Triplets In The Moonlight

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Chapter 2: Winder's Point of View

I was about to argue that Blood should come with us, but I knew I could not change her mind. I ran deep into the forest but just far enough from Blood so that I could still hear what was going on. The ground was wet from the rainstorm we just had which made it easier for me to get away from the Night Crawlers without them hearing where we went. We were surrounded by pine trees and the smell of rain still hung in the air.

I heard Blood fighting. As far as I could tell she was winning, but just then Twilight started to wake up.

“What happened?” Twilight asked as she sat up and held her head. “Why does my head hurt so much? And why is my shirt soaked?”

“Well, you tripped and fell to the ground then hit your head on a rock which knocked you out, and your shirt is wet because the ground is wet,” I told her, but right as she was about to respond I shushed her.

“What? Why are you shushing me?” She asked as she stood up.

“Do you hear that?” I asked

“No, I don’t hear anything.” She said looking at me like I just escaped from a mental institution and was talking to ghosts.

“Exactly! Blood was fighting some Night Crawlers and I could hear what was happening. But now everything is silent!” I said. Before Twilight could think of why that was bad I grabbed her wrist and ran to where Blood had been fighting.

“Der’mo, oni vzyali yeye! (Shit, they took her.)” I screamed when I saw that Blood was gone.

“Sledi za yazykom! (Watch your language)” Twilight yelled at me when she heard me curse.

“Sorry. I just can’t believe that I just let her do this on her own! I’m so stupid! It’s my fault that she got taken!” I said as I sat down on the ground next to a huge burn mark from where Blood probably burned some of the Night Crawlers into ash. “I am the worst brother ever,” I said as I hung my head and closed my eyes so that I couldn’t see Blood’s footprints that were below me.

“Ne smey govorit’, chto! (Don’t you dare say that) You are the best brother anyone could ever have.” Twilight said sitting down next to me.

“No, I am not. I didn’t try to convince her to come with us.” I said quietly.

“There is nothing you could have said that could have gotten her to come with us,” Twilight said.

“I know but I could have at least stayed and helped her,” I told Twilight as I looked up at her. “ I could have helped her fight.”

When I looked into Twilight’s eyes I saw the hurt in them. I didn’t know whether that was from her headache or the fact that I lost Blood but no matter what it was from I still couldn’t hold her gaze for longer than a couple of seconds. So I looked back down at the ground and looked directly at one Blood’s footprints.

“True you could have done that. You and her fighting together, I don’t think anyone could beat you two.” She said. I could tell she was smiling from the sound of her voice. I couldn’t tell if it was a fake smile or a genuine one unless I looked at her, but I couldn’t bring myself to look at her and see the hurt in her eyes again.

“Blagodaryu vas. (Gee thanks) That makes me feel a lot better.” I said as I closed my eyes trying to hold back the tears that were threatening to fall.

“Let me finish. If you had done that, one of the Night Crawlers could have gotten to me and taken me back to Night City. Then you and Blood would never forgive yourselves.” Twilight said lifting my head up so I would look at her.

“That could have happened, but we would protect you,” I said quickly looking away from her so she didn’t see the tears that were threatening to fall from my eyes.

“Okay. Let's say you guys protect me until I wake up. I would most likely run away and hide, but the Night Crawler would get you guys.” Twilight said grabbing my face and forcing me to look her in the eyes.

When I looked at her I felt a tear escape my eye and roll down my cheek. Twilight pretended not to notice but I felt her hands grow cold and the tear turned to ice and dropped to the ground. I heard it shatter when it reached the ground and even though I couldn’t see it, I knew that it had landed on top of the footprint I had been staring at.

“Why would they get us just because you ran away,” I asked as I grabbed her wrists and removed her hands from my face so that I could turn away if I felt another tear was going to escape.

“They would get you guys because you guys would look back to see if I got away and was alright. Then they would knock you two out and take you guys. Then you guys would hate yourselves for leaving me out here alone.” She said not moving her hands from where I had placed them. Instead, she wrapped her cold hands around mine which caused me to look directly at her.

The hurt in her eyes was gone and was replaced by something that I usually loved to see in her eyes, hope. But at this moment I could not bear to see her with so much hope that I could save Blood when I didn’t even know if I could get to where she was without putting Twilight in danger or getting both of us captured in the process

“What are you trying to say,” I asked, turning away from her again but still letting her cold hands stay wrapped around my hands. I fell her take the warmth from my hands to warm her own.

“I am saying that this is at least one of the best solutions we have. At least this way you and Blood do not have to worry about me. The only other good solution would have been if you got taken. And it may actually be a good thing that Blood was taken.” She said.

“Okay you have a point, but why is it a good thing that Blood was taken,” I asked looking back at her and feeling her hands become warmer and mine become colder till they were the same temperature.

“It is a good thing that Blood was taken because she will annoy the guards until they have to let her go so that they stop getting headaches,” Twilight said smiling. I could tell that this was a genuine smile. Looking at her when she smiled always brings a smile to my face and even now I could feel a small smile start to form.

“True,” I said as I began laughing at the fact that Blood would be annoying the guards the entire time that they would not have a chance to even get near her without getting a bad headache.

“Now let’s go,” Twilight said standing up and letting go of my hands which oddly made them feel colder rather than warmer even though her hands had been colder than it was outside.

“Go? Go where?” I asked her as I stood up and put my hands in my pockets to warm them up more.

“Where do you think?” She asked as she walked over to a red and black thing that was in the last place I had seen Blood. She picked it up and turned around to face me. I realized that it was the bag that had all of Blood’s belongings in it.

Twilight and I had one exactly like it but mine was green and Twilight’s was blue. Blood had put designs on hers with black paint. She was going to do it to mine and Twilight’s when we got to the new house and I was going to make sure that she got to do that.

“I don’t know,” I answered.

“To go get Blood, you idiot. Now come on.” Before I could say anything she grabbed my wrist and super sped away. I couldn’t see exactly where we were going but I hoped that Twilight was going to the right place.

I didn’t know where she was taking me. Then I saw the sign that I promised myself I would never have to see again in my life. It read “Now Entering Night City.”

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