Triplets In The Moonlight

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Chapter 4: Blood's Point of View

When I opened my eyes it was still dark. There was no light in whatever kind of cell I was in. I waited a couple of minutes just sitting on the cold floor for my eyes to adjust so I could see some of what was around me. I looked around to see what was in the cell with me that I could use to get out of there. There was nothing but a hole in the wall that was just big enough for someone to fit their hand through. Creepy.

I crawled closer to the hole and was going to look through it. I was expecting to see a cell that looked like mine, but before I got a chance to look through the hole a hand shot out of it.

I tried to jump back but the hand grabbed me by my neck.

“Who are you!” Yelled the person who was choking me, they had a thick Australian accent.

I tried to answer but they were holding my neck too tight. So I grabbed onto their arm and dug my nails into their wrist, luckily my nails are really sharp. I heard an ear-piercing scream then they let go of me.

I jumped backward just in case they were going to try and grab me again. I heard them move away from the hole but I couldn’t tell which way they moved. I grabbed my neck and took deep breaths.

“Chto za blyad!(What the fuck)” I screamed as I leaned against the wall across from the hole.

After a long moment of silence, I heard the person slide back to the hole.

“What does that mean?” They asked, I looked up at the hole and saw nothing but darkness on the other side.

“Why do you care? You just tried to kill me.” I said getting a little closer to the hole to try and look through to see who I was talking to.

“And you cut me, so now we’re even. Now tell me what that means. Does it mean something insulting about me?” The person asked as their voice got louder which meant they were closer to the hole probably trying to see what I looked like.

“No, it does not mean something insulting so just forget about it,” I said back as I crawled to the right side of the whole making sure to be quiet so they didn’t know where I went.

“Just tell me what it means!” The person yelled.

“Why should I tell you if I don’t even know who you are!” I yelled back as I slapped my forehead. Now they know where I am.

“Fine. My name is Averyaa Drogamir.” They said. I could tell that they were a girl. “What is your name.”

“My name is Bloodlynn Nightshadow,” I said as I got a little closer to the whole.

“I like your name, it sounds deadly,” Averyaa said as she got closer to the hole too.

“Thanks, I like your name too, it is unique,” I said.

“I think I am going to call you Lynn though.” She said.

“Why?” I asked confused because usually, people call me Blood.

“Because I have a feeling that people always call you Blood because it is the first part of your name. And like my name, I am unique.” She said. “Now what does cho za blan or whatever you said mean.”

“It is chto za blyad and it means what the fuck,” I said.

“Cool. What language is that?” She asked.

“It is…” Before I could finish my sentence we both heard someone open a door outside our cells.

“Dinner time.” She said as she got up and ran to her door.

When I looked to my right I saw that a metal door lifted to reveal yet another door. Except for this door, I could see the other side through bars. I felt like I was in jail.

“Where the hell is my food!” Avreyaa yelled.

“Here it is now, quiet or else you won’t get it” Yelled someone else.

It was weird I kind of recognized the person’s voice.

“Ahhh. I see the Night Crawlers caught another one of you stupid Unclassifieds.” Said the person.

When the person walked over to my cell I took a couple of steps backward. I knew this person.

“Mom!” I yelled.

“Oh. My little Bloodlynn they caught you. How sad.” My mom said in a flat tone.

“Great now I have to deal with the Night Crawlers and an annoying bitch,” I said walking a little closer to the bars.

“I am your mother, how dare you call me a bitch.” She yelled, throwing the tray of food in her hand at the bars. I jumped to my left and managed to avoid the food that got through the bars.

“I have a reason to call you a bitch!” I yelled back as I moved back to the middle of the bars so I was standing directly in front of her.

“What is your reason,” Averyaa asked. She was talking fast so she could say something before my mom did but because of her accent, it took me a couple of seconds to figure out what she said.

“Her and my father threw my brother, my sister, and I out of a car. Then left us on the side of the road to die. They didn’t even stop the car and they were going sixty miles per hour.” I said glaring at my Mom who rolled her eyes.

“God, you really are a bitch!” Avreyaa said.

“The only reason we are still alive is because we heal fast, if we didn’t we would be dead,” I said holding up my middle finger and making eye contact with my mom.

My mom was silent. All she did was pick up the tray that she threw at me and start to slide it through the bars. I decided to use that to my advantage. I did not know if my powers worked in this cell but I had to try. I grabbed my Mother’s wrist using my super speed. Turns out my powers still worked.

“What are you doing let go of me!” She screamed, dropping the tray she was holding in her other hand.

“You dropped my food, you bitch!” Avreyaa screamed at my mom.

“No! Now unless you want me to burn you into a pile of ash then unlock this door.” I said in a serious voice.

“No. I can’t do that. Besides you can’t burn me, that bracelet on your wrist stops you from using your powers.” She said using her free hand to try and pull her wrist out of my grip.

I looked at both of my wrists and saw there wasn’t a bracelet on either one. I smiled at her then started to burn her wrist, she screamed in pain.

“Now that you know I’m serious, open this door!” I yelled at her.

She was hesitant but she grabbed the key from her pocket and with her free hand, she unlocked the door. As soon as she unlocked the door I let go of her wrist, which now had a burn mark of my handprint on it, and kicked the door as hard as I could. It hit her right in the head and knocked her into the wall.

I made sure she was knocked out then took the key from her. I ran over to Averyaa’s door and used the key to unlock it. I could now see what she looked like.

She looked like she was my age and she had black hair with ocean blue on the underside. Her eyes were black. She was wearing a black ripped tank top, worn-out blue leggings with holes in them, and short black boots with a one-inch heel.

I broke her bracelet she was wearing so she could use her powers. I was about to leave when Avreyaa yelled at me to stop so I turned around to face her.

“What?” I asked.

“Unlock this door too.” She said pointing at the cell right next to hers.

“Why?” I asked.

“Because my brother is in there. Now unlock it.” She said.

I ran over to the other cell and unlocked it. Sure enough, there was a boy sitting in the corner. He had short black hair that was spiked up. His eyes were black with green flakes in them just like Winder’s eyes. He looked about fourteen. He was wearing a ripped white short sleeve shirt, ripped blue jeans, and gray sneakers.

“Draco!” Avreyaa yelled as her and the boy ran over to each other and hugged one another.

“Who is this?” Draco asked he also had an Australian accent.

“This is Lynn. She is the one who let us out of these stupid prison cells.” Avreyaa said as she broke the bracelet on his wrist.

“Thank you,” Draco said to me.

“Your welcome and my real name is Bloodlynn,” I said. “Now let's get out of here.”

We all ran out the door and started to run out of Night City. When we got out of Night City we slowed down a little. We were talking and I found out that Averyaa’s middle name was Rose. So I decided to call her Rose from now on.

After we had been walking for a while I heard Twilight and Winder’s voices in the distance. As we all got closer I saw them on the road. I looked over and saw a Ford coming and before I could do anything Rose already jumped into action.

Without any warning, Rose turned into a blue, black, and teal, griffin. She flew over and pushed Twilight and Winder out of the way of the Ford but they all hit a tree on the other side of the road, knocking them all out. Then the Ford stopped and ten Night Crawlers got out and started walking over to them. I had to do something.

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