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it is about emilia and her trying to get justice for all people with powecausers but she stills has a lot to do before she can get a happy ever after

Fantasy / Action
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hi am Emilia I have green eyes and black hair and all of my my family is tan including me mom has blue eyes and black hair dad has green eyes and brown hair my lil sis lily has brown hair and blue eyes I live in a world where superpowers are real, instead of people calling them heroes they say they are sick and a prison camp which is called the cure will fix them people say it is a hospital trying to get rid of their pride and trying to force their powers out of them to the point of death well and it is awful place mold is everywhere most people die by real disease and giving up my dad and lil sis had superpowers and basically sent to the camp to die cause of something they were born with, the owners hide it from the public mom and me are very scared of cause I was at risk cause I can control fire and lighting and i don’t want to leave mom all alone and she will at least never go threw what my sister and dad did cause she had no powers of her own, if I get caught I would be sent to the cure, it is scary cause the owners of the cure talk about how superpowers are dangerous and some of my friends got sent to the cure when showing me their powers, as it did to my dad and sister lily they never came back like everyone that goes there and this is home a small town and a prison murder camp disguised as a hospital and as well took my family and is now risking me as well like i said before .this .is home. so today seems to be the same the cure warrants check to find any proof of superpowers no finding like normal after they left mom needed her tea to keep calm and I decide to go to the woods to get pork and beef to heat them so and sell it, after a while, i got caught a warden came and told me I knew you were hiding something they took me and sent me too


the warden gave me only a minute to tell my mom how she was going to lose me too and the warden didn’t even give me time to comfort mom he just pushed me as I watched her cry god I hate this town no wonder people commit suicide in that camp if this is just the start how much worse can they make it poor lily had to go threw this, in my head, I knew I have to carry on even though am not so strong I can not stay there I will break out tonight and everyone else there will leave too cause if dad taught me anything is to leave no one behind it took hours for them to reach the cure I saw hundreds of other people here all of them look to shaken to talk which is understandable especially since all of us are handcuffed and blindfolded even I did my fair share of crying all of us did and there also taking little kids a saw twins one a boy the other a girl the boy has a blue eyes and orange hair like his sister she is slepping on his lap from beging tired out from all her crying he used a blanket i tried to talk to the brother but he is as scared as the rest of us but he broke out of it to ask how was i so calm i told him how i was such a convencing lair i could lie to myself to be relaxd but inside i start to cry abit and i say “am as scared as the rest of you” and no matter how much I tried I could not use my powers cause the transportining cell was made of metal and no super power could bend matel so i had to stop before i got in to trobble and then we got to the cure they remove the blindfold and hancuffs and sarted to push us it was as awful as i said mold on evrey sink most cells have nosses that were beging removed and and then we meet the owner of the cure sir hawks he said “you are all here to protect yourselves and loved ones and i hope over time i hope you see me less as a heartless warrdent and more as a humble host and you my sick guessts wich i will heal all of you are too full of pride and power that is what we will be trying to fix and now my guests the gaurds will send you to you’re rooms” all i could think is “bullcrap cause he is a heartless man this place is awful and we sure as hell not beging helped” i was shareing a cell with 2 other girls one was just watching and one came up to talk to me evreywhere looked gray cause of the meatl to make sure we can not leave one of them came and said “hi am ami and the girl that is trying to look out that small metal window with galass is vansea after those words i looked at veansea again she seamed to look at me not the window i don’t comment ami then says just don’t freak out too much just follow the rules and try not to think too much and work on a plan to leave later when there is no suspison” i said ok and that my name was emila veansea looks like a model with her blonde hair bule eyes and fair complection ami had had ginger hair and was as tan as me venasea said “well there is clothes in the clothes in the closet and you have to wear them even that coalr ” so i go to the closet and get a light gray dress a pair of black shoes and a shock colar i alredy hate this place even more so veansea walks up to me i alrdey have this strange felling that something is not right and she introuded her self and takes me to meet some of the other inmates

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