The Saviour

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Every colour has a bright and dark side, it’s the bits in the middle everyone adores, and the two extremes are ignored or unwanted. However, they are never combined due to the unusual mixture the combination makes. The same goes for people; everyone forgets how opposites attract. Just because something is assumed about someone, doesn’t mean it’s true. If they enjoy each other’s company, does it really matter how contradictory the pair is? Apparently it does. Who knew that merely enjoying yourself wasn’t allowed? You’d never think that befriending someone would be a crime amongst societies. But despite that, not many people fight for what they want, especially not to the degrees this boy is willing to go to. Rhett is the total opposite to a new friend from work, yet they get on better than expected. Although he keeps to himself and only speaks when spoken to, the boy has a lot of courage hidden within himself that can only be unlocked by the events that involve a particular interest in the new student. Even the happiest of souls can have a bad day, it can turn them into a different person altogether, so you need to be wary when involving yourself in someone else’s business.

Fantasy / Romance
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Life is only ever boring, and it is up to you to spice things up if you want to have fun. There is never any point in sitting around and waiting for things to happen, you have to go out and do what you want otherwise their is no point in existence. Leaving other's to do stuff for you is pointless, because nothing will ever get done, the world isn't your slave. It is up to you to live your own life by following your own dreams, despite whose who try dragging you down from your personal pedestal.

We need to go through life with flare, anything other than expressing who you are isn't worth it, you can't let the fear of other;s judging you hold you back. In order to that, we have to find our confidence to be proud of ourselves, we need to find the ability to stand with our chins held high, and show the world who's boss. We have to live as ourselves, because no one else can be better at living your life than you.

I've always been experimental, and as my life developed, I went through every phase imaginable. I was never an ordinary boy, I didn't let anything hold me back from enjoying myself and aiming for what I wanted out of my life. I've been the nerd, the drama queen, the good boy, the bad boy, and everything else under the sun. My friendship groups have changed accordingly. Every week I would come home with new friends, up until I figured out who I was, and I no longer tried to be anything but myself. Sure I earned myself a few haters, but I wasn't living their lives, and they weren't living mine, so I was going to do what I wanted.

My family weren’t fond of my true personality at first, but then they learnt that their words meant nothing to me which lead to them giving up on trying to 'fix' me. The only thing that others could do to upset me was lie, and when that happened, all Hell broke loose - I've always been dramatic at heart. Family means the world to me, but I run my own world, and no bitch can dim my colourful sparkle.

Just like any other Queen, I wanted unconditional love, but finding it was always difficult with my personality and taste in men. Eventually, I gave up looking and decided to wait till I was older to focus on finding someone, mainly wanting to show off who I am with the job of my dreams. Yet, the God's always make a fabulous wing-men. They introduced me to the perfect guy, and I'm not the type to turn away an opportunity; especially when they look that good.

Just like everything that suggests any sign of living happily, it came with a battle for my freedom. When I first signed up for my existence, I didn’t think it would come with a huge sacrifice. But I’m never going to let others choose my story, that’s my job. So they can pull me away, kicking and screaming, but they need to prepare for some serious damage to their egos if they want to take the risk.

I always get what I want, and don’t give up until I have it.

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