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Sometimes life seems impossible. It can seem this way for a variety of reasons, young or old, male or female or inbetween, it doesn’t matter. For all of us life is complicated and messy in one way or another. But for me life is fucking COMPLICATED. It’s never a simple story, but for me it’s a little extra. I Raven Luner Hail live an average life for the most part, well lived, an average life at least until I was sixteen years of age. That’s when shit hit the fan.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter One: Before

Under the cherry tree, with the cherry buds blooming, and cherry blossoms fluttering around. There was never a calmer place for me to be. I laid down on the soft green grass and closed my eyes tight, the sun burning a bright red onto my eyelids. Upon an exhale I felt something prickly poking into my body all around me. My eyes flung open and I was met with a sight unlike any other.

Red sky stared back at me, the cherry tree I was under was now a giant rose tree, rose petals rapidly descended to the ground and the harsh winds whipped across my face, stinging. The warmth of the sun was replaced by the bitter cold as the now golden grass poked and prodded at my body. I stood up quickly, my back to the tree only to feel a thorn rip through the skin of my back, causing me to shout out in pain.

The Cold made it hard for me to breathe, each breath shakier, the feeling of suffocation enveloping my entire being. Each intake gets sharper, quicker, and more shallow. I could feel myself beginning to be encompassed by roses as they fell and I reached out for anything to save me from the thorns.

That’s when I felt it, the feeling of inevitability, but that’s when everything stopped and I saw her. A glowing figure off on the horizon, she stood facing the other direction, watching the sun set. Large wings sprouted from her back, and in one swift motion, she was no longer bound to the ground. The glow seemed to follow her as she soared upwards. Her wings were something to behold, the large white wings looked as if they had been painted with roses and the sharp claws at the end were brushed a golden. Before long though she came slowly fluttering back to the ground.

For a moment I forgot about the situation I was in, the suffocation, and the cuts as my breath caught in my throat at the sight ahead of me. I slowly began to walk towards the woman, the roses dropping around me as I moved, closer and closer to the beauty that she was; staying as quiet as I could to not disturb her.

Suddenly she turned to me, her golden hair swaying with the movement of her head and her blue eyes shining in the dimming light. She smiled at me, a look passed across her face, but before I could say a word she flew up into the air with one swoop, causing me to stumble and fall due to the recoil. I looked up to see her morph into a new shape, but couldn’t figure out what it was as she flew further away. I wanted to yell out to her, beg her to wait, ask her who she was, so I tried. My voice rang out, but when I blinked my feet were on the soft green grass and a person was grabbing me. I looked down to see an intense decline mere inches from where I was standing. I then heard the familiar voice which belonged to the pair of arms wrapping around me.

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