Winnie Belle

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Time travel, love, and mystery!

Fantasy / Romance
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It was another day as I walked down the sidewalk towards the park. Every footfall felt like a brick holding me down when I walked. The world seemed faint and lifeless to me.

Why am I so boring? Why do I do nothing with my life? Why do I have my job? Why can’t I be more lovable? These questions flooded my mind all the time every stinking day. Honestly, I just wanted to have a purpose for my life, but first I needed to figure out what my definition of purpose was and compare it to actual definitions.

I was on my way to the library and passing the park when I saw a young women sitting alone on a park bench. She was reading a book and sitting so straight it almost looked more painful than if she was slouching. Despite this queer position she was very attractive and I wondered about her as I walked past.

After checking out a dictionary and some other random books from the library, I decided to walk past the park again to see if she was still there. To my delight, when I got there she was still sitting there straight as a tree reading her book. This time though I felt an urge to talk to her. I paused and argued with my self in my head for a moment before deciding it was a decent idea.

“Hello, miss.” I barely squeaked out.

What a pathetic chirp I thought!

“Hello.” She replied in a confident tone despite still intently holding her gaze upon her book.

I needed a different way to get her attention.

“What are you reading?” I inquired.

“C. S. Lewis.” She replied.

“Oh, wonderful! I love C. S. Lewis!” I chirped cheerfully.

To be honest though I had no idea who this author was, but nonetheless I tried act interested.

“Do you like books miss?” I inquired again.

“Why yes! They are my favorite.” She replied.

She happened to glance up but sadly her attention quickly returned and remained upon her book. And I stood there like a dumb-stricken puppy trying to come up with ways to attract her attention on me instead.

Finally, after I had stood there for way too long, she looked up and asked me if I needed help. I sheepishly responded with a no but before she looked back to her book she asked me a queer question.

“You know, this is strange, but you look awfully familiar. Have we met before?”

I stared at her for a moment before I could catch my words in mid air.

“Honestly I have no idea but you do look famialir to me too now that you say that.”

“Interesting.” She replied with an odd and funny face.

“Well that’s that!” She said, and continued to read.

“Hey, wait!” I stopped her.

“What’s your name?”

She looked up and smiled ever so slightly before replying, “Winnie. Winnie Belle.”

“And you?”

“Reddick. Reddick Cuffin.”

“Ahh well. Doesn’t ring a bell for me!” She replied. Then she looked down to read again.

I agreed in my head then continued to walk. But then I stopped. Wait, no, I did know that name. Winnie Belle. Winnie Belle. Winnie Belle. Where had I heard that name before?! I didn’t know until it dawned on me and I knew I had to run back and see her! But just then as I started to turn back, the winds changed, the sky darkened around me, and then suddenly I was sucked into a black abyss.

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