Dark Mistress

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Leera Caster has been kept inside her house for as long as she can remember. All she's ever wanted was somewhere to belong. Sick and tired of being hidden. She discovers a way to escape. Until she gets kidnapped by blood sucking vermin. Little do they know, she has the power to create a new era.

Fantasy / Romance
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"I can't love you the way you want me to. You aren't vampire-like me. You are a human man. No one in my coven will ever let me come near you if they find out. We will always be in different worlds." Ella Moon turns around, leaving Dersten with frustrated tears in ----.

"Ugh!!!!" I gave out an aggravated scream. Slamming the book closed as hard as I could, I threw it across my room.

Holding my head roughly, I cry. "Why does being different have to bring you to your doom?"

"I just want to belong, this is so cliche, I’m not typical" I sniff. Every book I've read has always outlawed people who are different. If so, what about me?

Huffing, I let go of my legs. Laying down I expand my arms into a starfish position. Tears spilled out of my eyes.

I've never been outside for too long. My parents won't let me out. They're afraid of me. They always have been. It's because I'm different. I can do things. The kind of things that scare people.

All I want is to be accepted for who I am. But how can I do that when my parents don't even want to look at me?

I jumped out of self-pity and breathed in. As soon as I breathe out I hear footsteps walking up the stairs. I started to panic.

My eyes wander frantically to all the books that are out of their hiding spots. Grabbing them quickly I put them into spots where they aren't visible anymore. I'm not allowed to have such luxuries but I do it anyway to keep myself busy.

As soon as I'm done. I sit down on a stool near my bed. Waiting patiently for my parents to open my door.

The door opens revealing my parents in a bodysuit with an oxygen tank. Never in all of my 19 years of life have I seen my parent's skin.

My father was the first to see me. He scrunches up his face with disgust. Trailing his eyes up and down my form. Starting to get uncomfortable, I glared at him.

My mother rushed up to me and slapped my left cheek with her gloved hand. "How dare you look at your father like that!! What a disgrace."

My purple eyes look up at her. I realize I've never stood up to them in my lifetime. They beat me down until I couldn't walk for a few days. What have I done in my past to deserve this?

Thinking these thoughts gives me the courage to finally speak up. I stand up from the stool. I glared at her. She backs up a little. Fear appears in her eyes.

In a calm voice, I say " I have never asked anything from you. All I ever wanted was a family to be a part of. Someone who would show me, love. "Hahahahahahahaha"

My mother laughs as if I told her the funniest thing. Her brown eyes appear crazed. "How could anyone love a monster like you?" My heart hurt at that comment. Tears appeared in my eyes. A monster? me? I may be different from my parents, but does that make me a monster? "Why would you say such a thing?" I clutch my heart.

"You killed your brother. As soon as you touched him. He decayed." My eyes go wide. "What are you talking about? I've never had a brother."

Her eyes are full of hatred. "He cared for you like he did for everyone else in his life and you killed him. He faded away like he was nothing"

My dad walks from behind my mom. He glares at me. "That is why we have kept you inside this house. So we can keep you from hurting anyone else."

I shake my head. "If that's true why haven't you killed me?"

My dad's eyes gleam with amusement. " We have tried a few tricks but we haven't had much luck."

I stumble back into my chair. Everything makes sense now. There was a rat that came into my room. I named him Farg and told him he was my friend. As soon as I touched him his body shook erratically until he dropped to the floor turning into black ashes.

I look down at my hands. I sigh. I look up at the people who ruined my life. "Okay, I get it now. It took you so long just tell me what's wrong with me." I sniffle.

My parent's eyes hold confusion. " I will find a way to kill myself but after I do something. Give me your gloves."

I walk towards my dad. He stumbles back. "Relax." He tenses me as soon as I grab his gloves I take them off. I ran to the other side of the room.

I put on the gloves but they're a little too big. I look at my mom. I threw the gloves at her. She seems to understand what I'm trying to do.

She took off her gloves and threw them at me. I'm a little happy that she did that. It was the nicest thing she has ever done for me.

"This works, right?" My mom looks at me with skepticism. She then nods. "I'm a monster" I looked at her with sadness.

Turning around I ran to the blackout windows. Hitting the ground I wince. I know some glass has been embedded into my skin and I might have tweaked a muscle but I can't afford to think about it right now.

I hear a scream "Nooo!" I get up as fast as I can. I started running into the dark woods. My body aches. All I want to do right now is sit down to take a breather but that can't happen. I have no idea where I am. I've never been outside before. But I have read enough books to know that it's night time.

