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Throughout this story, you’ll read multiple collections of one-shots, stories I wrote throughout the year, and one-shots that might even be part of a bigger project. For those who don’t enjoy Storys that contain any sort of erotic literature, I’ll add warnings before said chapters.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Severed Strings

She stared down at her ring finger, the one that tied her to him. And she watched as it burned, the thin red string turning a scorched black, the ashes falling in a pile on the floor. she felt the tears flow down her cheeks as she watched it happen, and he just stood there, hatred burning in his eyes.

“You should have seen this coming Mia.”

She woke up with a gasp, eyes dashing around her room as she took in the dark surrounding her. With a sigh and a glance at her alarm clock, she threw her blanket off her lap and started getting ready for her day. She stood in front of the full-length mirror after brushing her teeth, pulling the black t-shirt over her torso, and yanking her jeans up. tossing her backpack over her shoulder, she opened her bedroom door and quietly made her way down the steps. She held the raveled up string in her hand, letting it fall to the ground and untangle itself with each step she took farther away from him.

Her day passed by in a blur as if she’d been on autopilot. Her thoughts drifted to him as she scribbled little shapes in the top corner of her calculus worksheet. She couldn’t help the anger and jealousy that coursed through her veins as she thought of him in the hallway earlier. His hand tangled in her sister’s hair as their lips collided with frivolous passion. He stared at her the whole time, looking her right in the eyes as he did it, and she couldn’t help the tears that stung the corners of her eyes, or the bile she felt rise into her throat. She was forced out of her head by the ringing of the bell. hastily, she collected her things and rushed out into the hallway. Turning a corner she stood right in front of him, and the smile that spread across his lips made her stomach churn.

“You don’t look that well Mia, everything alright?”

“I’m fine Andrew. I have to get to my next class. I’ll see you later.”

“Dinner at your house right? Angela was nagging about it earlier but I didn’t care to listen much.”

Her frown deepened when she saw the pure amusement that dripped from his sea-blue eyes. She tugged at their string, twisting it around her finger till it started to cut deep into her skin, only stopping when he noticed. before he could ridicule her farther, she shoved past him, drowning out anything else he said. She weaved herself through the crowd of smiling couples, and again she thought of him. She hated that no matter how hard she tried, he managed to force his way into her thoughts. She yearned to have a relationship like everyone else’s, but he didn’t feel that way. He’d tormented her relentlessly ever since they found out, and she’d have to deal with more of his tormenting in two hours when she’d be forced to dine with the man she was supposed to be fated to.

She watched as he wrapped his arm around angela, watched as she curled into him, watched as he pressed his lips to her scalp. And she clenched her fist under the table, letting her nails dig deep into the skin of her palms. she hated the jealousy that forced it’s way into her head when they did that, she hated that all she could think was: that should be me. She tore her eyes off of them and focused on her parents. the Loving looks they gave each other, the way they’d intertwine their fingers. Her chair skitted across the floor, and she forced her way out of the room. She felt his eyes burn into her back as she left, and the smile that played on his lips made her want to throw up the mashed potatoes she’d just eaten. He knew what he was doing to her, and he intended to keep doing it until she shattered across the hardwood floor like a fragile vase.

Her hand slid up the railing as she descended up the stairs, everything was silent until she slammed her door shut, listening as it echoed throughout her home. She listened with her back pressed to the door as her family and Andrew laughed and joked with each other, paying no mind to her outburst. She dug her nails into her palms as her tears silently cascaded down her cheeks. Every time they touched each other, looked at each other, kissed each other, she felt it all. Like a knife plunging its way through her heart. And watching her parents look at each other with such profound love in their eyes only made her crave for that more.

She sat on her bedroom floor and cried for what felt like hours, and she paid no mind to stop until she saw the hallway lights go out from under her door. She peaked out her door and tiptoed her way down the stairs, making sure to skip the steps that creak. She was greeted with the sight of Andrew and her sister making out once again, and she stood there and watched with parted lips as they tangled their hands in each other’s hair. They stopped only to acknowledge that she was in the room, and she watched as the devious smile crept onto his face.

“Sorry I didn’t see you, are you alright? You seemed pretty upset earlier?”

Her sister’s big brown eyes peered at her, she could hear the boredom in her voice, she couldn’t care less about how she felt, all she wanted was to get back to her previous activities. Mia turned on her heels and started back up the steps with a searing pain in her heart. She was tired of watching the man that was supposed to love her love others, she was tired of watching the people she cared about stab her in the back, even if it wasn’t intentional. She pushed her bedroom door shut, tears streaming down her face, and she let out a strangled breath as she forced her desk drawer open, and pulled out a lighter. She tugged on her string, watching the thin black thread dangle from her fingers, and she turned it on. Her whole body shook as she brought the small flame to her thread, and watched as the fire walked across it. She watched as it fell upon her mattress in a small scattered pile of ashes. She clenched her hand around her chest feeling the burning spread through it, like part of her was being torn. Andrew forced her door open with a slam, and he watched her with heated eyes.

“Mia, what the hell did you do?”

He was frantic, she could see the pain on his face as their string continued to burn. She gave him a sad, pained smile, one filled with so much relief that it made his heart ache even more.

“You should have seen this coming Andrew.”


I wrote this story originally for my scriptwriting unit, but I hated how I executed it, and so I re-wrote it in my magical realism unit. I’m still very proud of the outcome, and I have many other ideas for how I could revamp, or even continue this story. Let me know how you feel in the comments!

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