Triplets In The Moonlight

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Chapter 5: Avreyaa's Point of View

After Draco, Lynn, and I got out of Night City we started talking about our lives. Although I still have a lot of secrets that I did not tell Lynn.

“Wait so that was actually your mom?” I asked Lynn as we were walking.

“Ya, but she was definitely not the best mom.” She said in her Russian accent.

Lynn was wearing a red shirt with a black skull on it, with a black leather jacket, black leggings, and black knee-high boots that had two-inch heels. I had no idea how she could run in those but she could run, and she could run fast. She had black hair with red streaks in it and her eyes were black with red flakes in them. She looked like she was my age maybe a little older.

“At least you actually knew your mom. My mom abandoned me and my sister before I even knew what she looked like.” Draco said.

“Well, maybe it is better off that you didn’t know her,” Lynn said.

“Why the hell do you say that?” Draco said a little annoyed.

“Because it’s easier to forget someone you never knew,” Lynn said with a sad look on her face.

“True,” Draco said as he nudged me a little bit telling me that I should say something to change the topic, but I wanted to ask Lynn one more thing.

“You sound like you speak from experience. Have you ever lost someone you didn’t know?” I asked as Draco looked at me like I was an idiot. I just shrugged.

“Ya actually I had a cousin I only met her once and I was pretty young, so I don’t remember her name or even what she looked like. I just feel so bad because she is my cousin and I should miss her but I don’t and I feel so bad because of that.” Lynn said.

“Hey, don’t beat yourself up over it you never really knew her enough to miss her. I am sure she wouldn’t be mad at you.” I said putting my hand on her shoulder.

“Thank... “ Lynn was about to say something but before she could she just stopped.

“Hey, you o…” I tried to ask but she covered my mouth with her hand.

“Listen.” She said taking her hand off of my mouth. I heard some people talking in the distance.

“That is them that is my brother and sister come on,” Lynn said starting to walk a little bit faster.

Once we got out of the forest we all stopped for just a millisecond. Then we noticed that Lynn’s siblings were standing in the road and there was a Ford speeding around the corner. Lynn was about to run to them but before she could I tuned into a griffin, flew over to Lynn’s siblings, and pushed them out of the way.

I managed to get them out of the way of the Ford but it has been so long since I had flone and I did not have the most graceful landing. We all hit a tree and got knocked out, but before everything went black I saw ten Night Crawlers get out of the car that almost hit Lynn’s siblings.

Then Draco turn into a green lion, which surprisingly did not shock me because I knew he could do that. What shocked me was the fact that Lynn turned into a phoenix, and flew to help Draco fight the Night Crawlers. After that everything went black.

“Hey wake up!” I heard someone yell.

I knew I should get up but I just didn’t feel like moving right now.

“Hey!” The person said again.

I still did not move.

“She is not waking up.” I heard the person say. I recognized their voice as Draco’s voice.

All of a sudden I felt someone slap me across the face. I jumped to my feet and started throwing punches at whoever slapped me. Since I had just woken up after getting knocked out I was not very strong or fast when I tried to punch. So the person blocked all of my attempts at punching them.

“Look at that she’s awake,” Lynn said as she kept blocking my punches.

“You slapped me!” I yelled as I stopped trying to punch her.

“Ya, she is awake and mad.” I heard someone say from behind me.

“Oy, zatknis’!” Lynn yelled at the person behind me.

I turned to see who she was yelling at. It was a guy, I think it was her brother.

“Chto ty budesh’ delat’, yesli ya ne sdelayu!” Lynn’s brother yelled back.

Both Draco and I looked at each other in confusion because we did not understand a single word they were saying.

“Ya ne dumayu, chto vy khotite uznat’!” Lynn yelled back at him.

“Dostatochno khorosho!” Lynn’s sister yelled at both of them.

“Otilchno.” Lynn and her brother said in unison.

“What in the hell did any of that mean?” I asked them.

“Nothing for you to worry about.” Lynn’s brother said.

“Winder be nice.” Lynn’s sister said hitting his arm.

“Wait your name is Winder?” Draco said looking at Winder weird.

“Ya. Why?” Winder asked looking at Draco like he wanted to kill him.

“I’ve just never heard that name before,” Draco said.

“What happened to us?” Lynn’s sister asked.

“You guys were almost hit by a car,” I said.

“Wait!” Winder screamed.

“What is it this time?” Lynn asked.

“This is important. What kind of car was it?” Winder asked.

“It was a Ford F-150. Why?” Draco said.

“Oh. My. God. I was almost hit by a fucking Ford!” Winder screamed.

“Ya. Does that matter?” I asked.

“Yes! It is a Ford! Fords are shit cars!

“Why do you seem like the only nice one out of all of your siblings?” I asked Lynn’s sister as I turned to face her.

“Probably because I am.” She said.

“Wow with how violent these two are I am surprised that you weren't scared to say that,” Draco said pointing at Lynn and Winder.

“First off we would never hurt her. Second off, we know that she is a whole hell of a lot nicer than us.” Winder said.

“Ya, they try to kill everyone who gets them mad and so, I have to try and stop them.” Lynn’s sister said. I really wanted to learn her name but no one has said it yet.

“Ya, keyword try,” Lynn said.

“What do you mean by that?” I asked.

“She means that Twilight is not as strong as us,” Winder said. Finally, I know her name!

The rest of the conversation I tuned out because I got lost in thought.

“Why do all of their names sound so familiar to me?” I thought in my head. “Come on Avreyaa think!” I shouted at myself in my head.

“Let's see what I can remember about them that might help me. I know their names are Bloodlynn, Winder, and Twilight. They are triplets. Their last name is Nightshadow which I recognized. Their parents abandoned them…” I thought to myself. All of a sudden I remember something.

“OH MY GOD!” I screamed out loud.

“What?” Lynn asked as everyone looked at me. I ignored all of them.

I had three cousins that I only met once when I was very young they were triplets. Their names were Bloodlynn, Winder, and Twilight. Their parents brought them to where my parents and I used to live before Draco was born.

Their parents came to let my mom and dad say goodbye to my cousins for some reason. Now I know why.

“Hello. Earth to Rose.” Lynn said.

“I figured it out!” I screamed.

“Figured what out?” Draco asked.

“Lynn I figured out who your cousin is,” I said looking at Lynn.

“You did?” Draco, Lynn, Winder, and Twilight said confused in unison.

“Yes. Your last name is Nightshadow. Right?” I asked pointing at Lynn, Twilight, and Winder.

“Ya. How did you know that?” Winder asked.

“I told her,” Lynn said.

“Also because I know who your cousin is!” I said.

“What!” Everyone yelled.

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