My Hot Brother

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Chapter 5

... All day I think about Kai. I masturbate after lunch. At about 4, I hear the garage open and then his car lock. I come down the stairs as he’s coming in the door. He sees me, sets his keys and bag down and smiles.
" There’s the person responsible for my erection the whole day. ” He says.
" Hey. I missed you too. I masturbated so hard in my room after lunch. ” I say. He walks over to me and picks me off the stairs. He kisses me gently.
" Mmm. That’s what I was missing. ” He says against my lips. He pushes his tongue gently into my mouth. I push him against the wall and continue kissing him. We make out for a solid three minutes. I drop to my knees and unbutton his pants. I unzip the zipper and pull down his pants. Sure enough his cock was sticking far out, straining against his boxers. I pull his boxers down and kiss his dick. He let’s out a soft groan. I stick the whole thing in my mouth and suck. He puts a hand on my head and pushes his dick deeper.
" Shit. This is what I’ve been wanting since I left this morning.” He says fucking my face harder. He pushes one last time and he leans his head back and cums. He let’s out a loud groan as I swallow his cum. He steps out of his pants and picks me up. He carries me to the indoor pool deck. He sets me down on one of the chairs and looks at me. He unbuttons his shirt and takes it off. He sits me up and unzips my dress. He kisses me as he lowers himself onto me. He leaves my mouth and sucks my tits. He bites them and sticks a finger into my pussy. He thrust them slow at first and then faster. He caresses my tits as I cum on his fingers. He gently pushes his dick into my pussy. He let’s out a sigh and just sits there with his dick in but not thrusting. He starts thrusting slowly. I moan quietly and run my hands through his hair. He thrust faster and I whisper his name into his ear. My pussy clamps down on his dick and I cum. He keeps fucking me and I scream his name. He pushes really hard one last time and cums a whole lot. He panting but he still picks me up and keeps thrusting. He cums again and then walks us over to the edge of the pool, pulls out and drops me in the water. He comes in after me wrapping an arm around.
" How do you feel? ” I ask him. He smiles and says.
" Like a 20 year old who is deeply in love with his 18 year old sister.” I laugh and kiss him. He puts me on my back so I’m floating. He puts his hand on my back to keep me floating. He kisses down my stomach. He licks my tits and then keeps kissing down to my waist. He kisses back to my neck. I sit up and wrap my arms around his neck. I kiss him on the lips. I bite his bottom lip and sick on it. He cups my face and kisses me harder.
" God. Your fucking gorgeous. ” He says kissing my forehead. I kiss him harder pushing him against the pool wall. I wrap my leg around his waist and he sticks his dick in. He fucks me hard in the water and we cum together. I get out of the pool and lay on the edge​ and I spread my legs. He grabs my waist and pulls me closer to his mouth and licks my pussy. I moan and arch my back as he sucks my clit. He keeps sucking and licking my pussy until I cum. He gets out and lays next me. Kai looks over to me and smiles. I climb on top of him and ease his dick into my pussy. He holds on to my waist and rock his hips ramming his shaft into me. He keeps going and cums hard. I get off him and he sits up.

" Let’s go out. You need to get out of the house”. Kai says looking at me.
" Ok.” I say. We get dressed and get into his car. We pull out the drive way and he sticks his hand out. I take it. We hold hands for ten minutes and then he brings his hand to my pants. I look at him but his eyes are on the road. He slides it down so that his hand is in my panties. He rubs my clit slowly. I start to get wet from his touch. He takes a finger and puts it in my pussy. I grip the seat. As I look at him I can tell he’s smiling. There’s this big wood that has a lake in the middle by our house. No one goes into the woods except for Kai and me. As he’s touching me he pull into the dirt path. We get out and he’s smirking. I race him to the lake and win. He kisses me hard and picks me up gripping my ass. He pulls away and sits down. I sit next to him. He unbuttons my pants and pulls them off. He takes off my panties also. He resumes rubbing my clit. I moan and arch my back. He cups my face and kisses me while he’s fucking me with his finger. He gets on top of me and I wrap my legs around his waist. I unbutton his pants and slid them off along with his under pants. He nuzzles my neck and slips into me. He kisses me hard as he rises and falls against my hips.
" Fuck me faster. ” I moan out. He rams his dick into my pussy going as fast as he can. He groaning and with one last hard push he cums in me. He pulls out it’s down. I suck on his dick and he cums again.
" Tomorrow when I’m at work call me so I can jerk off to your fucking gorgeous voice. I’ll need to cum a lot.“. He whispers into my ear. We go home and shower . we fuck in there.
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