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The planet of magic, Just like earth 🌍 .....What will happen? Will humans find out?! Read here! It’s an totally original story 😊

Fantasy / Children
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Chapter 1: The Spanking

Sunday, 21 of June

Dear Diary,

Warning - There’s some content in here I wouldn’t recommend children

In my world, It’s full of fairies. There’s different types of fairies. One average fairy who needs a wand to do magic, A mid fairy who can do magic by hand, And the powerful fairy who has a rare wand and power and finally, a sorcerer who can do posible of anything.

The average fairy is born with a wand and takes up to 80% of the population. Average fairies tend to become average workers. A mid fairy takes up 60% population and is born with a symbol of an element on its forehead, They tend to grow up to become important workers like the governments...A powerful fairy are taken by the population of 30%, They are born with a rare symbol that glows, They are also born to be very strict, Which is why most of he powerful fairies are teachers (My teacher is a powerful fairy!), They are born with a very powerful wand, The wand comes in many modes. Most teachers use the wand on students to punish them sometimes because their wands come with a “sting mode” sorcerers are tend to become gods and make up 5% of the population. They can execute other fairies, While powerful fairies can only punish.

My name is Laine Plain and I’m a average fairy. I’m kinda of a troublemaker but I don’t really cause a lot of trouble. My friends are Poppy and Claire. They are averages too. I have a BIG crush on Zane, He’s a boy at my school. I go to school in Magical Spring School, All the teachers and staff there are powerful fairies. Which means one cause of trouble equals a harsh sting or smack! Ouch! I definitely wouldn’t be getting that. My school has a lot of strict rules, I can’t even count them all! XD!! My favorite teacher there is Miss. Ivy, She is the only teacher there that don’t use stings on students and is very kind. That’s rare 😀

Well tomorrow is school again, I’m dreading to go! But at least I’ll be able to see Zane again~~~

Monday, 22 of June

Omg! Something happened to me today I can’t stop thinking about it! :(

Today when I flied to school using my fairy wings, I was so happy because it was Social Studies, Which means I get to see Zane again! Me and Zane are seat partners and I’m really happy about it 😄😄

But today, Something happened that made my stomach all queasy. During class, I was staring at Zane, Then someone at the classroom door was knocking, My teacher, Miss. Kane didn’t hear it I guess, So i glanced at the door, It was my BFF, Poppy. I secretly waved, Then she signaled to ask me to magically open the door, I guess I wasn’t thinking that time, I was supposed to ask the teacher to open up the door, But I guess it to late because I was already waving my wand to open the door for Poppy, Unfortunately, Miss. Kane saw me and she thought I was doing bad magic during class, She shouted “Excuse me, Miss. Plain, I’m guessing you don’t know the rules and punishments?” I silently gulped. I have a really bad feeling about this 😟!! Miss. Kane continued, “Well doing magic in my class is strictly banned, Can you come up to the front to my desk?” I knew what that means! To walk up to her desk to get spanked! Or stinged! In front of the whole class! Sadly, Physical Punishment is highly appreciated in fairy schools. I refused, That made Miss. Kane FUME, She Magically made me float with her power wand, I got super scared, I can see the corn ever of my eye that Zane was cringing, I feel so humiliated! Miss. Kane didn’t give a single warning and said “Magic wand! Stinger please! Give a lesson! For her greed!” I automatically felt the stinger, Still laying on the teacher’s desk, I began to kick, it hurts so bad! Then I started sobbing! Miss. Kane gave me 60 stings non-stop! Then after that, Miss. Kane started to turn oh see through mode through my fairy clothes, uh oh! That means a spanking! Miss. Kane used her Wand to magic a cane to spank me for 60 smacks. It really burned!!

Smack smack smack smack smack smack

Me: OW! OW!


Me: M-me


Me: No! Stop! I learned my lesson!

SMACK smack smack smack

Me: that’s where I sit!

Smack smack SMACK smack smack smack

Miss. Kane: Good. Now go stand in the corner of shame to let everyone laugh at your bruised bottom.

I felt so embarrassed! My bottom is severely bruised and is red, I felt so embarrassed. Everyone is laughing! I think I wanna puke! Poppy disappeared, She must of felt shocked. Miss. Kane made my punishment way worse, She gave me a non stop 2 hour sting, While touching my toes. Then she scheduled a spanking in front of the WHOLE school! I felt so humiliated.

After class, Poppy must felt guilty, cause I caught Claire spanking Poppy.


“Poppy begged me too, She even threatened to sting me” She grumbled

“I’m sorry! I got you into trouble...” Poppy sighs.

I shook my head, I felt like crying! Not because of my burnt bottom, It’s because Zane just saw me get punished! Oh bother! 😡😡😡

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