My Hot Brother

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Chapter 7

The next day I sit on Kai's bed as I watch him get ready for the day. I blush as I catch his eye in the mirror.
" You're so damn beautiful" He whispers coming to me and leaning over me. I blush hard.

" We share the same looks so you're not too bad looking yourself." I tease back. This earns me a hard kiss.

" I dont care what mom and dad say when they get home. You're mine forever." He whispers against my lips.

" I dont care either." I grin up at him as he pulls away. He finishes getting ready and I take his hand as we go down to the door.

" Remember, call me at work so I can jerk off to that gorgeous voice over yours. " He whispers in my ear bumping his hips into me. I sigh happily and grind slowly against him.

" Yes sir" I whisper gripping his shirt. He smirks and pushes me up against the wall kissing me deeply as he continues to grind.

" Cum for me my love" He whispers as he grinds harder. I shake as I cum hard. He grins satisfied and pulls away with a wink. I pant as I watch him walk out to his car.

Later that day I call Kai.

" Mmm I've been waiting. My cock is out and throbbing and its covered in precum." He whispers and groans softly. I talk softly as I listen to him stroke and groan.

" Oh fuck angel" He growls as I guess he cums.

" I love you Kai." I say softly.

" I love you too Anya" He says and I can hear the smile in his voice.

" I'm What???" I stare at my parents in disbelif. I'm sitting on Kai's lap as my parents try to explain how I'm adopted.
" You were the daughter of a friend of ours, but they died in a crash a few months after you were born leaving you to us. We already had Kai and so we took you in and raised you as our own."
" And you didnt think to tell either of us this information?" Kai says holding on to me tightly.
" No we wanted to tell you when we thought you were ready but we sorta forgot about it." My mother says looking down.
" How do you forget that one of the children in your house is not actually yours?" I ask looking up at her.
" We just saw how well you two were bonding and it seemed like you already were brother and sister and so we decided not to share. " My dad says.
" So I can be with Kai and you guys wont be mad?" I say softly finding Kai's hand and lacing our fingers together.
" Yes you can" They smile. I look up at Kai and he has the biggest grin on his face.
" You're mine angel." He whispers burying his face in the crook of my neck. My parents go upstairs and I move to straddle his lap.
" I'm yours" I whisper happp
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