Legacy of Darkness

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[Book 5] The aftermath of events in Disceath leaves Crystalla reeling, Events in Imperistia grow more intense by the day, and Roisin embarks on a chase to hunt down a new enemy.

Fantasy / Scifi
Scarlett Dunn
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Roisin looked at Rychard and frowned, she turned away from the viewscreen in the observation lounge to face him fully, and shook her head.
"Absorb the Ice Crystal?" Roisin growled angrily. "I'm not going to be responsible for the fall of yet another city" She added, as flames burned in her eyes.
"If you don't, I can bet Bryan will" Rychard sighed. "He knew of the plans we had set in motion back at Pyre Academy. I don't know who told him, but he knew. He's likely going to infuse himself with the power of the Crystal himself" Rychard sighed.
Roisin sat down and shook her head. She looked back through the viewscreen at the blizzard.
"I used to look up to Pyre Academy. The technology of Crystech used to seem so magical and amazing" Roisin sighed deeply. "Just look at what all that technology has done" She added. Rychard sighed, and nodded as they both looked through the viewscreen.
The snow drifted down onto fields outside Imperistia, where the forces of the Imperium had made camp. Treleva looked at the army from the safety of his mountain cave. He smirked at the army that Araneia had amassed.
"How pitiful, after all these years, this is all she could bring to bear against me" Treleva laughed, as he sipped his goblet of wine.
Lumina sat in the Lumina Academy, with a glass of red wine, she looked down through the crumbling great hall. The man once known as Bryan Fyre, now mockingly named 'Iceman' was stood watch by the collapsed doorway. Lumina chuckled to herself and continued to drink.

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