Dragon's blood

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A normal girl finding herself entangled in an abnormal world. Will she survive or will the blood of the dragon be her demise ?

Fantasy / Romance
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Electric blue eyes

Xantho where is Daenerys ????
Hand her over to Zanna we can't hold them much longer
Zanna run!!!! Take her where they can't get her!!!! Take my baby deep into the mortal realm, Zanna run !!!!!!!

16 years later
"I'm coming mom''!!!!!
I screamed it was 7:30 and I was going to be late for school if I didn't hurry up. It's crazy how much time it takes you just to pick an outfit
As I walk down the stairs I see my mum elegantly sitting in her designer dress with her brown hair cascading down her back in soft waves No one would guess she's in her late 40's "I told you not to stay up late reading honey" I could see the worry laced in her gentle hazel eyes "I'm sorry mom but I have a biology test second period today" I tell her honestly "I know, I know and you can't afford to fail'' I laugh at how she knew exactly what I was going to say "I just worry for you sometimes Vi" ''Awwwww mum don't worry'' I tell her touched by her concern
"Anyway I got to run picking up an apple and heading towards the door "Wait'' my mom screamed "you haven't had a proper breakfast"
"Don't worry I'll grab a coffee with Mia and Addi" I reply.
I get onto my Black Suzuki GW250 my pride and joy, I got her a week ago for my 16th birthday and I was totally excited I'm a bit obsessed with motorcycles, weird I know I never claimed to be normal. I started of to school which was a 10 minute ride when I felt it, like energy running through my veins
"Must be the rush from the wind" I mutter under my breath
As I get into the parking lot I see my two besties Addison an Mia walking towards me when I grin
"Viiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii'' they both simultaneously scream
"Oh my God your bike is totally gorgeous" I hear Mia mumble under her breath
Mia my cliché breaking best friend she's a blonde with blue eyes and a cheerleader everyone expects her to be mean and a bumble head but she is a total geek and loves star Trek, while Addison my other Bff is the sporty one that wants to do every extreme sport there is on the planet.
"Cool ride" I hear a rich velvety voice behind me
"Thanks" I answer back turning around, when I see the most beautiful creature I have ever layed eyes on he has jet black hair that curls and falls down his forehead, blue electric eyes that I could melt in and the pinkest plump lips I couldn't help but think how would feel on mine and the worst part was he knew I was checking him out I saw a smirk form at the side of his mouth "I'm Cal" "he... He... Hey" I finally managed to blurt of fizzle sticks and muffin tops It's like my brain just decided to leave me at the time I needed it the most
"I'm... Violet"
I must look like an idiot right now. Oh great!!! Way to embarrass your self in front of a hot guy Vi.
"Nice I'll see you around" he said in the velvety voice that must have melted panties off of girls Before I could manage to form a sentence he had left
"Oh my goodness he is so hot" Addi said to me "Do you think he likes blondes" Mia said to me I wouldn't be surprised if they started scribbling his name with hearts
"Come on girls it's almost time for first period" I say heading for my locker still thinking about those electric blue eyes
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