Realms Night A Dark Truth

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Adriana is sent away to Realms Night. She hopes they can help her learn to control her wild spirits. On her arrival weird things start happening and the Headmasters daughter suddenly disappears. Will adriana learnt to control her powers and find the source of all this madness or will she be doomed to far greater things than she could imagen.

Fantasy / Adventure
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I sat silent in the tall grass as the things I treasured the most was engulfed in flame. Tears slid down the sides of my face as the wailing sirens started to come closer. My parents walked closer, yet hesitant. I didn’t have to turn to tell they were afraid, not of the flames that ate eagerly away at our home. No, they weren’t afraid of that at all. They were afraid of the thing sitting in front of them. The thing that I had become, and the things that I could do....

I woke drenched in sweat, panting hard. I don’t know why but it always comes back to me. The memory, always the same one. You would think that it would have gone away by now, after months, but no. It always comes and I wake up wet, hot and sticky gasping for air.

I sat up wiping the sweat from my forehead. Something touched my arm. “Are you ok, Adrian?”. I looked around, my vision out of focus. Blinking twice I looked towards the sound. That’s right we were in the car. “I’m ok” I replied to my brother. “Just a dream”. “Really? It doesn’t look like it was just a dream” exclaimed my brother. “Leave your sister alone Alec”. That was my mother. She is a very warm person who always had a smile on her face, unless we made her mad, but other than that she was always sweet.

She had dark curly hair that has been cropped short. She used to have such long beautiful hair, but claimed it was too long, hot and messy. So, she cut it, my dad wasn’t too happy about it. He loved to play with her long hair, but her short hair suited her well with her jade blue eyes, which matched her pale skin. Despite all those years spent in the sun.

My dad was more relaxed and preferred to tinker with his technology. He has dark hair but with age it’s starting to lose its raven black colour. He has light chocolate eyes and is a bit taller than mom.

Now snoring away next to me in the back seat you already know my pathetically dim-witted brother, Alec. He is very different from mom and dad. He had green eyes and his brown hair was always messy no matter what he did it was just a mess. Mom even piling jell in his hair, but it never seemed to stand still.

The car skidded to a stop. The tiers screeching against the tar in the heat, interrupting my thoughts. I lifted my head peering around mom's’ seat towards the wind shield. A dark figure stood right in front of the car. Just a few more centimeters and the bumper would be touching its shins.

Leaning forward the figure placed a hand on the bonnet. It lifted its head slightly angling it to the left, with a wide grin spread across its face.

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