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My story is about this girl named Nicole Devui she is 17 and a werewolf. Something bad happened to make her block out her wolf and survive as a human in the that world. Her mate is an alpha living his life as cruel as ever. Killing anyone he can to make the pain of no mate go away. He is cruel and heartless. Until one day they meet. What will happen with Nicole? Will they fall in love or die? Will submit every day I have off of work.

Fantasy / Romance
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Nicole POV

Hello let me start with introducing myself. My name is Nicole Devui and I'm 17 about ready to be 18. As you know I'm the daughter of parents that don't want me. They tell me all the time how much they wish I was a boy and how I should not be alive. They wanted a boy because my father is the alpha of this pack called BloodFang Reign-in pack. As I come to the age something happened that I never wanna tell anyone. At the age of 8 I was raped by my father and ended up pregnant with his child. But , he beat me and starved me until eventually I miscarried. It was the worse feeling of all time. In this life with my parents I blocked out my memories and my wolf to help keep me from ever feeling the most terrible pain. They say that when bad shit happens you got to live. They never said how though. So , as of right now I'm a maid and by that I'm also an omega. They don't ever call me their daughter or child. They call me other words and never let anyone forget it. So for right now I can't wait to have my mate because he is the only one I can count on.

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