Realms Night A Dark Truth

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Realms Night

Cold winds ripped at my sides tugging on my clothes and ripping viciously away at my hair. I landed on my hands and knees on the other side of the portal. My headmaster stepping out a second later brushing off his dark blazer. “What … just ... happened?” I panted. Don’t tell me you entered a portal without knowing what it was?” My headmaster tested. I looked up at him still on my hands and knees, the pale stone beneath them cutting in slightly.

“I know what it is.” I reinsured “But....

“But what?”

My gaze had slipped past him to a building. Honestly, I don’t know if you could even call it a building it was more like an estate or a castle. It had a long build with a high arched doorway with a beautiful carved front. From here it looked like an owl with some sort of flower in its beak. There where trees placed on opposite sides of the wooden carved doors, standing tall their branches stretched out proud and I could have sworn watching, guarding.

The archway above the door had beautiful red roses laced around it with some other small White flower. The building had high built windows going from about waist height right to what looked like the ceiling of the bottom floor.

My eyes moved down the building scanning the upper floors, the open space. The place was so spacious and alive. On the far right you could see a large tower on the end with thick vines of purple blossoms wrapped around it.

But the beauty of this place is not what surprised me most, no.

There were people everywhere walking in different directions going about their business but, it was what they looked like, who they were that caught my eye and stopped my breath dead in my throat.

They weren’t normal, some had horns and others wings. Everyone different with their own weird and unique power. There where Mages, Fea, Warlocks, witches so many different species in one place living and learning in harmony and peace.

Still on my hands and knees I sat gawking at my surroundings. “You done sitting on the ground like a gaping fish?”

“I.... What? Oh.” hauling myself off the ground and dusting off my clothes I asked,“What is this place,where are we?

“We are at my prestigious school, Realms Night.


“I know it’s magnificent; you don’t have to say anything. It has taken the very breath from you.

“You are so full of yourself, you know that.” I mocked

“What me. No... never.” He countered.

“So where exactly is this place?” I asked

My Headmaster just gave me a look as if saying really, I just told you, do I have to tell you again?

“I meant where in the world. Like the pacific or something.”

Nodding my Headmaster said “Not a bad guess, but no. We are in the Bermuda Triangle.”

“You mean the place where mysterious things and disappearances happen, and no one is ever seen again.” I announced

“Well if that helps you, then yes to put it lightly.”

“Holy mother of....

Sending me a glare he dared me to even try swearing in the front school yard.

Ooofff cheese balls.” I said hesitantly.

“Come child.” He mused while rolling his eyes and shaking his head.

Walking we turned right and headed for a big building on the other side of school, right past the tower at the end of this building.

“Where are we going?” I said

“Well you got to stay somewhere. We can’t have you sleeping outside, now can we?

“Um no, we can’t

Didn’t think so.”

Entering the building the scent of lilac and cinnamon filled my senses. “This is the dorms block, all the students at Realms Night stay here.” He pointed out.

“What’s with the smell?” I questioned.

“Honestly I have no idea. It seems to calm the students after a long day. Now follow me and pay attention or you will not find your dorm like most of the others when they arrive. Which is to be expected more or less.”

“What do you mean by not find my dorm, do they move or something? I snorted

Aren’t you a funny one. But no, they do not move. They are merely hard to find when you have thousands of students living in one building. So again, please pay attention.

As I walked, I examined the interior. It wasn’t what I had expected for the bottom floor of a dorm block. There were some tables and chairs set around the room with a large counter set on the right-hand corner with a young girl stationed behind it. On the walls however there where doors with numbers starting from 1 going all the way down the bottom floor to what looked like 118.

What’s with the doors, where are the dorms?” I said while looking at the rest of the room and shelves with what looked like lots of letters sitting in them.

Ignoring me he walked to the girl behind the counter. Adriana meet my daughter Lana. Lana this is Adriana the newest student to Realms Night.

Daughter, well that makes sense, I guess.They look very similar now that I think about it. She too has black hair with red streaks in it but with white as well. She had beautiful indigo shaded eyes with a milky tan coloured skin. From the looks of it she was no taller than me. She was quite gorgeous really.

“Hello, what a plusher to meet you Lana.” I greeted.

“Nice to meet you Adriana.” Lana greeted back.

“Well now that you have been formally introduced. Lana would you please show Adriana to her dorm, I’m afraid I have a few matters to attend to.” Informed my headmaster while staring at his watch.

“Sure thing. Follow me Adriana.” said Lana.

Oh, Adriana try not to stare will you.” With that my Headmaster vanished with a wave of his hand.

“What was that about?” I asked Lana as I followed her to one of the doors.

“Not really sure myself.” Lana admitted. “Father can be very strange at times. Ok so you will have to remember these numbers, or you will take forever to find your room. Your door number is 16.”

Placing a hand on the door handle she tugged it open while handing me a key which I presumed was my dorm key. Following her through the door there was this weird feeling as if I was passing through a thin layer of paper.

“What was that feeling?” I said while turning back to glance at the door.

“Oh, you’ll get used to that. It weird but the doors take you to different levels of the building automatically instead of taking like 74 flights of stairs to get to your dorm. The doors are just a way of making life easier. So, your door is 16 that means that you’re on level sixteen.

So, if this was level sixteen then there were around one hundred and eighteen level to this building. On this floor there where ten doors each with a dark wooden colour to it and number. She led me to one of the doors with the number 7 on it.

“This is your dorm; it should have all the things that you require. You can get settled today, tomorrow you will begin classes and training. At 7:30 go to door ten and eat breakfast then come meet me at the counter when you’re done.

“Thank you for all the help, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow morning.”

Nodding she turned and left through the door we hand came in. Facing my door, I put my hand on the handle pushed down and opened it to revel my new home, the place I would stay.

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