3 Alpha Mates And A Special She-wolf

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Going to school (2)

Jason’s POV

“Give me my fucking cover back now.” I shout to one of my brothers whilst still half asleep. “No. Its time to get up. Now.” Mason stands in front of me with his arms crossed. “Go fuck yourself.” I growl. “Get up now before I get mum in here and you are not going to like that. Remember the last time she had to come and get you up, you lost your bed for a week.” He walks over to the door daring me to stay in bed. I don't move and inch making him smirk at me. “Suit yourself.” He opens the door. “MUM. Jason is not.” Before he could finish I jump up from bed and tackle him to the hallway floor. “Good your up. Now, lets get training.” He pushes me off of him and walks towards the stairs. “Go fuck your training.” I mumble under my breath “What was that.” He turns to me with a smug look plastered onto his stupid face. “Nothing, just excited for training.” I lie straight through my teeth. “Then get your ass into gear and get down stairs in five.” He walks off and I flip him off. “NOW.” He shouts from the bottom of the stairs. I walk off into the bedroom and get on my track suit bottoms and hoodie.


“Mason’s getting pissed that your taking forever. You might want to hurry up.” Greyson walks into my room while I am playing Xbox. “Yeah yeah tell him I will be down in a minute.” I turn the game off, walk over to the bed and fall face first onto it. “You better.” He walks away with a sigh.


“JASON GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE NOW.” Mason roars. I get up from my bed with a big huff. “Coming.” I shout back. I take my sweet ass time walking down the stairs when Charlie, my wolf, asks me something. “Why is Luke being a dick and shouting at me.” He sounds a bit pissed. “Cause Mason is pissed at me. He has dragged me out of my bed on a Saturday and threatens me by saying he’s gonna tell mum that I wont get up. Then he gets Greyson to come and tell me to hurry up even though I was playing Xbox. Then after that I spend another thirty or so minutes having a quick nap” I see Mason on the the kitchen side with fiery daggers in his eyes. “WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN DOING FOR THE PAST HOUR.” He jumps out of his seat and takes massive steps over to me till he was in my face. “I was sleeping and playing games. Have you got a problem with that?” I get in his face as well, challenging him to do something. “YES I DO. YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO COME DOWN AND START TRAINING.” He was getting so pissed off with me. “I don't want to train. Its Saturday.” I groan and walk over to the couch. “I DON'T CARE. GET YOUR ASS UP NOW BEFORE I DRAG YOU TO THE TRAINING ROOM BY YOUR HAIR.” He storms over to the door and turns towards me. “Fine.” I walk towards Greyson, who was laying face first on the couch, and slap him with a pillow. “What the fuck you dickhead.” He jumps up and falls off of the couch. “Language.” I hear a voice come from the other side of the room and see a apple fly at Greysons head. “Oww. What was that for mum.” He groans and I help him up. “Mind your mouth and I will stop throwing stuff at you.” She glares at him. This is going to be a long day.


“Boys please come to my office now.” Father links all of us and we put all of the equipment away. “I won.” Jason rubs it in my face. “I don't care I beat you last week so it means we are equal.” I stick my tongue out at him and then he starts making faces at me till it ended in a squabble to see who the champion. “Oh grow up you two.” Mason breaks us up then goes on to say. “If anyone won then that would be me cause I am bigger, stronger and faster then you two knuckle heads put together.” He walks away laughing and we chase after him. “Get back here and fight us then you pussy.” We run after him and mess around until we reach fathers office. Me and my other brothers walk into his office trying to make ourselves more presentable and not act as if we had just done six hours of training. “You asked to see us father.” Mason took the middle chair in front of fathers desk. “I have thought long and hard and me and your mother think it is best if you go to school but in three weeks time as you still have lots of alpha training to do.” As father explains my wolf Adam is going mental and howling with joy. “We might find our mate bud.” I try to be hopeful but we have seen every girl in our pack and none of them are our mates. “I cant wait to meet her. I hope shes everything we imagine, beautiful, smart, fierce and I hope she has an Incredible and fuckable body. I cant wait.” My wolf replied. “Ask brother Mason what he thinks. I can already tell you that Luke is excited.” I can say that Adam in this state is too excited to be able to ask anyone anything right now.“Alright bud. But do one thing for me, calm the fuck down.” I give him a minute before he replies with a ‘I'm calm now’. “Hey Mason what do you think of this. Dad is letting us go to school we could find our mate.” We dismissed from his office and we all walk towards the stairs. “We have seen every female in our pack none will be ours.” Mason sounded disappointed we haven’t found. We all are.

“Wait I forgot to mention, what was it again, Oh yeah now I remember. There are two new members joining the pack.” Dad runs out the room after us. “One male who's thirty eight, his name is Peter. Then we have one female who's sixteen but will be turning seventeen soon, her name is Luna.” Father hands us a photo of both of them and when I saw that Luna was hot I mean she was smoking hot. “I don’t want you to go meet her yet. She will start school around the same time as you so introduce yourself then. She is new to being around other wolves her own age as she came from an all human school. Now go finish your alpha training the quicker you finish the quicker you can go to school.” That’s dad going back into alpha mode. “Yes alpha.” We reply in unison and run off. “So boys what do you think. Maybe she could be our soul mate, she could be our Luna.” Jason smirks at us and walks off ahead . “There is a possibility, she is a female and she is only like two years younger than us.” I run to keep up with him. “I doubt it but she could be. Lets just pray that the Moon Goddess will finally lay her gift of a mate on us.” He pats my shoulder with sadness in his eyes. We sprint towards the library like kids to finish any work we have left. “What if she is one of our mates and the other one or two of us have another mate out there.” I say worriedly. “Don't worry little bro, I have faith that the Moon Goddess will pair us with someone that we can share." Mason reassures me. “And someone that is strong because I don't think any of the females we have meet could take on one sexy muscular body let alone three.” I laugh. “I hope we don’t break our mate when we are in bed.” Jason makes one of his signature dirty jokes making us all laugh. He says at least three everyday which if I think about it he has problems.

As we finishes our work and walk towards the door Jason turns around and makes up laugh. “Grab your glitter bag girls we are going to school.” He says with a girly voice and throws some glitter at us but before we could walk away mum catches him and goes ape shit at him and made him clean the whole library. RIP Jason.

Chapter 2 complete. Just note updates wont be very frequent like these first few chapters. I have only re written these two so far and I am working on 3 right now.

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