3 Alpha Mates And A Special She-wolf

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(Note - When the characters wolf talks I will have it in this font)


‘Your special Luna, don’t let anyone tell you your not.’

Those were the last words my mother told me before she was ripped apart by rouges. I remember that day as if it was yesterday. They are the same last words that play on my mind twenty four seven, mainly when I am at school cause that’s where its most brought up. School life is quite difficult. In the sense of trying not go on a massacre through the halls because some posh tarty bitch sticks a load of chewing gum in your hair, and its not just one piece. Oh no no, not just one piece. Try a whole bucket of melted down slop from the chewing gum that’s left under tables and in the locker rooms.

If you haven’t guessed already I am the only werewolf in a human school. What else is there to say. There’s all sorts of problems that may and will go wrong. From trying to control your wolf on the day of a full moon because she wants to go on a run and hunt, and when you know that all the other wolfs out there are probably taking a day off and running around like crazed animals. Also trying your absolute hardest to not rip a blonde bitches hair extensions out along with her throat and eyes. Anyways, all the girls like to think that they own the hallways they walk in and make death threats to anyone who even looks at them or their ‘man’. The boys are far more worse though. Even if they don’t think that they own the school they think that they can get any girl just by looking at them and only use them for sex.

One time a decent looking boy came up to me and started trying to chat me up. We started properly talking and then the day before we were supposed to hang out and go see a movie I found him snogging another girl, and this girl is the one to really grinds my gears. So I did what any person would do and that is take pictures of it to then use against him another time. I then heard afterwards him talking to some of the dicks in my class saying how he was gonna take my virginity then break my heart and all that but I didn’t let it get that far as when he approached me the day after I called him some very bad words, which I will not repeat because it was just so many of them, and then I showed him the pictures. He looked so embarrassed and then tried taking phone and threatened that he was going to kick my ass. I very much proved him wrong and kicked his ass in front of all his dickhead mates. Putting him in hospital in the process. Long story short, he never bothered me or any of the girls again.

Anyways, there is one girl though who makes my life hell though, If you haven’t guessed its that same girl who I caught snogging that boy, Its the one, its the only. Jessica Goldman. Give it up for the ‘queen’ of tarts with her horny, perfectly chiselled boyfriend, Alex walker. Lets just say that he thinks he is the king of all the horny bastards that come to this school. They think they are the power couple even though I have seen her spread her legs for any boy who even looks at her not just for Alex. I used to like him for about six months when I started school. But this was before he and his friends took my clothes whilst I was showering at school after a long P.E lesson. I had to walk around in my sweaty P.E kit until I found them. They then proceeded to say that they may have left my clothes on the roof of the school. Me being to witty one in this situation grabbed the closet boy to me and ripped his clothes from his back. I then proceeded to say “you get my clothes back or this will be you.” I pointed to the boys and then ran off to get my clothes whilst the other one went to get some on.

Back to the main pains in my ass though. Alex and Jessica. They will do anything, and I mean will do anything and everything in their power to taunt me. Like the time they removed the bolts from my chair before I came into class so that when I sat down I collapsed and they all laughed and called me fat and I should loose some weight. Or like the times I sat down and put my books on the desk to only realise that there was glue on it and that made my books stick. And lets not forget the food and drink side of this. It doesn’t help when its soup for lunch and cream pies for desert. But what makes matters worse, yes worse. Is when you have those girls who even though they look like twigs they still drink those protein shakes and shit but they put the worst food in like eggs, spinach, garlic and onions cause it helps them loose ‘weight’ and instead of drinking it they say “Oh I think you could use some of this” and pour half the shit down me. You name it she has done it. She even spread a rumour that I had sex with a pig, my name for a month was porker.

One subject that I can be myself and let my wolf be free is P.E, well sort of free cause if I do let her out she will put all the girls and some of the boys in hospital. But I am so relieved that after the first lesson we had none of the girls wanted to do PE ever again. Lets juts say we started with dodge ball and one thing led to another and I kinda put three girls in hospital with broken noses. Yeah, not good for them but it serves them right for saying I haven’t got good aim when I was purposely messing up so I wouldn’t hurt them but then they had to open their big mouths. But what was really funny was then afterwards the teacher pulled me over and asked me if I was on anything. I laughed so hard she thought I was crazy. I turned around and said to her “Miss. Are you off of your head. Why are you accusing me of taking drugs when its clear you already are.” I laughed at her and she went red. “I d...don’t know w..what you... are talking about.” She stutters. “Cut the shit. I saw your smoking a joint in the staff room before you came here and you smell of it, Badly. And lets not forget about your eyes, they look red. So next time you accuse a student of doing drugs maybe check for the common signs.” With that I walked away and into my next class which wasn’t any better.

