A Sister's Tail (LeeAnn's Story)

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This is a co-written book that will be told from two points of view.

Fantasy / Romance
Hailey Figueroa
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Today is a big day for me. Today I get to meet my best friend for the first time ever. I met Joy online almost 2 years ago. We met through other online friends playing games on our playstation 4. We’ve always just clicked and we finally decided to do a face to face meet. She and her mom, Rosemary, are meeting me at The Pancake Shop which happens to be my favorite pancake place ever.

“Welcome to the Pancake Shop Miss. Will anyone be joining you today?” the hostess asked as I entered the small waiting area. “Yes two more women will be joining me. Can I get a booth by the window please?” I replied politely, making sure to keep a good grip on my 2 yr old’s hand so she didn’t go running through the dining area. “We have two booths ready. Right this way Ma’am,” she said grabbing a regular menu as well as a kids menu.

As we reached the table she asked me, “Do you want a high chair for your daughter?” “Do you have a booster seat instead?” I asked, knowing Itzel wouldn’t want to be in a high chair. “I bring one right over to you.” After she brought me the booster seat she asked if I wanted to wait to order. “Can I just get a cup of coffee for me and some lemonade for my daughter while we wait for my friends?” I asked. “Sure thing,” she replied, turning on her heels to get our drinks.

Just as she was bringing us our drinks, I saw Joy getting out of an uber with another woman I assumed was her mom. I waved at them through the window so they saw where I was sitting. As soon as Joy spotted me she let out a squeal, “LEEANN!!!!” and rushed over to give me a hug. Laughing at the other customers who were either groaning or mumbling complaints to themselves I hugged her back and introduced myself to her mom, “Hi Mrs. Harris I’m LeeAnn Anderson.”

She took me into a hug before saying, “Oh just call me Rose sweetie. It’s so nice to meet you.” We all sat down and looked over the menu for what we wanted. I, like always, ordered myself chocolate chip pancakes with scrambled eggs and two pieces of bacon as well as a refill on my coffee. I ordered Itzel dollar pancakes with scrambled eggs off the kids menu and a refill on her orange juice. Joy ordered chocolate chip pancakes with hash browns and apple juice. While Rosemary ordered what I call a ‘veggie’ omelet, (because it has vegetables like bell peppers and stuff in it not because it’s vegetarian or vegan) with toast and diet coke and a decaf coffee.

We were there for a good hour and a half getting to know each other over breakfast. Rosemary was infatuated with Itzel, playing patty cake with her every time she began to get bored and fidgety. I paid our bill so we could leave and I could show them around.

“So LeeAnn is your boyfriend working today?” Rosemary asked as she climbed into the backseat of my car. “Yes he is, he has the weekends off,” I replied politely. “I think we should go shopping,” I suggest. Usually I’m not much of a shopper but I have a feeling Joy and I will enjoy a little shopping trip. “YAS,” Joy replied enthusiastically, “What store did you have in mind?” “How about JoAnn’s or Micheals?” I asked her, “I was thinking since we’re creative people we could do some supply shopping together for our projects.” “Let’s do it,” she replied, fastening her seatbelt as I placed the car in reverse.

We pulled into Micheals parking lot and before I could get Itzel, Rosemary had already rounded the car and was unstrapping her to take her out of her carseat, “I got her hun,” was all she said. I just smiled and thanked her. We walked around picking up crocheting and painting supplies for two hours. I had a hard time deciding what colors I wanted, I got half my yarn a soft fluffy texture suitable for baby blankets and the other half was the usual bulky weight 5 texture that I always get. I also got some new hooks and needles as well. Joy bought some acrylic paints and new brushes as well as some blank canvases and a new easel.

As we got in the car after loading everything in the trunk, Joy asked me where we would be putting all this. “Glad you asked Joy. The reason I got you that easel is so when you are working on your painting project when you’re visiting you have something to set your canvases on while you paint. Just don’t paint my walls and we’ll be fine,” I joked. “Oh I’m sorry LeeAnn I didn’t mean to paint your walls I’ll go home now,” she said, every word dripping with sarcasm. Both Rosemary and I just laughed at her antics.

When we got to the house it was already late in the afternoon. I showed them to the guest room where they’d be staying and helped them to bring Joy’s painting supplies and their luggage in. After I put away all my crocheting supplies in a tote I had painted and decorated and labeled ‘LeeAnn’s Yarn’ in sparkly purple letters. “What do you guys want for dinner?” I asked. Joy and I suggested Pizza at the same time causing Rosemary to laugh with us. “Should we get a hawaiian pizza?” I asked. They nodded in agreement. I pulled out my phone and called my boyfriend, Lorenzo, to let him know I’d be ordering pizza for dinner, a large pepperoni pizza with jalapenos on it for him and 2 large hawaiian pizzas for us and a 2-liter coke.

We binge watched Supernatural until 6 when my boyfriend got off. I had put the order in online so the pizzas would arrive close to 6:30 since he’d be home around then. We ended up watching Detective Pikachu while we ate dinner. Lorenzo was the only one of us who had seen it yet and it was still a new movie in my opinion so I figured it’d be a good pick.

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