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Lex is a Werewolf struggling to hide her true nature. She is the true heir to rule the supernatural kingdom, though after her parents faithful disappearance she decides that hiding is for the best. Lex knows it's almost impossible to let go of herself, but she tried as much as she can to be a normal wolf. So she declares herself a rogue. Ares, is the alpha to BloodBorne pack. Being alpha to the most dangerous pack he has no choice but to be fierce and cold. So when his mate crosses his territory as a rogue he has no choice but to take repercussions. But what happens when for the first time in forever, he finds himself submitting to a wolf.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Sitting under the star-lit sky reminds me of the dark past that swallow me whole. But then again I cant help but be fascinated by the fact that the sky can look down upon us, while it's like her children(the stars) laugh at our misfortune. Me and my little brother are sitting here crouched in the trees, the white fir of our wolves sticking out pure as day. We silently move forward, an attempt to get out of the packs territory. Silent but deadly. That's what we are, leonard or leo, my eight year old brother, has white fur with black spots, while I promptly have all white fur, except the red that highlights my tail.

Me and my brother are the last known heir of the super natural kingdom. We tend to hide our scent. As the rightful princess and prince of the Supernatural(SN) we have unusual powers. I have three, and leo has two.

I can, 1. Teleport(only to visible places), 2. Telekinesis(move and shape anything with my mind), 3. Hypnotism(only through singing, I can turn it on and off, like a light switch). Singing is my hobby.

Leo can, 1. See the future(through tiny visions), 2. Draw invisible barriers with his mind( make invisible shields and draw in the air like a canvas). Painting is his hobby.

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