Lone Wolf

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She is a Lone Wolf. He is an Alpha. She was adopted by humans. He raised to be the Alpha that his pack needs. She is starting school again after four years of not going. He has been going to the school. They are mates. Can he save her from her past and from herself? She has always had the feeling of just shifting into her wolf, going into the woods, and never looking back. The Vampire Master that had taken her wants her back, and won't stop for anything till he has her back. But wait what about her other mate? Her Second mate since she is the daughter of the Moon Goddess and the First Alpha.

Fantasy / Romance
Cora Morris
Age Rating:


Hey everyone.

Thank you for reading my story and I hope to receive comments and reviews.

Trigger warning: There are scenes in this book that will have abuse and rape. There are other mature themes in this book such as strong language and sexual scenes that may be too much or disturbing for some people.

You must be 18 and older to read.

Thank you.

Cora M.
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