My Hot Brother

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When youre alone with your brother for the week what do you do?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

I can’t lie when people say that my brother is cute. He’s hot and he knows it. I kinda have a crush on him. He’s only two years older than me. I’m in my room watching porn when he walks in.
" Do you want to do that. Like right now. ” Kai asks
I look at him and say ” but mom and dad are still here”.
" Nope. They just left.” He says crawling onto my bed. I look into his deep ocean blue eyes and nod my head.
" Ok. I say. ”
“Good” he says licking his lips. I put my laptop down and wrap my arms around his neck. He kisses me softly at first going slow. I let out a small moan and he kisses me harder. He pushes me down so I am lying flat on my back. I pull his shirt off and run my hands all over his back. He sits up and takes my shirt off. He leans down ad kisses my tits through my bra. He sits me up so he can undo the clasp. He kisses my tits and then sucks on them. I run my hands through his blonde hair. He licks down my stomach and then goes back up stopping at my neck and kissing it.
" Anya since when do you make me so fucking hard. ” Kai ask against my stomach. I laugh and shrug my shoulders. He pulls down my pants and then flips us over. I pull down his pants. Through his boxers I can feel his dick growing. I pull down his boxers and grab his shaft. I massage it in my hands and then lick it. I grab his balls and suck on them. He groans. From his balls I lick up and then put his dick into my mouth. I suck it, bite it,blow it a lot. He cums in my mouth and I swallow every last drop.
“Shit. That’s the most I’ve ever cum” he groans.
He flips us back over so he’s on top. He takes off my panties and starts licking my clitoris. He then takes a finger and puts them in my pussy. He pulls them out and then shoves them back in. He kisses me as he finger fucks me. I moan so loudly I’m sure the neighbors heard. I cum all over his fingers and he groans. He takes the fingers out and licks my cum off them. He then starts licking my pussy. He sticks his tongue into my pussy and I cum again.
“Damn you cummed a lot. I like it. Fuck I’m going to cum. Open your mouth. ” He says. I open my mouth and he shoves his dick into my mouth and cums. He lowers himself over me and shoves his dick into my pussy. He starts thrusting.
“Kai” I scream. He pushes and I meet his thrusts. He kisses me and I suck on his tongue. That sends him over the edge and he cums in me. He pulls out and licks my pussy again making me cum. He sits up and runs a hand through his hair. His phone rings on my night stand. He picks it up and starts talking. He hangs up and looks at me.
" That was mom and she wanted you to know that they are heading down to Cali for the week and she also said I was in charge. ” Kai says grinning at the last part.
" So that means they won’t be home at all this week.” I say matching his grin.
" Yep. Want to do it again?” He asks.
" How about downstairs. Did you put your car in the garage. ”
" Yes I did. ” He says pulling me out of bed. On the way down we close all the blinds and turn the lights off. We lock the door and the Kai picks me up....
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