3 Alpha Mates And A Special She-wolf

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New friend (3)


“Luna, wake up honey.” I feel my dad shake my shoulders. “No I want to sleep.” I turn over so my back is to him. “But its your day today. Happy seventeenth birthday.” He takes the cover off of me and I growl at him. “Don’t growl at me young lady or you don’t get any birthday bacon.” He sits next to me. “Go ahead nothing is going to make me get out of bed.” I move closer to the wall when I feel his fingers tickle my sides. “Ha ha...stop... Ha ha...it before...Ha ha...I pee.” I wriggle around trying to get him to stop.

“Get up and I will stop.” He reaches for my feet. “Never.” I laugh. “Suit yourself.” And with that he tickles me harder. It took him ten minutes of continuous tickling for me to finally roll off of the bed. “Thank you for nearly killing me but if you will excuse me I need to pee really badly.” I jump up and run to the bathroom to do my business. After I finish up I wash my hands, clean my face and brush my teeth. “Come on Luna you are going to be late on your first day if you don’t hurry up.” I hear my father shout from the other side of the door. “Coming.” I shout back and run into my room. I pick out my most comfiest outfit.

To be honest I go more for comfort then style and trend. I apply a small bit of lip gloss and mascara, fixing my curly brown hair so it flowed down my back and over my shoulders. After everything is perfect and presentable I make my way down stairs. “Happy birthday honey.” Dad places a plate of the most delectable food I have ever seen in front of me. “For the young lady you have four rashers of bacon, two eggs, two toast and a nice steamy cup of tea. My heart fills with warmth just like my stomach as I begin devouring this heaven on a plate.

“So, I think its time I have the talk with you.” My father randomly says and I choke on my tea. “I know what your already going to say dad. Don’t follow any strange wolves into the woods or into any vehicles. No running off with boys to make out. No bunking class. Watch my language and don’t become or act like a she-wolf on heat when I get any urges. Did I miss anything.” I looked innocently at him and finished. “I was just going to say that this is now an important part of our life. You should be finding your mate and I want you to not jump into anything. As soon as you meet your mate your wolf will want to be with them and will want to mate. Don’t give into those urges straight away. Take time to get to know them before you jump their bones.” He takes a sip of his drink. “Don’t worry dad, I wont jump his bones there and then when I meet them. I mean you don’t want to be a granddad at your young age.” After I said that he gave me a ‘are you taking the piss look’.

I finish my drink and put my plate and cup in the sink. “Thanks for the food old man but I need to run.” I grab my bag and head to the door. “Take this with you.” I turn on the balls of my feet and see a little can fly at me. I catch it and see that it was a bottle of some sort of spray. “If any boys come near you.” He gives me a tough look. “Thanks dad.” I give him a quick hug. “Your mother would be so proud of how big you have gotten.” A tear forms in his eye. “She would be proud of you for putting up with me for so long.” I wiped his tear and headed to the door. “Have a good day little wolf.” I hear him shout before I close the door. “You too dad.” I linked him.

I set off on my journey to school. It wasn’t far but I preferred to walk through the woods that surrounded our house so it took a little longer. Only a week ago I was new to this pack and the other wolves were so kind when we arrived. I met a few of the older wolves who had an instant like to me and some of the male wolves instantly started flirty. I was enjoying it before they ran off with their tails between their legs looking very frightened. I had turned around to see my dead glaring my way. I raised one eyebrow to which he shrugged and gave me a slight grin. I finish the small flash back of that scene and rolled my eyes.

I arrived at school with five minutes spare. This gave me time to get my timetable (Schedule for those in America) and just hang around finding my way. I turned a corner to see a shorter black haired girl being pushed around by a group of taller girls with a group of boys and a blonde girl laughing while they watched. The blonde one whispered something to the two boys, who were really sexy may I add, standing next to her. They both smirked and ran quickly away from the scene.

“Thanks to you we had to stay behind and clean up the science lab.” A red head girl pushed the smaller girl and she dropped all her books in her arms. “I didn’t do anything. I told you to not add too much of the hydrogen peroxide. As well as to measure all the ingredients. I told you not to do it but you did.” The black haired girl looked into the red hairs face which didn’t sit well with the red head. The next thing I knew the smaller girls head was facing the side and her left cheek started to go a dark red colour. “Don’t you even talk back to me you so excuse of a wolf. You don’t tell me what to do, I tell you what to do you whore.” She goes to punch the small girl in the face but I am there in front of the girl before she could get any closer. “Back off.” I growl. “Or what you bitch.” She tried to follow through with the punch but I grabbed her fist and snapped it. “Leave her alone you fucking bullies.” My eyes flashed a shimmering silver as I stared them all down. They backed off and bowed their heads a little. Strange.

As they parted like the red sea I saw the blonde one step forward. “Who do you think you are. Coming and ruining our fun.” In the heels she’s wearing she definitely over sizes me but not by much. “I am not going to stand there and let you bully this girl. Not under my watch.” I watch as a pure hatred forms in her eyes, I guess she don’t like anyone standing up to her let alone a new student. “Listen here new girl.” It was funny how she emphasised the new girl part like she is trying to tell me my place in this school. “I don’t take kindly to the way your coming in and changing my system.” Her system what a joke. “I was going to forget about your little outburst until you broke my friends wrist.” She started to get up in my face which I wasn’t going to have. “Let me tell you something hot shot.” I start walking forwards as she is now walking backwards. “I don’t give a flying fuck who you are or what crawled up your ass and died but whilst I am here you and your little posse are not coming anywhere near this girl. Got it.” I flash her my now grown canines.

