Wellingstown: Land of Sorcery

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As she moved to a different land, will she be happy? Or will she just reach the point wherein whe will just wish to go back to Vinderci?

World of Shayi
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Chapter 1

"Carra, get up now!" a yell from my mother ruined my peaceful slumber, seriously, it's still too early for someone sho is nota morning person like me. I tried to open my eyes but it just naturally closes every single time so I earned a slap on my legs that made me groan. "Get up or you won't receive any money from me for your whole semester," she said in a warning tone, if I just don't really know her well then I wouldn't take it seriously and continue to sleep, but I know my mom so well, she doesn't bluff.

"Alright, I'm up," I replied in a lazy manner and slid the curtains open and later regretted doing so. The blinding light of the sun made me turn the other way around and walk towards my washroom. I lit the honey scented candle up and inhaled the smell of it while checking the temperature of the water, after doing so I began scrubbing my body to make it neat.

After wearing some maong shorts and a red top I went downstairs and sat in the dining table. It's unusually quiet because Caden's not here, I just focused eating my pancakes not minding the awkward atmosphere. I also ate some fruits before going back to my room and brushing my teeth. I was about to grab my bag when my eyes suddenly hurt. Luckily, my meds are just in front of me and placed inside the hanging shelves, I drank it hurriedly.

Five minutes passed and the burning sensation faded, after checking the things inside my bag the honking of the car became louder. I ran down and went inside the car.

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