Fallen out of Grace

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Fallen out of Grace - is a spin on Romeo and Juliet, but with Angels and Devils exploring the Human World. In their human forms, only Angels and Devils can tell who they really other while Humans are oblivious to the fact that the Supernatural walk around them.

Fantasy / Romance
Chrissy Marie
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Angels and Devils

Start writinThere were a set of laws that were set in place for centuries. Devils and Angels can’t fall in love with each other or they would lose their wings. These laws were put into place after an Angel and a Devil had fallen in love and the world was thrown into chaos as it was not right. There was a three-century-war in place as there was no one to stop them from fighting. Though after the war, the Elders of both Angels and Devils had made certain laws that had to be followed if there was to be peace – well – somewhat peace in their world. The laws that every young Angel and Devil are taught are the following:

1)If you encounter an Angel/Devil you must turn around – do not speak to one another.

2)If you are caught falling in love and being with an Angel/Devil you are bound to lose your wings

3)Losing your wings will send you to forever walk the Human World with no memories or being an Angel/Devil

4)If you know someone who is now Human Bound, you are not allowed to speak to them as they are not allowed to know we exist

5)Do not touch an Angel/Devil – as you will forever be marked with symbol of their kind.

6)You are not allowed to interfere with the lives of Humans if you are not a Guardian Angel/Devil

Everyone has followed these rules – until today. It was the year 2092, and Earth has changed a lot during the three-century-war. Though there was still no flying cars or floating buildings. No one was trying to live underwater. There was more of a peaceful place. Kids running around and having fun like it was the 1990s. Everyone seemed to carefree. Teenagers were stuck inside as they were doing their homework, or they were on the phone. Arriving on Human World were ten Angels and ten Devils.

Their appearances have changed to look more human – so that way they can walk in the shoes of humans. There was one catch – Angels can see through the appearances of Devils and the same goes for the Devils, they can see through the appearances of Angels. They were training to be guardian Angels and Devils, as every human has someone watching over them to make them do good or do bad. As the two groups walked, the distance between the two groups started to get closer and closer, until….

They were staring at each other – that was when they knew, that they were only ones here. Angels came down from Heaven and the Devils came up from Hell. Both were starting to be certain that there was going to a teenage war at the hands of these Angels and Devils. Between one Angel and one Devil, there was a certain pull that was happening. It was like they were drawn to each other. The Angel’s name was Aurora and the Devil’s name was Maverick. The pull was strong, when it looked like they were going to touch, they were pulled away from each other.

“Aurora! What has gotten into you?” One of the Angels, Devon asked as he held onto her arm. “That is a Devil! You know the rules.” He hissed at her. Trying to remind her that the rules are in place for a reason.

Aurora snapped out the trance that she was in and looked over at the Devil. Aurora looked again and bit her lip as it was like her soul was calling out to him. She had to ignore the feelings. “Right…” She whispered. “A devil.” She turned around and looked at her friends. “Let’s go somewhere else.” She led the group away – but the one thing on her mind was that she needed to know that Devil better – she didn’t even know his name.

With the Devils who still stood in the same spot, Maverick’s mind was running around in circles trying to figure out who she was. She was the embodiment of good and it didn’t matter to him. He had to get to know her better. It was bothering him that she was still there on his mind after she left him.

“Maverick, dude, come on we have better things to get done.” One of the Devils, Jaxs said as he grabbed Maverick by the back of the shirt and started to pull him away from the spot they were standing at.

Before the two groups left, Aurora and Maverick shared one last look – one look that the star-crossed lovers would share and would know where to meet. Would they know where to meet? Would they lose their wings? What would happen when they would touch? No one knew if the laws were real since it’s been a few centuries since the laws have been created. Aurora just wanted to get to know Maverick better and she wanted to know what was pulling them towards each other – like they were…they were meant to be together.

The two groups drifted apart and went to do their own things. Of course, everyone would remember the conversation they had with the Elders before coming to the Human World. The conversations were the same between the two species. The conversation went something like this:

“Listen Angels, this is your first time going down to the Human world, so you need to know a few things. When you are down in the Human World you can be in your human forms but remember not to interfere with humans as you not guardian angels yet. You may able to write down information on how you would take care of situation, but under no circumstance must you interfere.” The Elder Angel said as he looked at all the Angels. “You must never cross paths with the Devils who will also be there. Always remember that Devils are bad.”

“Listen Devils, this is your first time going down to the Human world, so you need to know a few things. When you are down in the Human World you can be in your human forms but remember not to interfere with humans as you not guardian devils yet. You may able to write down information on how you would take care of situation, but under no circumstance must you interfere.” The Elder Devil said as he looked at all the Devils. “You must never cross paths with the Angels who will also be there. Always remember that Angels are bad.”

It was always taught that the other species was bad. Today – or later tonight – Aurora and Maverick were the two that was going to put the laws into motion and break each one slowly without even knowing it at first. The two were curious since this was the first time that they were meeting – after the war, Angels and Devils hardly met, unless the guardians were assigned to the same human. The one thing that they would have to do – is try and sneak away. Angels don’t have those traits that Devils have – being rude and deceiving and they were also tricksters. Aurora had to think of the Angel way to get away from her friends.

“Yo! What is on your mind?” Johnny asked as he looked at Maverick.

“That Angel better not be still on your mind!” Faye shouted. “She is pure good, and you know that is forbidden that we ever interact with them! We’re lucky that an Elder Devil wasn’t around to see us in the same are!”

“So? What would really happen if we ever talked with them?” Maverick rolled his eyes.

“You’ll loses your memories and your devil wings.” Maddy looked at him as she had the biggest crush on Maverick, but she didn’t know how to tell him.

Of course, the Angels were having a similar conversation with Aurora. No one wanted to see their best friends get hurt and lose the wings and memories. They were close to becoming full fledge Guardian Angels and Guardian Devils. Day turned to Night, and it was time for Aurora and Maverick to sneak away to go meet up under the bridge. Aurora was watching the humans as she was passing by. Aurora watched as a teenager helped an old lady crossed the road, good choice. She then saw an adult run out of the store while one of the workers were shouting to stop that man, bad choice.

Aurora made it to the meet up place. The Devil who was waiting for Aurora. Maverick wasn’t sure that she was going to be coming, until he sensed her. As soon as she was close, he couldn’t wait until to talk to her alone.

“You came!” Maverick turned around and smiled at her.

“I did. And you were waiting for me to come.” Aurora noted as she smiled back at him.

“What’s your name?” He asked as he went to reach for her hand, but she moved away from him. “Don’t back away…” He frowned.

“My name is Aurora. We’re not allowed to touch, the laws – “

“I don’t care about the laws!”

“You should! We can lose our status as Angels and Devils.”

“I want to be with you! My soul calls out for you! You feel it too!”

“I…I feel it. I just don’t want to listen to it right now.” For a while of them speaking – she add to ask him – “What is your name?”

“Maverick, my little angel.”

“Yours?” She questioned.

Maverick got close to her and was sure that he could change her mind about them being together. There had to be something inside her that would let her know that it would be okay. They were meant to be together and it was going to happen. He was a Devil and she was an Angel and their love story would be completed one way or another. In the eyes of the elders – they are not meant to be, but in the eyes of each other they are meant to be. g here…

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