“Oi piggy, hows you whore of a mother doing. I bet she’s enjoying all the devils she’s fucking in hell.” Jessica threw dirty scowls. “Just leave me alone or you will regret it. You bitch.” I whisper the last part as I move away from her but I walk straight into a wall. “Watch were your going slut.” One of Alex’s friends pushed me out of the way and onto the floor. “Look she’s gonna cry like a baby.” One of Jessica’s minions scrunches her face at me. “What a loser.” Another one said. “Get out my way tramp.” Jessica and her squad walk straight past me laughing and kicking my things all over the floor. I just want to rip her throat out and feed it to rouges.” Lexie, my wolf, growls. “I know how you feel Lex but we cant expose ourselves to them. Who knows what they would do to us. Knowing Jessica she would tell her father and as he is quite high up in the law he would probably lock us up for being wild animals.” I pick up all of my belongings and walk to my next class “Yeah your right. Lets just get to seventeen and then we can leave this hell hole and find our mate.” Lexie sighed. “Agree.” I giggle and walk into Mr Alexanders class.

“Good morning Miss Taylor.” Mr Alexander hands me my book. “Morning sir.” I thanked him for my book and headed for the back of the classroom and opened it to my last page of work. “Whats that smell. It smells like shit.” Jessica walked into the classroom with her little pack and sits at the back near me. “Oh its just her.” She gave me a dirty look and started spraying perfume around her. “I would not waste this on you I would rather use it on my dog.” She gives me a dirty look and giggles to her friends. Lexie is fighting to get out and put Jessica six feet under. “Lexie calm down when the time comes we will put them in their place and make sure they know who they are messing with.” I try to calm her down but she gets more restless. “Sir, can I be excused.” I try to stop shifting in front of the class but it was proven to be quite the challenge. “Of cause Luna. Your excused.” With that said I run straight out of the class just after I hear Jessica whisper to her squad, “What a freak. I hope someone locks her up.” She laughs. That was it

I get to the bathroom and my eyes turn to a shimmering silver. “Lexie calm down before we shift.” I try to stop shifting but feel myself turning. With our secret on the line I run straight out of the school and into the forest. I shift as soon as my clothes are off and we had stopped. Lexie lets out a loud and fierce growl. “I want to rip every organ out of that anorexic dogs body one by one, inch by inch.” Lexie growls and scratches up a tree. I let her release all her anger before shifting back and putting my clothes back on. “Are you done attacking that poor defenceless tree that did nothing to you.” I start walking home. “Yes I feel better now. And that tree wasn’t defenceless. If it didn’t want me attacking it, it could have whacked me with one of its branches.” She laughs. “Come on lets go home, see dad and ask what we should do about the anorexic dog.” I laugh at the words Lexie used to describe Jessica earlier.

I went home that day and I found a truck outside the house, saying Benny and son’s removal. Did dad pay the rent, is he in debt. Shit. “Oh god, what has he done now.” As I get closer I spot a box with my name on it ‘Luna’s clothes’ if anyone has touched my underwear I swear to the goddess they will die. Going into the house I see dad packing mums books. She wrote books for me as a child but I am sixteen now (seventeen in one week). I am going to find my mate so soon I cant wait. “Dad what the fuck is going on.” I sound a little angrier than I anticipated. “Language” Dad replies with a scowl. I just laugh back. “We are moving to the nearest pack to us. Where we can be with other wolves and potentially find a mate for you” He looks over at me and then goes back to packing the last of the books. “And you were going to tell me this when.” I scanned the room to see a lot of the stuff already packed. “I was going to tell you after school because you would have said you wasn’t going to school if I would have told you this morning. And I know how much you love school.” He smiles at me. “Yeah I love school so much and I love every person with deep feelings and I will miss them all dearly.” I put on a sugary voice and played along with the joke. We stood there for a minute before we burst into fits of laughter.

“Thank the goddess I have a daughter who knows how to have a laugh.” He walks over to me and gives me a hug. “Dad you know I could have had the day off to help you. I am a straight A student.” We pull away and he looks at me with a questionable look. “You smell like wolf.” He gives me a ‘what happened look’. “Well, your gonna laugh at this story.” I try to play it off but he doesn’t look like hes giving up this time. “Ask Lexie.” I panic and give my wolf full power. “Hey I am not getting involved.” She linked me and whined. “It was you that lost control. So you need to explain it to him.” I link back then go quite. “Fuck you.” She growls. “I love you too.” I squeak.

