3 Alpha Mates And A Special She-wolf

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Oh no (4)


“Which of the following is the stored form of glucose, found in the liver and muscles?” The middle aged woman looked around the class for her next victim. “Miss White. What is the answer to this.” She stares straight into my soul. I don’t like this woman, not one bit. “Glycogen.” I remember learning this at my old school but I didn’t bother to retain much of the information considering I spent all my energy retaining Lexie from murdering some bitches.

“I wouldn’t murder anyone. I am not like that.” She tries to defend herself. “Is that so. Okay, what about the time I was on my period and dad was messing around with our food and you took control and growled that if he ever tried taking you food you were going to skin him alive, shred all his meat and grind his bones.” I write whatever the teacher was writing on the screen down in my note book. “I didn’t say that. I would never.” She started to go quite towards the end. “That’s what I thought.” I smirk and look up.

“Is something amusing you Miss White.” I make eye contact with the wicked witch of the west. “Just the fact you have toilet paper stuck to the bottom of your shoe and also back of your skirt.” I grin even more while the class starts to snicker. The colour in her face drained as she looked at her shoe to indeed find the paper and also pull the toilet paper from behind her skirt.

“Detention.” She goes red in the face and points her bony finger at me. “Why? I was telling the truth how can I be punished for that.” I felt my blood rise and my eyes start to cloud with anger. “Do as I say and if you don’t like it then get out of my class.” Her face seemed to show anger but her eyes told me a different story. Like, she didn’t want to do this or get angry and punish me. “But I don’t feel as this detention is worth for what I did. I didn’t do jack shit.” I could feel a pair of eyes proper staring at me from behind but I didn’t bother looking because right now the whole class was staring at me.

“Watch your language Miss White. Now, get out of my class.” I had enough of this, no matter what I say next it wont change anything. I grab my bag and books and stormed out of the classroom, not before noticing a note and pictures on her desk. They were of her and some man. I roughly caught the last line of said note saying. ‘Make her life hell or people will see these’. If I had a rough guess to who this was from I probably would be correct.

“That two faced evil cock sucking whore.” I felt Lexie urging her way out to destroy something and by something I mean someone. “Calm down Lex, we will get her back. One way or another this bitch will find out she messed with the wrong she-wolf.” With that I stormed out of the class, down the hall and straight out of the front door.

There were forty five minutes left before Rose got out of school so I decided to go for a run just to cool off. “So, what’s the plan.” I slow down from a run to a walk as I approach a river where I take a sip from the cool water. It slid down my throat and I gulped massive mouthfuls. “What do you mean.” Lexie felt some what calmer but she still wanted to rip someone’s throat out. “Don’t act stupid Lex, I know you have been plotting Jessica’s death since we came out of school.” I admire the scene in front of me. “I don’t know what you mean. I’m innocent.” What bullshit. “Yeah and I am the Moon Goddesses niece.” I roll my eyes while rolling around in the grass, chasing bugs and just being free.

“Lets go back. We have at least five minutes to be back for Rose.” I stand up and walk back in the general direction of school. “Just for Rose or so we can rearrange Jessica’s face.” I pick up the pace and sprint the last part so I have time to change. “Meh a bit of both.” I laughed at my wolf before shifting behind a tree and watching as the river of teens vacate the school. “There’s Rose.” Lexie informs me as I see Rose walk out of the door, she almost looked mad.

“Rosey, what’s wrong.” I jog up to her when her face softens for a split second then angry rose comes back. “That stupid bitch did this.” That was a first I heard Rose swear. “Jessica?” I could see her get angrier at the mention of her name. “She blackmailed Miss Andrew. I forgot my text book so I went back to grab it and miss looked so upset while Jessica held the photos in front of her face. From what I heard she was saying to find anyway to give you a detention every lesson and to always pick on you or those pictures will be given to the head teacher and posted on social media.” I was trying to focus on Rose but Lexie was getting restless again.

“Its okay Rose, I get your mad but don’t let Jessica get to you. You have more important things on your mind then to think about that tramp.” I try to comfort her but I could see it have little effect. “What do you do to release stress or anger or anything. Do you do something, go somewhere. If so why don’t me and you take a walk and plan Jessica’s death.” I try to get her mind off of the anger and rage but I see a smirk form on her face. “I know just the place.” She grabs my hand and walks away from the school to the playing fields.

“The playing fields?” I give her a questionable look. “No silly, the forest behind it. There’s a lake a few miles north from here. No one knows about it, not that I know of, and its so calming.” I follow Rose towards a dirt path but stop before getting there. Snap. I turn around to see a fist coming towards my face. Before I can react my head was turned sideways and I heard a gasp from behind me.

“Look here girls. The new girl and her pet. Where you going off to weirdo’s.” I hear that bitchy voice that makes me want to slam my head in a car door multiple times. “Bitch you better back the fuck off if you know what’s good for you.” Shit I thought, that was Rose speaking. You go girl. “Ooh, I’m so scared. What are you going to do whore, talk at me and bore me to death.” I feel the anger rise in me as I feel a surge of adrenaline rush through me. “Its not what she’s going to do but what I do to you.” I turn my head so she can see my now glowing silver eyes.

“Now.” I hear her scream. I turn my head to see all her friends run at me. “Pathetic.” Lexie growls in anger. I dodge the first girls attack which was just going for my hair, she turned for a punch but I grabbed her fist and twisted it. She yelped in pain and fell. The second jumped on my back so I put my hand up to her hair and drag her over my shoulder connecting her back with the floor. Two of the other girls ran at me as I ran at them. Flying through the air I kicked one in the jaw and the other I jumped on her and clawed out her face, claret coming from their noses. Make-up wont help you now will it. I feel Lexie laughing at my joke.

“Bitch you will pay.” The first one goes for a second attack and I ram my foot into her stomach, making her bend forward. Taking this opportunity, I knee her in the face and throw her against a tree to the side of me. Those fighting lessons are paying of now, I mentally thank my dad. I growl in frustration and anger towards these morons. I hear whimpers of submission from all of the girls on the floor and see Jessica bow her head a bit. Strange.

Within seconds though she recovered and ran at me with a shiny thing in her hand. A knife. She twisted her hips as she was trying to swing at me but I broke her wrist took the blade. I touched the tip and realised it was coated in silver. That bitch. I picked it up by the handle and grabbed her hair, pushing her head back. “Next time you go after me or Rose in anyway I will kill you.” I leave a little graze on the side of her face to show her I am not playing.

I went looking for Rose. She was hiding behind a tree I reached out for her but she flinched away with pure terror in her eyes from what she just witnessed. “I promise I won’t hurt you. Please come out we will go back to school and tell them what happened and get herdone for having a blade on her presence.” She nodes like she was and omega obeying an alpha. I took her hand and went back to school. “Can I..I sh..show you th...th...that thing tomorrow and you promise to come with me and not hurt me.” She asked timidly, still afraid of what I can do.

“I promise I will come with you and I promise that no matter what I wont lay a finger on you for the rest of eternity and all time after that” She had rays of sunshine come of her face but only for a bit. We got back to school and I smelt the best smells ever pine tree, fresh water and fresh mint. I froze in my tracks. “Luna what wrong.” Rose seemed perplexed by my sudden freezing.

"MATE!" Lexie screamed.

Chapter 4 is now up and out. Hope you enjoyed.

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