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Tala a normal girl who lives a normal life, a job, a house, friends everything she wanted. But that all changes when she meets Zayn, galactic bad boy who isn't what he seems. He's out of this world literally Can their love join realms or destroy them forever 💜

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1: The Encounter

"Beep beep beep beep" the alarm clock rings

"Ugh it's morning already I just fell asleep" Tala nags.

"It's too early to go to work I'm going back to bed" Tala says and goes back to sleep

Seconds later..

*Phone rings*

"Tala I know you're still in bed get up and get ready for work" Sophie says.

Sophie and I have been friends since we were toddlers she's practically my other half, she's helped me through some tough times I honestly don't know what I'd do without her.

"What noo I'm definitely not in bed I'm getting ready for work, I feel offended that you think I would be so irresponsible" I fake a sob.

"Oh cut the crap Tala I know you're in bed I don't even need to be there to know you're probably wearing your orange sweatpants" Sophie says

"Fine I'm getting up and you leave my orange sweatpants out of this they're gorgeous" I tell myself

"You know they're not Tala, now hang up and get ready" Sophie hangs up

"Did she just hang up on me 😨, meh whatever time to get in the shower I'm gonna have a long hot bath"

One hot shower later...

" oh no I'm gonna be late I got carried away in the shower"

I rummage through my wardrope and quickly pick up a pair of clothes

"Shit I'm late I'm late I'm late"

I run down the stairs grab a coffee and charge for the door

The drive to the office took 30 minutes, shorter than my usual time probably because I went way past the speed limit, thank the stars I didn't get pulled over

I run through the halls and head straight for the elevator without being noticed, well by anyone important at least

"Hurry up I'm already late don't make it worse"


I head straight for my office while avoiding any possible eye contact

"Tala!!!!" Mimi screams

"Shit I'm screwed"

"Yes Mimi" I say while forcing a smile

Mimi's my boss 🌝

"You're late again that's the 5th time this month"

"I know I'm sorry I can explain it wasn't exactly my fault this time" I lie

"Let me guess your dog ate your alarm clock again" Mimi says disappointedly

"Yes exactly that naughty dog can't keep her teeth to herself" I explain

"Really Tala really"

"Yes really"

"I give up on you just don't forget to grab my package on your way back home"

"Yes Mimi I will I never forget anything"

"That's what you said when you forgot my birthday" Mimi says while rolling her eyes

"I said I was sorry I even gave you 500 dollars to make up for it"


I head to my office and start my editing I work for a publishing company so I've always got the latest tea if you know what I mean 😉

4 stressful hours later...

"Finally my shift is over!!, I can finally get out of here"

I run for the elevator before Mimi spots me again

"I made it!!"

I make my way out and get a taxi

"Now for that package"

"Driver take the next turn on your right I have to pick something up" I tell the taxi driver

A short drive later...

"We're here" the driver tells me

"Yeah thanks here's your cash" I pay him and make my way out.

On my way in I start to feel uneasy like something's about to happen, but I push the feeling aside and keep moving but then suddenly..

"Ouch" I yell as I drop to the floor

"I'm so sorry I didn't see you there" some gorgeous creature of a man says

"Wow he's hot" I whisper underneath my breath

"Can I help you up" he asks

"Sure" I say as I reach for his hand

And then it happened, our hands touched I could feel the electricity coursing through my veins.

My whole body was on fire.

His touch was electrifyin, intlxicating like something out of this world.

I could literally feel the electricity

"What was that" we ask simultaneously

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