Survival rules

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Every family gets put into a town depending on their magical abilities but for the Willsons it's very different, their mother and father both live in the Fire lands with their 2 children The oldest Ray and the younger daughter Tris but this family is different Tris doesn't have fire powers she became holder of the Brainwash and teleporting powers making her the last of her kind, How will she survive under the strict rules..? And does she know the truth about her older brother..? {18 + only!!}

Fantasy / Romance
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Laying down in bed i read over the rule book again.

Rule one.

Never tell anyone your powers

Rule two

Never leave alone

Rule three

Do your studies

Rule four

Be nice to the staff

Rule five

Attend every lesson

Rule six

Your special but don't think your better than others

Follow the rules Tris!

Sighing I put the book on my bedside and glanced at my clock. Seeing it was 11:30 I jumped out of bed and began dressing into my uniform. This was only a white shirt, black skirt, Short white socks with bows and black slip on shoes.

I tied my hair up with a white and red ribbon then I left my sleeping quarters and headed to the main room.

(My family lived in the same town but I had to stay with Madam Zoe and Mister Nick)

They are really nice people but it's hard being under there control.

"Your up late Dear" the tall woman says

"Sorry madam I was reading the rule book and I didn't notice the time" I said sheepishly.

"I'll let it slide, now eat your breakfast then we can go for a walk okay?" She smiled

"Okay!" I agreed happily and sat down to eat

After i finished eating me and Zoe went on our walk through the gardens.

"I love the gardens but why aren't I allowed to go into town Zoe?" I questioned

"You know why dear it's not safe,when your older and more in control we will allow you to leave but until then you must follow the rules to survive" she says in a stern voice

"Yes madam.." I mumbled

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