Zenora, The Dragon's Fury

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I, Ayinthur, the obsidian dragon, am happy to have found the Chosen one. This means that Zenora will be balanced again, as all of the ancient abilities have been awoken by her. So far, Emily managed to enhance both the Human’s and Elven’ race, but could she do that to my race as well? I know that they don’t consider ‘the dragons’ to be a race able to enhance. Still, I do know that the Goddess does count us in. But ever since Emily has given up her dragon’s powers to heal me, I’m not sure how this is going to happen. I should have never let down my guard, because as a result of which, that dreadful Victoria managed to capture me. So, it is all my fault that my race can’t accept any enhancement any more. Ever since the war at the castle ended, I have been hiding in the mountains. Ashamed for my fellow, few alive, dragon relatives.

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1. Hocus Pocus

Author's note:

This book is not a stand alone. If you want to understand all of the characters and storyline, please start with reading my first book. ZENORA

For all my other readers:

Thanks for tuning in again, to follow Emily and her loved ones, once again!


Brock’s point of view:

“Aaaahhhhh!” Emily screamed her lungs out, when one of her contractions came out stronger than the one before.

“Just breath love, I know you can do it. Just stay calm.” I calmly replied.

“I’ll breathe fucking fire, if you tell me one more time to stay calm! Don’t think that I’m not capable of that, because right now my whole body is burning!

I smiled, knowing that she actually wasn’t capable of that anymore. As she gave away the dragon’s power, to heal Ayinthur.

“This is all your fault Brock! For fuck sake, get Nicolai here and let him pull the babies out, using a shield or something!” She yelled to me, and I chuckled. I’ve never seen her this angry before, besides the time when she turned into a dragon that is.

The war felt like it happened ages ago, but it had only been a little over six months since our victory. She had been training her apprentices fiercely, but never tapped into her mage’s or warrior’s powers again. She didn’t like the way it makes her feel. Sure, she liked the fighting skills she had, but the raw destructive thoughts that came along with the warrior, or the devastating spells from the mage, weren’t her own. She told me, that she didn’t feel like those powers belonged to her in the first place, and that she was happy when Cirilya said that they would be transferred to her offspring.

I could understand, what she meant by the destructive thoughts of the warrior. I’m a warrior myself, so I have been experiencing those same thoughts, but never thought of them as bad things. I wasn’t appalled by the idea of slitting someone’s throat or breaking their bones, but she did. I guess that’s why she likes the hunter’s bow, it is ranged, so no close combat is needed unless an enemy broke through the defences.

Cirilya and Anna pointed for me to go outside the room, and Natalya came rushing inside now with a pile of clean towels and a bowl of hot water.

These four woman were inseparable, only Cirilya left the castle every now and then, to catch up with her druid trainings, but the others stayed with Emily almost day and night. Especially when she came close to her due date. And now that she was in labour, nothing had to stood in their way, or they would suffer the consequences.

I left the Queen’s chambers, which became our bedroom after we won the war.

Emily’s point of view:

This twin is going to hear, till the end of days, how much pain they are causing me right now! I know I’m an animal doctor, and I know how this works. Nevertheless, no single book or explanation could have prepared me, for the pain that a woman must go through when delivering her baby! Let alone two! For the Goddess sake, I have to go through this pain twice!

“Aaahhhh! Motherfu…”

“You can do it Mills! Now, push out those nephews for me!” Anna said to me.

I smiled on the inside, she was certain they were boys, ever since she came to know that I was pregnant with them. No matter what they were, I would love them to pieces. But I’m not the only one who is going to love them, sure Brock will love them, but also my dad, and all of our other friends. They were not going to lack attention from any of them, and there couldn’t be any better situation or time, for them to be born.

It is just plain perfect...

“Motherfucker, fucking hell! Aaaaahhhh!!”

…. Besides the pain that is.

I could feel the first baby, getting lower in my abdomen, and the pain and contractions came faster by the minute. A red, fiery glow appeared around my belly, and the flesh of my vagina began to burn.

“I can see the baby’s head! Now keep pushing!” Cirilya said, while standing in between my legs, ready to catch my first born.

I couldn’t be happier, than for these three woman to be by my side. Brock didn’t want to be in here himself, as he said that he couldn’t handle it, to see me in pain. But I knew better… the softy in him would probably pass out, if he saw how a baby would come out of me.

“Aahhh!!! Hnnn!!” I held my knees up with my hands, and pushed with all the energy I had. The fiery red glow around my belly, followed downwards, guided by the motion of the first baby.

“I told you they would be boys!” Anna screamed, when the first of my wonders came out. Cirilya quickly put the baby boy on my chest, and Nataly put a warm clean towel around his body.

I was mesmerized by the look of my beautiful son. His hair was dark and sticky, and his little body was covered in blood and grime, but I could see through all of that. He screamed just once, to fill his tiny lungs with air for the first time. But when he realized, he was in his mother’s arms, he instantly stopped crying and opened his eyes. His gorgeous large eyes looked at me, and I was astonished by the glistening red coloured irises. His calm character already showed, and I could do nothing but smile and cry.

“He will be a powerful mage.” Cirilya said and I nodded.

“What’s his name?” Anna asked me.

“Kaden. His name will be Kaden.”

They let Brock in, after Kaden was clean and wrapped up in a baby blanket. I could see Brock’s smile, when he carried this tiny version of himself, carefully cradled in his big muscled arms.

Brock’s point of view:

I had given Emily a kiss on her head, and when round two was about to start I left the room again, still carrying my first born son.

Outside of the room, in the hallway, stood my father-in-law, the King. He has been pacing the halls, just like me, waiting anxiously for his grandchildren to be born.

“Aron, do you want to see your first grand-son?”

I didn’t have to ask him twice, he ran over to me and we both looked at the tiny boy in awe.

Emily’s point of view:

I didn’t have to push much to get my second son out of my belly, but it still hurt like hell though.

In contradiction to his calm brother, my second son was wild and cried fiercely, and I was slightly surprised when his eyes weren’t red. He looked exactly like Kaden, every feature of his face looked just the same as his. So, they must be an identical twin right? So, why was he not a mage then also?

He might not have red eyes, so no mage powers, but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t powerful. In fact, he will be the strongest warrior I have ever seen! Because his eyes were just as stunning as his brother’s, not red, but with yellow, golden irises.

“Hi there Tyler.” I said to my second son, as he kept crying.

Suddenly I heard screams and yells outside of the room. Natalya and Anna ran towards the door. I was afraid for a second, is there something wrong with Kaden?

“Where is my son!” I heard Brock yell.

I gasped, not because of what Brock was yelling, but because of what was happening to me. The crying of Tyler had stopped, and I felt this slight increase of weight on my arms. A warm and happy feeling rose through my body, as I looked down at what just happened. Cirilya still stood in the room with me, and chuckled. I guess the brothers couldn’t go long without each other, or their mother.

I had Tyler in my left arm, and…

…Kaden had teleported himself into my right arm.

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