The Vampire King

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"Come here, kitten." The nickname he used on me always got to me, his piercing blue eyes stared into my own. They were lust blown and full of desire... desire for me. The fact he desired me sent my arousal through the the roof. I followed his order, "good kitten, now I want you to beg." My breath hitches and he smirked. "P-Please Jasper..." I wasn't good at this kind of thing. He knew this, after all, he knows everything about me. "I'll teach you." His fingers caressed my skin and I close my eyes at the sensation. "Get on the bed and I'll show you everything you need to know." Fuck, and this is why I completely desire him... ••• The world had gone into chaos the moment vampires decided they wanted to overrule humans, now we're on the brink of extinction and there's nothing we can do about it. And to make it even worse, the fucking vampire king chose me to be with him throughout it all!

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The flicking lights above me caused my brain to hurt, it was bright and obnoxious. I was laid down on a metal frame that used to be a bed frame but the metal poles stuck out and my foot kept catching onto one of the sharp edges. It was cold, yet humid in the room and I found myself breathing harshly. The walls were a creamy colour, or was it grey? My vision focused in and out of unconsciousness as I tried to keep my gaze on the wall.

What was happening?

My brain hurt after what happened and I closed my eyes tightly before I heard a muffled voice from behind me, it was quiet and feminine. “Hey you.” I wasn’t sure if the voice was directed at me but I made my best effort to turn my head to the source of the sound. “You’re the girl who defied the kings orders, right?”

I knew they were talking to me and I go to open my mouth to speak to this person but the door clicked open and high heels boomed in my head. The person who was talking to me scurried back on the concrete and whimpered quietly.

I go to move as well but find myself bound to the bed frame and panic quickly creeps inside me. What was this person going to do to me? How do I escape form here? As those questions are thought, a cold hand presses against my forehead and an excruciating pain shoots through my body.

I let out a whimper and the person let’s go. “Stop thinking, you’ve already caused so much and to make it worse you’ve pissed off the king.” Another feminine spoke but they sounded almost monotone, emotionless and cold.

In the corner of my eyes I see her move and her raven hair falls in front of her face. She had small features; a small nose, small eyes, small lips and a small face. She looks at me for a second with unreadable grey eyes before she goes some place and flicks through what I imagine to be a book.

She starts mumbling to herself and I try to wriggle my way through the resistance I was held in. Suddenly, the women stops and breathes out abruptly like she fears what’s about to happen in the next few seconds.

And that she was right.

The door bursts open and I jump in the confinements around me. “Where is she?” A harsh male voice spits and I don’t hear anything for a second before I heard loud footsteps approach me. My breathing quickens as well as my heartbeat. The man stood over me with piercing blue eyes. He was pissed for sure. “You’ve pissed the king off.” Was all he said before he shot forward and wrapped his hand around my throat.

I panic and look up at him, please God don’t let this be the last day of my life; or maybe let it be, life would be so much easier dead.

He wasn’t playing around when he applied more pressure to my throat causing me to gasp and ball my hands together to try and get out. Suddenly someone cleared their throat and the person above me retracted their hand immediately and bowed beside me.

“Victoria, what does her data say?” The other male said, why was his voice so calm and heavenly? Stop thinking before you get yourself in trouble! They can read your mind dammit!

The feminine voice from before with raven hair spoke in a hurried voice. “Well, your majesty, her name is Klaire Night. She’s 19 and her parents died from a rogue attack when she was 6. She was moved to Mr John Clever’s pet store 2 months after her parents passing before King Fray collected her a week ago and shipped her here.” Her monotone voice spoke but there was a kind of fright behind her words.

When she mentioned my parents, tears welled in my eyes. I missed them very much.

Footsteps came closer to me before a beautiful face moved in front of me. Oh God, same beautiful face I slapped less than an hour ago. Oh shit, he was the king!

I swallowed slowly and my palms began to sweat. What was he going to do to me? He remained calm and looked down at me with an unreadable face, all of them had unreadable expressions. I had no idea if he was going to kill me or not but I knew I was in trouble.

After all, I did piss of the Vampire King.

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