Blood and Love

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Brooke was just an average girl - or so she thought. One day she overheard her parents talking- she was adopted. There was another secret - she was a werewolf. Her father - Greyson, was the Alpha Wolf of the Pack. Brooke is now trapped to learn what it's like to be werewolf and will she had Friends? Enemeies? A mate?

Fantasy / Romance
Chrissy Marie
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Chapter 1

The night was young for Brooke as she was in the room reading a book. There was nothing else that she wanted to do. She always got made fun of for being a book worm and it didn’t bother her at all. She was proud to be a book worm. Today was her sixteenth birthday and her parents took her out to celebrate. Of course, this weekend she was going to be having her party with her family and friends. She was looking forward to her party – it was going to be the best birthday she was going to have. Sixteen was always the biggest birthday a girl could dream of. Though it was also a school night and it just so happened to be a full moon. For some reason whenever there was a full moon out – Brooke had a harder time falling asleep. She never understood why that was.

Brooke got up from her comfy chair – her reading chair as she looked around and saw that it was getting close to Midnight – her parents would be furious with her if they found out she didn’t get some sleep. It was still a school night. Brooke knew that if she got some water, maybe she would be able to get some sleep. Maybe. There was always the chance that she had to just stop at 711 to get coffee or an energy drink. She made her way out of her room and down the stairs – that’s when she heard her parents. They were still awake…What’s going on? Usually she was the only still awake and yet they were up talking. Talking about her?! Brooke knew that something was up. She didn’t understand what was going on, but she had to get the bottom of why they were still awake.

She listened to the conversation – it was probably a bad idea that she was listening to this conversation. She prayed that they wouldn’t know that she was awake – she would get in trouble because she had to be up for school in a few hours. Of course, she stayed on the stairs because as long as she could remember her hearing was always different. At school, she could hear a conversation that was happening twenty feet away from her. So right now, from the stairs, she could hear the conversation and the movement that was happening.

“We have to tell her,” Brooke’s father – William said as he started pacing the kitchen. “We can’t keep her anymore. They’ll be coming for her after last night. We tried hiding her – but we just can’t keep doing it.”

“What happened last night was an accident! She didn’t know she did anything,” Her mother – Anna said.

“That doesn’t matter, we didn’t even know she is what she is until two years ago.”

Brooke couldn’t believe what she was hearing – something happened – she couldn’t remember what it was. Why was this happening to her now? She was upset that her parents thought about taking her away. What did she ever do for this to happen? There something bothering her.

“She has to go!” William shouted. “We covered for her the past two years when stuff like that has happened in the past. I will not keep doing it.”

“She’s not going anywhere. We can’t just throw her out. She probably doesn’t even know she can do it.”

“That’s horseshit right there. She has to know.”

“William! I will not throw her out because of it!”

“Anna, goddamnit just listen to me!”

“Blood. Kill,” A voice deep spoke to Brooke spoke to her.

“Who…who said that?” Brooke thought as she looked around – wondering where the voice came from.

“SHE’S NOT MEANT TO LIVE IN THIS WORLD!” William screamed at Anna.

“Keep your voice down, she’ll hear you!” Anna hushed him as she knew that Brooke would wake up to the screaming.

“Not family. Kill them.” The voice was louder. It was pounding at her head.

Brooke didn’t understand what was happening to her. She was scared, what was going to be happening to her. Inside – the wolf wanted control again. It was fun to come out – and here Brooke was awake this time, so her wolf was going to have to force her way out and kill off William and Anna.

There was a deep growl – and it was coming from Brooke. Anna heard it the growl, and they were now in trouble.

“Will…. she heard us,” Anna whispered.

“You are crazy Anna.” He shook his head as he didn’t want to believe it.

“The wolf is going –“ That’s all that Anna could get out because standing in the door way was Brooke in her Wolf form.

In a blink of an eye – there was blood everywhere. Anna was dead. William was dead. They were both gone due to the wolf. Soon enough Brooke bolted out of the back door and into the backyard – howling out to the moon. In the outskirts there were three other werewolves who were now heading towards the howl that Brooke did. The three wolves were now using the mind link pack.

“Shit, that wolf is going to be giving her location to the hunters.” The Alpha – Greyson thought into the other heads of the wolves.

“We better get to her before they arrive.” The BETA – Rodger thought.

“We should hurry than.” The BETA’s son – Caleb said as he used his strength to get to where he was going.

Brooke paced her backyard. Her human-self was wondering what was going to be happening as she was now a killer. Her human-self wanted the control over the body – but her wolf was just so strong. Soon enough there was the smell of other wolves. Brooke knew she had to protect her home, even though she was the only one who was alive.

“Blood. There’s blood on her fur.” Caleb thought as he looked at the other two wolves.

“She’s a killer.” Greyson added. “But, I wonder what had happened to lead to the blood on her.”

“Do you think she did it?” Rodger looked at Greyson.

Greyson turned into his human form (when they shift their clothes stay intact) and walked over to Brooke. “Hi there. My name is Greyson and I want you to come with us back to our wolf pack. You will be safe there.” Greyson stepped closer until he saw the inside of her house. There inside was the two bodies of William and Anna.

The two bodies unrecognizable if no one knew who lived in the house. Greyson looked back at Brooke and tried to inch closer to her, but she backed away as she didn’t know what was going to be happening. The only thing she knew was that he was a wolf just like her and that he wanted her to go with him. Soon enough, the Hunters were arriving. They were sitting ducks if they didn’t move right away. Brooke watched as Greyson shifted back into his wolf – and then he growled at her to follow them. At first, she didn’t want to – but then soon enough there as the banging of the door. They were going to break down the door if they didn’t leave right away.

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