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Lillian Grace was born January 1st. She was born to be the most powerful Angel there ever was to stopped a war that started centuries ago. She doesn't know what she is and what is yet to come. When her 18th birthday comes around and she meets her mate she figures out about the world that no one ever told her or taught to her. What is she going to do when it's up to her to stop a war.

Fantasy / Action
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*January 1st*

When the day ends in the daylight is yet to come. The creatures of the night roam the land looking for unlucky people who venture out into the night. Many believe that demons take the unlucky people and pure angels watch the town protecting it, and they're right but what they don't know is that an angel of the purest heart was born to stop the abductions Her name was Lillian Grace.

*18 years later, demon lair*

Walking into the room is the demon King's eldest son, Marcos Viel. He was to be crowned King at 21. His plan is to kill every angel that ever was putting him to rule the world. One year til he can rule the world and dominate the beings that live on it. The only problem, he hasn't found his mate. All demons and angels have a mate. He can sense his mate on her 18th birthday. When she turns 18 she will sleep for a week, or until her mate wakes her, giving off a scent that only he can smell and he caught a whiff in the wind minutes ago. He would leave to go search for her but he has a meeting to attend to with his father.

*in the village market*

"Lillian, dear, come help me with these potatoes."

"Right away, Miss Maria." Lillian says I should run over to grab the she reaches over to grab the sack of potatoes she collapses and her vision goes black. She can hear Miss Maria calling for the doctor before passing out.

She wakes up in a field and starts hollering for Miss Maria, but a different voice answers instead, "Sorry child, but Maria is not here."

"Who are you?"

" I am your mother." as the voice says this a beautiful woman with pure white wings walk out.

In disbelief Lillian stutters out, "you can't be my mother, she died giving birth to me."

"With a small smile on her face the woman shakes her head saying, "Yes, the vessel I used died, but I didn't dear. You are pure Angel raised by mortals. Born to end the war that started centuries ago."

With disbelief in her voice, Lillian says,"Prove it."

The angel raises her hand and Lillian's mind fills with images of war. Bright white and dark blue lights explode in the sky, screams of pain can be heard all around along with growls of unearthly animals coming from the shadows, claws ripping the Angels legs from under them. In the sky you can see shapes of Angels fighting, shooting white light from their skin. In the shadows, where the light doesn't touch, the demons shoot their blue light disintegrating the Angels wings making them fall from the sky where the hell hounds devour them.

As the vision turns away, a single tear rolls down her face,"I believe you know, but what am I supposed to do? Who am I?"

With a face of confidence the woman says," you child, are the most purest Angel ever born. You have been hidden from the demons as they plan to kill you before your 18th birthday tonight,but I see you passed out and took the opportunity to tell you what's going on. Your powers are starting to grow rapidly."

" What powers are you talking about?"

"Like all other Angels you can fly but you can expel the truth from any being other than your mate, you can feed off of sunlight, and you like can disintegrate any demon or creature from the dark."

" What is a mate?"

" a mate, is the reason you passed out. He will be at your other half that completes you and he will be looking for you and any minute now. but be careful, he's like no other. The gods above have done it. Now we either stop the war or start another. Oh, and demons or possessed people will have a red vehicle over their eyes and will hiss and Angels light depending on how much light is expelled. You have a powers that no one knows yet. Be cautious to who you tell and who you trust."

Shaking, Lillian falls to the ground and starts screaming, "Mother, what's happening?"

"he's Awakening you dear. Be cautious and on guard. You've been asleep for 4 days."

*Waking up*

as Lily insists up she groans her back hurting from sleeping. She looks around the room in question wondering if it was real.

"Hello? Doctor?"

"Sorry sweetheart. Not him."

A man steps out of the shadows, grinning with a red Sheen in his eyes. "I believe I'm your mate. I'm Marcos Veil, the demon heir."

He sticks out his hand, and Lillian stares at it in question."

"How am I supposed to trust you and how am I supposed to know that you're not here to kill me?
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