My Hot Brother

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Chapter 2

... Kai carries me to the couch and sets me down. He lies down and I lie on top of him. I rub his dick​ and kiss it. I take take my tits and put his dick in between them. He starts moving his hips up and down. I suck his dick while he’s fucking my tits. He cums all over my face and mouth. I saddle his waist. I ease my pussy on to his dick. He let’s out a groan and starts thrusting. I ride his dick and kiss him.
" You’re pussy is gripping my dick so hard. Fuck I’m going to cum. ” He says. I’m about to cum. We cum together. He groans and pulls out. I climb off him and he sits up.
“Come here. ” He says gesturing to his lap. I climb up and he wraps his arms around me.
" Anya you can’t tell Mom and Dad about what we do this week.” He says looking in to my eyes. I kiss him and say ” I won’t. ”
" Good. You want some food. ” He says.
" Sure. ” I say. We walk hand in hand to the kitchen. He puts me up on the counter and starts making grilled cheese. I lay down and I hear him groan. He sticks his fingers into my pussy and starts thrusting. I let out a moan.
" Damn you turn me on so fast” he says laughing. He keeps finger fucking me. By the time the grilled cheese is done I had cum three times on his fingers. He licks his fingers and takes me off the counter. We eat and I start doing the dishes. He comes up behind me and starts kissing my neck. He spreads my legs using his knee. He grabs my hips and starts grinding on me. He finally shoves his dick into my pussy. One hand stays on my hips and the other caress my tits. He continues ramming me from behind. His balls slap against me. He takes a few steps and sits down. We continue to fuck. We cum together and it feels good. We sit on the couch and watch a movie. He has an arm around me and he kisses my neck. He moves down and sucks on my tits. I grab his dick and massage it. I suck his dick and he groans. He cums in my mouth. He lays down on the couch and I lay down my pussy in his face. We 69 and cum at the same time.
" Get on all fours. I want to fuck your​ ass. ” He says. I get on my hands and knees. He comes behind me and sticks his shaft into my asshole.
" God. You’re ass is tight. ” He says while thrusting harder.
" Fuck.” He groans as he cums. The sun sets and we head up to the shower...

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