Realms Night A Dark Truth

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Grinning up at us, the figure walked to my Mom’s door. As it came closer, I could just make out the features of its face. It had dark black hair with streaks of red, with a sharp jawline and eyes like gaping black holes as if all the light had been sucked from them. Honestly, I don’t know why I’m afraid. It looked normal, but not human. Maybe that’s why, but in other words, it looked, almost EXCITING!

I don’t know what I did next but before it even laid a hand on my Mom’s door handle. I had flung mine open springing from the car. “Adrian, what are you doing! Get back here!” yelled my brother, trying to reach for my hand but I had already slipped from the car. I jumped in front of my mom’s door right before the figure could open it. Not really knowing if I could control it or even get it right, focusing I flung a hard shield of air around the car sealing us in and the stranger out. It worked! I can’t believe it actually worked! I could hear my mom and dad telling me something and trying to get out of the car. As I locked the car on my family, the stranger.... thing whatever it was, smile grew bigger as it spoke in a gentle voice. Honestly it was really soothing, the sound like honey, sweet yet I feared that voice could be deadly if wishbe. “Do you really think that shield is going to keep me out?” Teased the stranger. I suppose it was for emphasis that he stroked a hand over my shield as he spoke. “Adrian--.” Cutting my mom off the stranger said, “If I really wanted to hurt your family, I would have done it by now …. Adrian.” I flinched at the sound of my name being said by that lovely yet so venomous voice. “It is Adrian, right? Asked the stranger. “Adriana to you.” I nearly spat. Chuckling the stranger moved to the shield and closed his eyes. Shaking I gritted my teeth with the efforts of trying to keep my shield up. I staggered back leaning on my mom’s door as my shield gave away and the stranger walked right up to me. “Oh, please don’t be frightened. What do you want,you shady mongrel?” I said

“Now, now that’s no way to treat your headmaster now is it?

“Headmaster?” I scoffed.

“Yes, indeed I’m your new headmaster.” I felt a push at my back. Moving out of the way my mom got out of the car with my father and brother following suit a second after. Mom placed a hand on my shoulder.

“I tried to tell you, but you locked us in the car.”She explained.“YOU NEVER TOLD ME THAT MY HEADMASTER OF MY NEW SCHOOL WOULD BE AN EVIL BUM OF A SCOUNDREL.” I exclaimed.

“Well I never said I was evil.” My new Headmaster corrected. “You just assumed that all on your own.” I threw a glare in his direction that had my father do the same thing at me. “Adrian you will be going to school with your new Headmaster and you will be staying there till you learn to control your abilities and find out what they are.” Said my father firmly.

“I’m not going anywhere with him.” I remarked. “Well too bad you are coming with me whether you like it or not.” declared my Headmaster. “Say goodbye now.”

I looked at my family I really didn’t want to leave but we had agreed that it was the best thing to do. For their safety and others, they had said. I walked over to my father first shaking his hand and pulling him in for a hug. Next it was my mother I didn’t even have to touch her, and she was already crying.

“Come now mom you are supposed to be the strongest one here out of all of us.” I mumbled in her ear as I hugged her. “No sweetheart it was never me, always you.” I let go and turned to face my brother “See ya around Alexander.” “You know better than to call me that.” exclaimed my brother.

Chuckling I turned to my new Headmaster. “You got any bags kid?” he asked nodding at the car. “No.” I said plainly. With a twist of his hand a portal appeared in front of us. “Shall we?” he offered while extending a hand. Not bothering to take his hand I glanced over my shoulder, smiled once and walked into the cool darkness.

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