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Chapter 2

"How am I supposed to trust you and how am I supposed to know that you're not here to kill me?"

" Grab my hand, if it tingles were mates. If my hand catches fire, I'm here to kill you."

Hesitantly she takes his hand. It tingles with warmth and she feels content.

"So do you believe me now?" He says with an arrogant smile on his face.

"Yes but how did you find me? Do you know who I am? Or what?"

" One thing at a time princess. So, when you were sleeping you gave up a unique smile and I tracked it. And to the other two questions no."

" I'm Lillian Grace, purests Angel to ever walk the earth."

Unable to believe her, " hmmm, is that what they told you? Expand your wings or shine your light. If you're the most powerful your lights should be black as night."

With a quiet okay she closes her eyes and thinks of light and wings. Suddenly, there's a side and a groan after. She opens our eyes to see giant wings coming from behind her, black as night. She looks around and tries to find her mate and can't find him. She goes to look over the edge of the bed to see him holding his head

"Sorry?", She whispers.

"Don't be. You didn't lie. Damn, suddenly I couldn't see a thing and then I was hit with something soft and strong."

Standing up he groans and when he looks at Lillian and his jaw drops he stutters saying, "Go look in the mirror."

Standing up my wings retract against my back comfortably. I stretch and go to the mirror and when I see myself I guess my normally short hair is down to my back and is pitch black with my eyes to match.

" How am I supposed to hide this?" Lillian stutters in fear.

"Mortals can't see things like that. So you have nothing to worry about other than your hair. It was shorter so people will ask questions, or I can take you to get a haircut."

" Get me some scissors." Lillian says positive she can hide her hair from the world. She waits and when she turns around oh, he's right behind her smiling with a pair of scissors in hand. She steps back hitting a wall,"What are you doing?" She asked nevously.

With a grin on his face he replies, "Admiring what's mine."

she has annoyed and grab the scissors and flips her hair over her head. She goes to a certain amount and cuts. As soon as the scissors touch her hair the end of her hair disintegrate. She flips her hair over and walks to the mirror and smiles. In her mind she think she looks perfect with shorter hair.

She turns around and looks at her mate taking in his looks she's 5'8 and he stands at 6'2. Dark brown hair with chocolate eyes his hair kind of curls around his ears and he has muscles that are evident through his suit. "What are you doing?" He askes smiling.

She blushes and turns around looking through the mirror one last time and walks out of the room.

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