Triplets In The Moonlight

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Triplets Winder, Bloodlynn, and Twilight have been on their own since they were one. They are a species called Unlassifieds and even though they are powerful and extremely dangerous they are in a constant fight to not be taken by the Night Crawlers who want to drain all of their blood and take their powers. They think that they are the last Unclassified alive but once they find more teenagers like them they begin to realize that maybe they aren’t as alone as they think. Can they work together and beat the Night Crawlers or will everything fall apart before they can even fight the King of Night City?

Fantasy / Action
Becca Cadle
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When the triplets were one their parents abandoned them by throwing them out of a car. They were on the outskirts of a forest. They were all crying because they were hurt. Winder was the first to stop crying so he stood up, they could walk when they were one, he looked down at his sisters who were in pain. He moved his arm to try and comfort them like their mom used to do but when he moved his arm a sharp shooting pain seized throughout his whole body. He screamed in pain and dropped to the ground. He moved closer to his sisters and after they both stopped crying all three of them sat there in silence scared to move. Little did they know that there was someone who had watched the whole thing.

It was a kid. The kid wanted to help but didn't know-how. He started to move closer to them but didn't know if seeing him would scare the kids more. He stopped and waited silently in a tree until the kids fell asleep. Once they did he climbed down to the ground and ran over to the three children. When he got in front of them he realized that they didn't look like normal kids. They all had short hair but it wasn't like anyone’s hair that he had ever seen. The boy’s hair was black with green streaks in it, the girl that was sitting next to him had black hair with red streaks in it and the one that was laying on both of them had black hair with blue streaks in it. He ignored their hair and grabbed the little boy’s hand he focused on the boy's arm healing and it did. He then healed the two girls one by one. Before he could finish healing the girl with black and red hair she started to move. She opened her eyes and looked at him. Her eyes were black with red flakes in them and he could see the fear and confusion in her eyes. She looked down at his hand that was holding hers and watched as the scratches on her arms started to disappear. She looked up at him and whispered "Thank you." before he let go and ran off into the woods again.

When Blood had opened her eyes she saw a boy that looked around 3 years old looking back at her. She saw the scratches on her arm heal and whispered thank you to him before he ran off into the woods. After a while, Twilight and Winder started to wake up. Once they noticed that their wounds were healed they stood up and started to walk into the woods behind them. Blood was looking for the little boy who healed them but didn't tell her siblings that. Once they had been walking for a while they came across the barrier to enter Unclassified City. Before they could cross that barrier a little boy ran in front of them and blocked their path. It wasn't the same little boy from before this one looked just a year older than them. He had black hair and emerald green eyes. Winder pushed passed him and Blood and Twilight followed their brother.

Blood was about to cross the barrier when the little green-eyed boy ran in front of her. She tried to stop but ran into him he fell backward and through the barrier. Once he crossed four other kids ran and tried to grab him but ended up crossing the barrier. Blood waited for them to come over to her and push her back but before they could 3 adults in military gear ran over and grabbed them. The one with the green-eyed boy stopped and looked at Blood. Blood realized that the green-eyed boy was stopping them from going over there so that they didn't get taken. Blood wanted to run over and help him but the person holding him, and the little boy that had healed her before, was gone in a split second. Blood, Winder, and Twilight kept walking for the rest of their lives and never once went back to that place. They are sixteen now and live in an abandoned house in a village of humans. They forgot about all of those kids that had saved them before Blood forgot she hoped she would meet them again someday.

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