Perfectly fragile

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Freedom was my dream. Freedom to live Freedom to breath Freedom to belong But he made sure my freedom was his to keep. One day I will have my wish either in reality or death. A/N I do not own any rights to the pictures used throughout this book. Also mature themes and potential triggers.

Fantasy / Mystery
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The beauty of winter was deadly. It portrayed purity and innocence within the serene beauty of it. Alluring you in to bask in its frozen wonders.

With each passing season I failed to see the magic that came with winter. Despite my bodies ability to ignore the cold I still loved winter.

Waking up to the once bare trees, and the ground thats only sign of life were the left over brownish and yellow leaves from autumn. Completely covered in a thick glistening blanket of fresh snow. Reviving the life of the world once again.

No where was left untouched from the frozen spell. Going outside instantly stained my pale cheeks a shade of pink as the bitter cold caressed my skin.

I love the crunching beneath my feet as I stepped onto the fresh blank canvas of snow. I almost felt guilty for ruining the art that nature had graciously created.

I loved winter but it did not love me. So I was dreading the weeks to come. Winter was well on its way only a few weeks until it arrived again .

The small hut I had lived in for a few years now did very little to keep the cold out. Living within the mountains meant the weather went to below freezing throughout the winter.

The small self made fireplace worked hard to heat up the small hut. Crackling and popping throughout the night but still the cold made my frail body shiver. The blankets I had acquired over the years barley made a difference on the worst nights.

I spent most of winter ill and sleep deprived. Never once being able to sleep through the sound of my teeth chattering together.

The only relief the winter offered me was that the Alpha would leave me be for most of it. Knowing I'm suffering without him having to lift a finger seemed to satisfy him and his need to torture .

The cold season didn't bother the wolves. Their bodies were built to deal with the freezing temperatures the mountains had to offer.

You would often see them walking around with little clothing. The male's mostly walked around with their bare torsos on display. Allowing the cold to touch every part of their exposed skin. Not once encouraging their bodies to shiver,or goosebumps to form.

Their bare feet would sink beneath the cold snow with every step they took. Everytime I seen it I winced at the possibile pain it would cause me if I ever tried to do the same.

I don't know how I came to live in 'The MountRise Pack' the first and last time I asked I ended up in the packs hospital for three weeks.

I don't know why they were so against me attempting to find out where I came from. They despised my entire existence you would think they would want to cart me of. But it seemed thier life's Misson was to ensure mine was to live with Torment and pain.

The wolves had different takes on me. Some. Would act as if I was completely invisible. Disregarding my existence all together.

Most would go out of their way to Torment me with hurtful words, that Ive learned to block out most of the time. Or they would hurt me, marking my body permanently with scars.

I could never decide which one was worst. Either way they proved their case that I don't belong here. They proved I would never be apart of their precious pack. I was an outsider a complete outcast to them. But the emotional scars ran deeper than any physical one that littered my weak body.

I used to believe it was the alphas doing I still do. How else would you explain the misplaced hate in their eyes each time they glanced my way.

After all he was the worst of them all. He was the complete reason I lived the way I did. He was the reason I was treated the way I was. But he made a mistake.

I had been allowed to attend the packs school along with the wolves. Another accomplished attempt from Alpha Larsen. To keep me completely isolated and alone.

He had made a mistake in his task to humiliate and remind me of my place here. He allowed me to learn everything their is to know about wolves. I knew everything.

I knew their laws and traditions. I knew what their beliefs were.

I knew how they worked.

I knew their strengths and weaknesses.

I knew what made them thrive or fail.

Their complete way of life I knew.

If I ignored the fact they had caused me so much anguish. I had to admit I found them to be beautiful creatures. With amazing abilities and strengths.

The fierse loyalty they had to their pack was unbreakable. They always had their wolves to guide and protect them. Never allowing them to know the meaning of loniness. They ran together as one signifying unity. The pack could not run without one another.

Learning about the meaning of mates and witnessesing it were two entirely different things. Their are no words to compare two wolves finding each other. Their other half completeing one another making them whole.

It wasn't the way they devoted thier lives to one another. It was the look in thier eyes. Like everything in the world finally made sense. It was something indescribable. A love so fierce their isn't a word for it.

Everything about them was somthing I could never truly understand. But I couldn't lie and say I didn't envy them in a way. They had not only each other. But a beast that lived within them as apart of them. Gifting them with strength in every sense.

But the thing I envied most was the love they shared with one another. Somthing I had yet to experience. They never had to k ow what loneliness felt like. They had a 'purpose'.

Their loyalty to one another though ended there. For someone not like them they were cruel and unbending and I didn't have to read a book to know. I was reminded of it every day.

The most important thing I have learned though was that alpha Larsen was a fraud. The cruel, calculating vindictive creature was a complete lie. He was everything an alpha shouldn't be.

I had witness's the crimes he had committed against his pack. Once I realised his under handed ways I tried to tell the pack. I don't know why I certainly didn't owe them anything. I knew the second I opened my mouth they wouldn't listen. They would never take a mere humans word over their infamous alphas .

But i had to try and I did, but they still blindly trusted their alpha to lead them. To keep them safe and thriving as a pack. But I soon realised I wasn't the only victim to suffer at his hand . No the whole pack was. Perhaps thats why I tried as hard as I did to exspose the monster wearing the mask of a leader.

He made a mistake allowing me to learn.

He made a mistake for disregarding my existence.

He made a mistake in underestimating me.

Because the day I realised he was a fraud was the day the small fire of fight burned hotter than it had before. It was the day I realised he was the lie. He allowed the small hope I held onto become a possibility. He showed me the words he once had engraved in my mind was a lie. Because how could anything he said be true? If he had the capability to lie and betray his pack?.

I knew from experience the pack would never belive me, the jagged scar than run down the length of my back was a constant reminder .

But I knew one day My time would come. The truth reveals it self when the time is right and I was counting down the days.

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