Triplets In The Moonlight

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Chapter 3: Twilight's Point of View

I stopped in front of the sign that read “ Now Entering Night City”. I looked back at Winder and saw his face go blank. There was no emotion in it, the only other time that I saw it like that is whenever we talk about our parents. Even though they did abandon us it was to save us from the Night Crawlers.

“Come on, Winder there is no reason to make that face,” I said in a serious voice as I put my hands on my hips.

“No reason. No reason! I promised myself and you guys that we would never have to see that stupid sign ever again! Yet here we are! So do not tell me that there is no reason to make this face.” He yelled at me. His face was full of emotion now but not any emotion that was good.

I could see the anger in his eyes, he reminded me of our father when he used to get mad at Winder, Blood, and I, to be honest, it scared me.

“Okay. You’re right, you do have a reason to make that face just don’t be mad.” I said taking a small step backward toward the sign and looking at the ground.

“Why shouldn't I be mad! You brought me here without even telling me where the hell we were going!” He yelled. This time I took one big step backward, looking behind me to make sure I didn’t run into the sign.

“Winder stop yelling,” I said as I put my hands in front of me trying to silently tell him to stop and stay where he was.

“You brought me here even though you knew that I never wanted to see this place again!” He yelled ignoring me telling him to stop, as he started to walk toward me. I took one more big step backward and my back hit the sign, I decided that I had to yell at him for him to listen to me and if that didn’t work then I would just have to freeze him.

“I just wanted to help Blood. That is why I brought you here, or do you not want to help her!” I yelled back at him. I saw the small flash of hurt in his eyes when I said that but it was gone just as quickly as it had come.

“I never said that! Don’t start putting words in my mouth!” He yelled back. The anger that I had seen was now stronger than ever I swear I saw actual flames in his eyes. Man if he had fire powers I would be a pile of ash by now.

I wanted him to stop yelling I just wanted to find Blood and get out of Night City. Truth is I hated this place too. I just didn’t know how to make him stop. Then I thought of it. I knew just what to say.

“Winder stop yelling you sound just like he did!” I yelled at him and taking the risk of getting closer to him but still cautious not to get too close.

“I sound just like who did!” He asked still yelling at me staying exactly where he was which was somehow scarier than him walking toward me.

“You sound just like dad!” Right when I said that Winder stopped. He stopped moving, he stopped yelling, he just stopped. There was no longer anger filling his eyes with fire, there was not even a flash of hurt, all I saw were his black and green eyes staring at mine with no hint of emotion in them what so ever. Then he turned around and ran down the road right behind him.

“Winder! Wait! I’m sorry,” I said as I ran after him. I hadn’t even noticed that it started to rain again and all I could see that told me where he went was the footprints he left behind in the mud.

After I had been following him for an hour he finally came to a halt. He stopped on the side of the road on the outskirts of the forest. He was just standing there staring at the spot in front of him where there was a puddle of water beneath a tree.

“Winder listen I’m sorry for what I said I just…” Before I could finish my sentence he interrupted me. By throwing a rock, that I hadn’t noticed he had, into the puddle splashing some water onto my face.

“Do you remember this place?” He asked continuing to stare at the puddle in front of him.

“Umm.” I looked around me, all I saw were trees, bushes, other plants, rain, and the road that we were standing on the side of. “I don’t remember it but I know that that is a forest,” I said pointing at the miles and miles of pine trees in front of us. “So that has to count for something right?” I said walking closer to him

“Yes it is a forest but this spot. There is something special about this spot.” He said pointing at the ground where he was looking.

I walked over and looked at where he was pointing. It took me a while but I finally realized what this place was.

“This is where Mom and Dad abandoned us,” I said looking up at him in shock. He was still staring at the ground.

“Yes, but do you know the story of how they abandoned us?” He asked as he looked up and met my eyes. I couldn’t tell if he was crying or if it was just the raindrops dripping from his hair and running down his face.

“Of course, you told me and Blood. Mom and Dad left us on the side of the road so that the Night Crawlers did not come after us.” I said still trying to determine whether he was crying or not.

“No. That is not the real story. I just told you guys that so that you would think highly of Mom and Dad. Blood already knows the true story but we wanted to tell you when we got to the cabin we were going to be living in. But now I guess I should probably tell you the real story. You already know that Dad liked me most right.” He said as he bent down to pick up another rock.

“Yes. He did not try to hide that.” I said also picking up a rock.

“Ya, he didn’t. When Mom and Dad were driving to this spot to drop us off we were all asleep. I woke up and asked them where we were going. They told me that we were going to drop you guys at grandmas and grandpas house. I said okay, but after a while, I asked Dad if I was going with you guys. He said, “Only if you want to but if you go, you can never see me or your mother again.” Winder said as he threw the rock. The rock flew through the air and landed what seemed to be 50 miles away. That told me that he was sad usually he throws things that light 5,000 miles.

“Wait so he made you choose between him and us,” I said as I threw the rock out of anger that they wanted Winder but not Blood and I. The rock flew what looked like 2,000 miles away. A new personal record.

“Ya like I said he always did like me better. Anyway, I told him that I was not going to leave you guys. So he said “fine, have it your way”. Then he and Mom unbuckled all of us and threw us out the car window. They didn’t even stop the car! We landed in this exact spot.” He said as he looked back down at the puddle.

“Wait why did you tell me this?” I asked as I picked up another rock and throwing it what looked like 1,000 miles. Apparently, I am stronger when I am mad.

“I told you this because it is the reason that I am so protective over you guys. The reason I blame myself if something happens to either of you. I could have stopped them from doing that but I didn’t I could have kicked or screamed. But no I just sat there and watched as they threw you guys out the window.” He said as he turned around and walked into the road to pick up another rock.

“Winder you were one just like us you couldn’t have stopped them even if you wanted to,” I said walking over to him as he threw the rock further than the last one but still not far enough to show me that he was better. He turned to me and gave me a small smile and was about to hug me. But just then a Ford F-150 came speeding around the corner the last thing I saw was a blur of blue then everything went dark.

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