3 Alpha Mates And A Special She-wolf

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"Your ours." They say in a possessive tone. "I'm not yours. I never will be" Snickering at her pity comment. "Thing is baby you were ours from the beginning and till the end." My name is Luna and I am 17 years old and haven't found my mate. I go to a human school but that's gonna change soon. I ain't like other werewolves, they have normal types of fur and eye colours. Like light and dark brown, Not me though. My wolf is dark midnight blue with white specks. I ain't like others I am far from normal but I am soon to find out why. We are the Alpha triplets, Mason, Jason and Greyson. After our mother and father step down from their title we will run the New Moon pack. We haven't found our mate yet but it will be our priority before we take over the pack to find her and make her ours. (I am bad with this description thing so yeah) All rights on this book are mine. Don't copy my work, I worked too bloody hard to do this so don't steal it. All characters are mine and everything is all thought of. The pictures in my book are not mine I give full credit to the owners, I found them online. Thank you to theendofeverything on Wattpad for making this cover. Go check out her work she is amazing..

Fantasy / Romance
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Welcome to my first book on Inkitt. I’m Lunawolf74772 and I original started this book on Wattpad. I have a lot of chapters already on there, if you want to go read them then by all means please do so but that version is my original version and I am currently rewriting it. I am only uploading the rewritten version of the book here so it may take a while to get to where I am on Wattpad. I hope you enjoy this book it is a werewolf romance kinda thing. I do write sexual scenes in my books so I will warn you at the beginning of the chapter. I also use strong language so just to warn you now. With that said and done enjoy my little wolves.

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