I know that my parents have a car because I hear its engine turning on whenever they use it while I'm reading. So, I've got to be careful of running toward the road.

I run past trees, jump over tree roots. I started to pant very hard. I have never been in an open space like the woods so this is very difficult for me.

Don't give up. You are out of that life right now. Worry about breathing after you get out of this mess.

Two hours later-

Sweat runs down my face into my eyes, my plain dress soaked, my body feels like I'm going to kick the bucket... very soon. I stopped running. I huff and puff. I have reached my limit. I get down to the ground. I lay on my back trying to catch my breath.

I'm thirsty, I need to drink water very soon or it isn't going to end well for me. 30 minutes later I tried to catch my breath.

I got up. I spin around slowly taking in my surroundings. It's just the woods. No houses, no stores, no people.

What am I going to do? I ran my gloved hand in my hair. I breathe out. "It's okay, you can do this". I go in a direction opposite from where I came.

Where am I headed? I don't know but I got to go somewhere far away. Right now, however, I need water.

As I'm walking towards God knows where I hear howls. I halted all of my movements. I don't remember what animal that is but I need to find a safe place.

I start to walk at a fast pace looking around for a safe enough spot for a hideout.

"Hahaha," laughter? I crouch down and crawl behind a tree trunk. I try to pinpoint that laugh.

Sooner or later I discover houses. What are these houses doing here in the middle of nowhere? But then I realized that I also have lived nowhere. So, I probably shouldn't judge. "Hahaha" Hearing laughter again. It comes to my attention that a beautiful red-haired woman is laughing next to a gigantic hazelnut wolf. She's nodding at it as if it was talking to her.

Furrowing my eyebrows wondering what she's doing until I realize that she isn't the only one next to a wolf. There are other people standing with wolves. Women, men, children. They're all talking to wolves.

"What the?" I whisper to myself. One of the wolves' ears twitched. Then it growls in the woods where I'm at.

My breathing stopped. I quickly stop peeping. Shutting my eyes closed tightly. Shaking my head at myself for my stupidity. I look back at the wolf who heard me.

The hazelnut wolf's golden-green eyes lock into my scared gaze. Knowing that it spotted me I turned around and started running as fast as I could. A threatening growl interrupts the peaceful atmosphere and heavy paws hit the ground. Meaning that I'm being chased.

I scream when I get tackled to the ground. Breathing heavily I glanced over my shoulder since I got knocked down on my chest.

The wolf bares its long canines at me. I clench my jaw with tears in my eyes. It gets closer to my neck. It seems like it's going to bite my throat.

I thought about using my powers but I might die from this which was the whole point of escaping.

But if anybody touches my skin they will die. As soon as I realized this I opened my mouth to tell the wolf. I doubt it's going to listen to me but it's worth a try.

It didn't get to that part though because a black wolf crashed into the hazelnut wolf.

I gasp. The black wolf goes for its neck but hazelnut defends itself by dodging its advances.

After a few minutes, they stop fighting and just stare at each other. Is this what a fight is? Hazelnut glances at me until the black wolf growls at it.

Why is this wolf so protective of me? I struggle to get on my feet. I somehow found strength. I look at the black wolf. "Umm, thank you" His black eyes stare straight at me. It's as if he's my puppeteer. Pulling the strings of my fate as well as my attention. I shake my head vigorously to get him out of my mind.

Hazelnut growls at me. I had enough of it and glared at him. I feel the heat in my eyes.

Hazelnut and Black Wolf appear to be stupefied. " I have a feeling that you aren't regular wolves". I have yet again been met with their dumbfounded expressions.

"Hazelnut, I'm sorry for intruding into what I think is your pack but I have to leave". The hazelnut wolf obviously didn't like what I said.

His response is to growl. "Is that all you know how to do?" I am a little irritated. It seems like it wasn't an ordinary growl. I think it was a call for more troops due to more wolves joining.

Hazelnut nods his head at me and his troops walk threateningly toward me. I don't like this. I'm not the only one who doesn't like my situation. Black wolf pounces right in front of me growling viciously at the other wolves.

My eyes wildly look around me. What am I going to do? An idea came to me. I slowly head to Black Wolf. "Hey" he doesn't face me. He's still holding his stance, but I know he can hear me. "Let me hop on your back. I have an idea".

At that, he turns his head to me. Before he can react I jump on his back. One of the other wolves charges at us. I look into its eyes as it's ready to sink its teeth into the black wolf. I felt anger flow through my body. How dare it attack my wolf.

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