Vampire In Hiding

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London is a vampire born in 1700 North Dakota. Her whole life she kept secret. When Journalist Jordan Lang schedules an interview, London makes Jordan promise not to put her story out there for the whole U.S to see or hear. When a power hungry journalist that turned out to be a Vampire hunter gets ahold off it, London has no choice but to run again

Fantasy / Adventure
Erin Mahala
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Being a journalist is hard work for me. I’m constantly on my feet to get the latest scoop on celebrities from scandals to who’s dating whom. One celebrity I’m trying to get an interview for is London Gray, who rose to fame out of nowhere like some of these other celebrities. But it’s hard trying to get one because people who attend one of her concerts say that she disappears into the night once her concert is over and introduces a celebrity who is after her. They know she signs everything and is gone by the time everything is over. She’s so mysterious, I guess you can say. I guess she doesn’t want anyone to see who she really is. Everyone knows how media likes to conjure up a fake story for everyone. But I like to write about the real person.

“Lang, you need to get going. We need that interview with Billie Eilish, Mel B and Paris Hilton by tonight.” Her boss, Jim Winters, called to me.

I was his top journalist and was known to have my interviews done before the day was even over. I had 3 interviews lined up and they were all waiting on me so I didn’t waste a minute getting out the door when Billie Eilish came out his mouth. I was hoping for Jordan but nobody has gotten word on her or to see if she was up for an interview. Nobody rarely sees her and the only time people see her is in concert or when she uploads a YouTube video. She had no social media and was never in public so nobody knew what life was like for her. Mel B was my first interview and we were meeting up at a private Cafe she rented out for this interview.

“Mel B, Right?” I asked when I walked in the doors and saw her sitting at one of the booths.

I sat across from her and pulled out my notebook, a pencil and a tape recorder just in case my notebook got lost. It actually took 3 hours because she went into details about anything I asked. I thanked her and zoomed off to Billie Eilish at her hotel room because she was on tour across the US and happened to be in town. Luckily she didn’t last long either at only an hour and I went to Paris Hilton’s house, which took until 6 in the evening. After I was done, I headed back to the office where Jim was standing by his office. I placed the recorder and notebook in his hands and went home. I was tired and I had to be up at 5 in the morning to interview 10 other celebrities so Jim can get the magazine out by Friday. Walking in the door, I saw clothes trailing to my roommate’s room and knew that she was with a new guy. My roommate, Addison Montly was with a new guy every week.

I always told her when I had a full week to take her dirty kinkiness to her new man’s place because I didn’t want to hear her all night screaming for more. But she never listened and when I walked in the kitchen, I knew she didn’t do anything. She was supposed to look for a new job after she got fired at a fast food place 3 months ago. Placing my stuff in my room, I felt the floor shaking and banging on the wall so I went to her door and pounded on it. I know how sexual that sounds but it’s not. She unlocks the door and peers her head out like she was ready to fight me and I jumped back ready to fight.

“What? Don’t you see I’m busy?” She asked as her head kept popping in and out the door, indicating he was still doing her while she was talking to me.

“Dude, you need to cut it out with these men. I have to be up early, you need to clean your mess up that you left at the door, clean the kitchen up and pay your half of the bills or we both get kicked out. I’m already up to my neck covering for you to our landlord. And you know I don’t get paid enough to cover for the both of us.” I said as I walked away.

She slammed her door and went back to her sex sesh. The landlord had been planning on kicking us out since she moved in for many reasons. We had neighbors complain about the noise coming from her and whatever man she was with for the week. On top of that, she wasn’t paying for her half of the bills, including her half of the rent, which I can’t cover. That’s the whole point of getting a roommate so I didn’t have to pay the whole $1000 by myself. I was barely making half of that within 2 weeks. But after she got fired, she gave up. After I showered and ate, I sat on my bed and went through my papers in order for my next interviews the next day. I didn’t have a Mac laptop or any laptop because they were expensive. I must have passed out because I was woken up at midnight to Addison going at it again with her man and I groaned. She knew I had to be at work in 5 hours but she wouldn’t stop so I went to her door.

“Dude! Did you forget that some of us have work in 6 hours while you are too busy getting screwed?!” I said and things finally went quiet.

I grabbed a drink and went back to bed. I was already dreading the next day so once I got home, I was going to talk to her. I had enough of her. The next day was a blur that I struggled to get in my door when I got off of work. I had a burst of energy when I saw her clothes in the same place as they were the day before and I became pissed. I slammed the door closed and place my stuff on the table when Addison came stumbling in the room, looking like we were about to be robbed.

“Jesus, don’t scare me like that!” She said as she kept a blanket around her. I shook my head and chuckled.

“You need to be scared. Of me, Addison because I’m putting you out. I’m done, Addison” I said as I rubbed my head. I had a bad headache already.

“But you can’t put me out. I have nowhere to go and you’re the only one who let me stay this long” She said, on the verge of crying.

“I don’t care, Addison. I stood up for you when the landlord started getting on my case about your half of the rent too many times. You come home with a whole new man every week and got at it like horny dogs who don’t know when to stop. I have work to do but you can’t respect the rules I laid out when you moved in. So you have to go. I can’t do this anymore. Go stay with one of your men” I said as the man she was screwing came out in another blanket around his waist.

“What’s going on, babe?” He asked, kissing her head.

“I’m getting put out” She said and turned to go pack.

“Why are you putting her out? She’s been nothing but good to you” He told me and I slapped him

“You can’t say shit to me because you’re just another man she’s going to get rid of next week. And she’s been good to me!? I’m the one that let her stay here after her parents put her out for robbing them. She’s been out of work for 3 months and hasn’t been paying me to continue living here. I’ve been kind enough to be there for her when she got sick or when she got too drunk coming from the club. I was the one to comfort her when her grandmother died. But she doesn’t give a shit and I’m tired of making excuses for her. So you get out too.” I said and went to my room to work.

They were gone by 10:30 that night and that was the last I heard from Addison. I let the landlord know that she was gone and paid the 3 months worth of rent she hadn’t paid on top of this month’s. I had an interview the next morning and I didn’t know who it was but they requested not to be in public and not to let anyone follow me. I showered, ate then I was off to sleep, tired from a long day. The night went by so fast that I was late on getting to the interview so I got dressed, grabbed everything and left in a rush. When I got to the place, I saw her sitting in the corner and lost in thought that she didn’t see me sit. I began pulling everything out before she stopped me.

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