She seemed scared but quickly masked it behind her clown face. “Lets go girls, this bitch isn’t worth my time.” She flicks her her in my face and walks off with her crew trailing behind her. I then saw her look up to the ceiling and smirk. By the time I saw what was going to happen it was too late. The two boys that ran off earlier poured what seemed to be coffee down onto us. I dodged out the way but the small black haired girl wasn’t as lucky. She was drenched. I heard the girls and the two boys start to laugh as they keep walking. “I give up with this shit.” The now wet girl looked as if she was going to cry. “Come with me lets clean you up. I’m Luna by the way.” I grab all the books and paper that where on the floor as well as her hand. “I’m Rosemary but I prefer Rose.” She gave me a small smile. She showed me where the gym changing rooms were and I told her to take a shower.

“But I don’t have any spare clothes.” She was hesitant. “Don’t worry I always bring a spare set of clothes just in case.” I pulled out the spare leggings and cardigan that I kept in my bag and laid them on the bench next to me. After Rose finished her shower she went and put the clothes on. I took this opportunity to sort her books and paper out. “Your amazing at drawing, this is incredible.” I held up a picture of a girl with a wolf head wrap.

“Thank you.” She blushes and picks up the rest of her work. “Do you know where class 7c is.” I pull out my timetable and see I have maths. “Yeah, I can take you that’s where I am heading.” We start walking to class and I know that this will be a start to a long happy friendship.

After sitting through a good four hour lesson it was finally time for lunch. I found that Rose and I had all the same lessons except for when I had business, she had music. I walk towards the canteen and bump into someone. “I’m sorry don’t hit me.” I recognise that voice. “Rose?” She looks up and realises its me. “Sorry Luna I didn’t know it was you.” She sorted her clothes out before standing back up. “Why did you say not to hit you. Has someone hit you.” I feel Lexie get pissed that someone has hurt her new friend. “Before you came if I bumped into any of Jennifer’s friends or was in their way they would punch me down or they would hit me.” She rushed to get into the canteen to get her food. “What in the actual fuck is that whores problem. I’m going to go give her a piece of my mind.” I was going to walk off to knock that ass holes teeth out when Rose grabbed my hand. “Please don’t, just stay with me this lunch. I promise another day you can end her but for now I want to spend time with my friend before she goes to prison.” I laughed at the way she added me going to prison for murder. “Okay fine, I wont knock her teeth out. Yet.” We walk and grab our lunch.

“Follow me.” Rose walks off and I trail behind. We walk up three flights of stairs and down a long ass corridor. “How much further.” I start to lose the feelings in my legs. “Just here.” She opens a door and I am welcomed with stacks and stacks of shelves which hold book and book. “Holy shit.” I was speechless, I have never seen this many books in my life. “This is where I come to escape, also sell my drugs.” I look over at her. Is she serious right now. “I’m joking. I come here to escape Jennifer and her followers, its the one place they don’t come because its too far for them to walk and they are always kicked out because they are too loud. “I start wondering through the rows of bookcases, taking in all the cover, titles and colours. ” I want you to meet Noah. He's the only other friend I have, he is the librarians assistant but really he runs the library cause the woman is always never in.” She giggles and leads me to a area with a desk which holds a computer, some paper, books and a surprisingly stunningly young man. “Rosey cheeks, how are you.” The boy pushed his glasses up his nose and looked over with a friendly smile. “I’m good Noah, I want you to meet my new friend. Luna.” He looks over at me and his jaw drops. “She's fucking stunning.” He looks me over and I feel a heat run up to my cheeks. “Not mate, keep moving.” I hear Lexie say. I was a bit disappointed but that’s life.

“Thanks, you ain’t to bad yourself.” I laugh and look away a bit uncomfortable. Rose must have felt my uneasiness and spoke up to take the boys attention off of me. “She saved me Noah, she stood up to Jen and her crew.” He looked back at me and smiled. “Thank you for saving little Rosey.” I smiled at him and felt Rose grab my hand. “Lets go sit.” We walked away. “Bye Rosey cheeks, bye Luna.” Noah shouted. “Cya Noah.” Rose Shouted back. “Later skater.” We lose ourselves in the rows of books until we find a table by the door. “He seems nice.” I drink some apple juice. “He is very nice but can be a bit.” She couldn’t find a word so I suggested. “Boy?” She looks at me. “Yes boy. He is a sensible lad by can be overwhelmed with hormones when presented in front of a female.” We both laugh until we heard the door open and before even seeing who was there I could smell them.

“Shit.” Rose muttered as we turned towards the door. Jennifer. “The fuck is she doing here.” Rose starts grabbing her stuff but I give her a calming look. We watch as they start to scan the library until her eyes met our. “Well, well, well. If it isn’t the whore and her bitch.” She snickers along with her minions. “Leave us alone Jen.” Rose stares at Jennifer. “Or what, your bitch is gonna hurt us. Boo fucking who.” Her friends surround the table we are at. “Miss Johnson, I’m gonna have to ask you and your friends to leave. If your gonna be harassing these girls and not actually read a book then get out.” Noah smiles at Jennifer who just looks at him dirty.

“Did I not speak English, Fuck off.” Noah raises his voice a bit and Jen starts to walk away, huffing and muttering under her breath. “This ain’t over, watch after school.” She flicks her hair like always and walks out with her minions right behind her. “Thanks Noah.” Rose rubs her temples. “Anytime.” He says and walks away. “Lets get to class.” I pick my stuff up and walk out the library.

Hope you enjoyed chapter 3. All pictures are on my Wattpad account next update will be soon, I hope.

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