My Hot Brother

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Chapter 3

... We get into the shower and he washes my body. I wash his in return. He kisses me and pushes me against the shower wall. I wrap my legs around his waist and keep kissing him. He bites my neck and rubs my tits. Our tongues dance and then his mouth leaves mine. He licks my neck and sucks on my tits. He moves his hand and grabs his dick. He moves it around my pussy teasing me.
" What do you want” he asks.
" I want you to fuck me. ” I scream. He smirks and shoves his dick into my pussy. He thrust slow still trying to tease me. I let out a loud groan. He starts thrusting harder. I’m bouncing all over him. He sucks and licks my tits as he continues ramming into me. He groans he fucks me faster. He thrust hard one last time and fills me. He pulls out and turns me around. He pushes back in and thrusts again. His balls slap against my legs.
" Cum for me Baby. Cum right on my dick. ” He says. I cum hard and go limp. He cums and holds me close. We climb out of the shower and and dry off. It’s about 9 o’clock and we get into bed. I lay down and he lays on top of me. He licks my stomach. He goes down to my pussy. I arch my back as he starts licking it. I moan and he sticks his tongue into my pussy. He licks inside and I cum on his tongue. He pulls his tongue out. He kisses me and I can taste my self. He gets off me and I lay on my side. He wraps an arm around me. He right behind me and his head is against my shoulder. He puts his dick into me.
" God. I can have sex with you everyday and every hour. ” Kai says kissing my neck. He thrust harder.
" Shit. I love it when your pussy grips my dick. ” He says. He thrust faster and he cums. He pulls out an in lays on his back. I get over him and lick his stomach. I lick down to his dick. I rub it a little bit and kiss it. I suck on his balls and then kiss my way up to his dick. I lick it and then suck on it.
" Fuck keep going. Fuck me harder. ” He groans. I pound his dick. I feel his veins pop out and few more hard thrust he cums into my mouth. I swallow every drop. We lay on our side facing each other.
" Kai. I love you. ” I say.
" I love you too baby”. He says.
" Do you want to fuck all day tomorrow? ” I ask.
" Mmm. Of course. ” He says closing his eyes. He wraps an arm around me and pulls me close I rest my head on his chest and fall asleep...

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