My Hot Brother

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Chapter 4

... I never meant to fall in love with my brother Kai. It just happened​ in one day. I wake up and look over to Kai. He is asleep and snoring softly. I take the chance to study him. His blonde hair is falling a little short of his eyes. He has dark eyelashes​ and freckles on his nose. His shoulders are wide but muscular. He has muscle bulging from his arms. His chest is hard and he has a lot of abs. He must sense me watching him because he opens his eyes. A smirk forms on his lips.
" Well good morning baby. ” He says wrapping an arm around me. I smile and lean over to kiss him. He pulls me over him and kisses me harder. He flips us over and pushes himself up over me.
" How about a morning fuck?” He asks.
" Mmm. I would love that.” I say running my hands down his chest. He kisses me on the neck and licks my stomach. He kisses my tits and sucks on them. I moan. He leaves a trail of kisses down to my pussy. He starts licking it looking up at me occasionally. I cum on his face and he groans. He sticks his fingers into my pussy and starts thrusting. I moan louder the faster he goes. I finally cum on his fingers and he licks them. He gets back over me and gently pushes his dick into my pussy. His cock slowly starts thrusting into me. I let out a a pleasure​able sigh. He thrust harder and sucks on my tits some more. He rams his shaft faster and faster. He groans really loudly and fucks even faster. With one last hard push he cums. He lays on top of me for a few seconds catching his breath. Then he lays on his back and I get over him. I massage his dick and he closes his eyes. I suck on his balls. I kiss up to his dick and lick it a little bit. A soft groan comes from him but his eyes are still closed. I take his dick into my mouth and suck it.
" Fuck. This is great. ” He whispers. I continue sucking him. Not to long after he cums and I swallow it all. I lay next to him and his eyes are still closed.
" Kai, you good? ” I ask.
" Yeah, I was just thinking about how much I love you. Like more than a sister. I was also thinking about how wrong this could be. ” He says opening his eyes and looking at me.
" I love you too. And we will find a way to make it work. ” I say. We watch a movie for a little bit. Then we go down to the kitchen for breakfast. He holds my hand as we eat. He does the dishes and I clean the table. He lays on the couch and I come up behind him. He looks up at me and smiles. I lean down and kiss his lips. I come around and lay on top of him. We kiss for a little bit. He groans when I push my tongue into his mouth. He runs his hands up and down my body. They stop at my tits. He rubs them as he continues to kiss me. He gets onto his side and I lay on my side in for the of him. He lifts one of my legs up and eases his dick into my pussy. His hands stay on my tits. He thrust slowly,kissing my neck. He goes faster and I moan. He thrusts one last time and then cums.
" I really hate to say this but I have to go to work. So I need to get ready. ” Kai says sitting up. He works at the front desk at a local gym.
" Ok.” I say. He gets showered​ and his pants on. He puts on his blue button down shirt. I come into his room as he is starting to button the buttons. I come up to him and button his shirt for him.
" Thanks. I love you. ” He whispers. I stand on my tip toes and kiss him. He has his shoes on so it makes him a little bit taller. I walk with him to the garage door and hand him his backpack. He cups my face and kisses me.
" Bye beautiful. See you tonight. ” He says.
" Bye, Kai. ” I say smiling. I wave to him as he gets into his car...

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