“Lexie. What happened?” My dads wolf Andrew comes out. “Well today I may have gotten really pissed off from Alex and his bitch who really pushed my buttons and I may have, sort of shifted. But I ran out of school before that could have happened so know one saw.” Lexie finished her sentence quickly before lowering her head in shame. “Well its a good job we are moving because this will stop happening.” He sighs. “Sorry dad.” Lexie whimpers. “Its okay little wolf. At least you got out of there before anyone could see.” He embraced us into his arms. “Now go finish packing your stuff upstairs and don’t worry I made sure no one touched your underwear.” My dad came back and he picked up the box that contained mums work in. “How long have I got till we leave.” Lexie gives me control back and I walk towards the stairs. “A good two hours.” He shouts before walking out the door.

“Lets get started and when we are done we can go say goodbye to our best friend.” I can feel Lexie smirking her evil smirk. “We don’t have any friends Lex, let alone a best friend.” I laugh and walk into my room and see most of my stuff still out and lying around. “Not true. What about our best friend Jessica.” She tries to hold a laugh in. “Maybe we should say good bye to her. Give her a nice gift.” I can feel the anger she has towards Jessica come off in her words. “Or I can go up to her and say thanks for everything she's done to me.” Sarcasm laced my words. “I wanna give her a knuckle sandwich that will go straight through her.” I could feel Lexie getting a little restless. “Easy girl, lets get this shit dealt with before we plot against that dog.” I start packing up my laptop and business papers. “We shouldn’t call her a dog, that’s just offensive to our kind.” She sighed. “Yeah. Its like calling Jessica’s friend, Tracy, a blood sucker just cause she has a umbrella up when its hot. Its just insulting the vampires because she would not last a day as a vampire. She would puke at the sight of blood.”

I look over the papers and read over my project I was doing, we were creating our own businesses with the theme of animals. Lots of the girls where doing it on shops for those little rats they call pets. The boys were doing animal fighting cages but I was simply gonna open a vet because one, I love helping animals and two I would love to be a pack doctor when I am older so I would need to help a lot of the wolves that get injured. “Come on Luna. The quicker we pack the quicker we can go hunting.” I roll my eyes. “We are not hunting Jessica.” I laugh. “Oh your no fun.” She laughed. After that I got straight onto packing my bits and bobs into different boxes when Lexie asks me.

“What pack did he say we were moving to again.” She sounded tired. “I don’t remember him mentioning one. Lets go ask him.” I grab the last of my boxes and walk downstairs. “Father.” I shout and he pops his head around the kitchen door. “You don’t have to shout you know. Just cause I am old doesn’t mean I am deaf. Werewolf hearing remember.” He points a spoon at me which has something dripping off of it. Wait is that what I think it is. “Deer.” I squeal like a fan girl who’s just seen her idol. “Ow.” He groans and covers his ears. “Stop doing that or you don’t get anything.” He glares at me and I give him a sheepish smile. “Not when you have got my baby.” I run past him and straight to the pan in which is filled with the best food ever. “When and where did you get it.” I go to take a bit off when he slaps my hand. “I can have you done for child abuse you know.” He laughs at me and grabs two plates and puts vegetables on them. “When I met with the Alpha and his sons yesterday while you were at school he gave me the deer as a welcoming present to his pack. He is really nice and his Luna is very welcoming. His name is Alpha Dylan and his mate is names Luna Stella, I think you will get along with her just fine. Their sons go to the school you will be so you can introduce yourselves then. Their names are Mason, Jason and Greyson.” He takes the deer away from me before I go ballistic and rip it apart.

“Where have I heard their names before.” Lexie asked. “I’m not sure girl but they do sound familiar.” I try to think where I have heard their names before but I couldn’t think. Its on the tip of my tail but I just don’t know. “What are you thinking honey.” He pulls me out of my deep thoughts where I shake off any thoughts. “I’m thinking how easy would it be for me to take a cooked deer from an old man and run out back without spilling any.” I laugh and he scolds me. “I may be old but I could still kick your ass. I’m only thirty eight you know.” He serves the food and gives me my plate. “Thank you old man.” I walk away and grab a diet coke from the fridge. “The New Moon Pack.” He walks in and sits opposite me. “What?” I looked at him. “That’s the pack name. The New Moon Pack.”

We sit and have our food not knowing that after this move our whole lives will change. For the better or worst we have yet to find out.

Welcome to the end of the first chapter of my first book. Please give all possible feedback, bad or good, so I can advance as a writer. I always want to hear from you guys.

Hope you guys have a good day and I will see you soon with the next update.

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