Dimensions Book#1 The UnderWorld

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There are portals in grannys house

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Chapter 1

I was going to my Grandma's house because my parents were going to a concert for their favorite singer. When I got there I had to give my grandma a hug I now it might not sound that bad but it was she always drools all over your shoulder. My grandma was backing cookies in the kitchen when I heard a humming noise coming from the cellar."Cookies are ready Eliot!"My grandma said running in to the living room. I ate my cookies well watching some cartoons. My grandma was taking a bath. I heard the humming noise again but decided just to ignore it grandma does weird things all the time and I think that humming might be one of then. I continued to watch cartoons tell bed time which by grandma's rules was 6:30. I awoke to a loud noise when I opened my I eyes grandma was sitting there playing her tuba."Rise and shine Eliot". I walked into the kitchen and made myself some cereal. When I was pouring the milk into my cereal I heard the humming again wondering what it was but still no curious enough to want to see what grandma was up to. I went to a abandoned tree house I saw on the drive over. When I was climbing up the ladder gave way and I went falling down with it. Lucky for me it was only a 5 foot drop. I went back to grandma's house and got a ladder from the shed. The ladder was rusty but still usable. I had about half a mile to go till I got to the tree house. The ladder made the walk there so much harder. When I finally arrived at the tree house I propped up the ladder and started the climb up. When I got to the top I walked inside it was very dark and I didn't think to pack a flash light. I decided that it was to much trouble to go all the way back for a light so I looked around in the dark. I saw a rug on the floor where I was standing and a bookshelf to my right. I decided to test if the tree house was sturdy when I jumped on that made it sound different that the other floors and it wasn't the rug. I decided to remove the rug from the floor there was nothing there. After 10 minutes I decided to go back to grandma's house when I got there I asked grandma if I could sleep in the tree house that I had found. Grandma said as I expected. I thought of a Guinness plan. I asked grandma if I could spend the night at the neighbors house. I told her the he invited me to come. She finally realized I wasn't going to stop begging till she let me go. I packed my stuff and secretly headed for the tree house. In the middle of the night I heard something that woke me up. Then I realized that what had woken me up was just the cars on the freeway. I went back to sleep. A few hours latter the ground were the rug was dispersing before I knew it I was falling into the light at the bottom.
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