The Four Kingdoms

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Annabelle is an ordinary girl. Other than her high IQ and ability to speak multiple languages she is average. She goes to Coppermine River Academy for the Gifted located in Nunavut, Canada. Then there is an attack on her boarding school, and it's no ordinary attack. Her mom finally tells her the secret that will change everything and everyone she has ever known. Sorry, I'm bad at descriptions. If your wondering why it's called Coppermine River Academy for the gifted. it's because it is located by Coppermine River in Nunavut, Canada. It's a made up school it's not real. The River is real though. There will be mild language, violence, and descriptions of blood and gore. There will be no severe sexual content (just kissing basically). The worst language I will use is shit, ass, damn, hell etc. If you are sensitive to blood, gore, and violence don't read.

Fantasy / Romance
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Authors note

Ok, I'm thirteen right now so expect some bad writing. I will be trying to publish a new chapter every few days and editing in between. I hope you like it please comment any feedback. I'm mostly doing this because I'm at home bored with nothing much to do. Anyway, comment, like, review, tell your friends I don't know. If you give me hate I will understand and I don't actually care. If you don't like it whatever that's your opinion you don't have to read it.

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