradually the rest of the world. Scott explained.

“I just wanted to go to the park for a little bot.”

“This town is riddled with vampires and were wolfs. Your luck that those goons in the valley were basic mutts. Plus, don’t get me started on those clowns in white.”

“Who were those guys any way Scott asked?

Don’t know most vamps aren’t that well dressed. Or that powerful.

Scott looked at his shirt still covered in blood from earlier.

“That old lady”. Scott said.

“What old today?”

“There was a homeless lady in the shifted into wolf humanoid hybrids growing twice their original size.

“Looks like you’re the main course.”

The savage thugs lingered to Scott as he cringed to the permanent underneath him.

“Stop it, Stop it.”

Scott murmured to himself.

“The were wolfs attacked Scott as his body drastically Shifted into a greays blce and silver turned like wings on his beck.

The vamp wolf stroked down the leader of the pack slashing away at his chest while the other were wolfs other were wolves pounced oct Scott.

But before they could make contact Scott’s body transmitted into smoke.

The were wolves dog piled on their leader as Scott re emerged and thirsted his claw through one of the thugs.

As the werewolf fell to the ground the last remaining thugs leaped toward Scott in a blind fury.

Scott explained his hand, conjuring dark energy that force the attacking werewolf in mid air and slammed him in the wall on his right knocking him unconscious.

Scott. Scott.

Adis embodied voice echoed in Scotts mind causing the vamp wolf to clutch his head and let out a mold roar that ended with an explosion of dark energy that leveled the entire black.

A think cloud of Debris riddled the area with collapsed brinks and stone. The young vamp wolf reverted back into his human from as he laid unconscious in the rabble.

There figures zoomed around him all in white & black so its looked around the damaged area.

“Guess the mutts did their jobs after all”. The female Asian agent said.

“The princess well wants her half brother alive …. For now said the male African agent.

“Then it’s settled”.

The male Caucasian agent said. Daisy Lincoln, lets like this half blood home”.

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