The journey

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Ash has been taken at a young age tourchered and abused by rouges. Will she be able to stay free and live life with a loving mate or will she be rejected by him for having a kid with another man?

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Chapter one

I've been running for what seemed like days, Xavier is starting to cry as I stop behind a tree and look around to make sure nobody is around. There's nobody in sight just a really beautiful forest . As I scotch down the tree, I look into his breath taking shamrock green eyes and coo him back to sleep. I've already ran 3 states over I think that should be enough running for now I need to find a place to stay it's going to rain soon.

'Hazel we need to stop and find a place to go we can't risk our pup getting sick it's going to rain' ash says getting worried.

'I know ash I'm worried too. But we are going to need different names so no one will hopefully recognize us. What's about lillian?'

'That's a pretty name... yeah I like it now let's go before it rains. I'm pretty sure they know we are gone by now.' Ash disappears back in to the back of my mind.

I get up and start running again till I find a motel on the edge of the town. Walking in I see a beautiful older woman. She has long curly black hair, dark green eyes and is about 5'9 wearing a long green dress.

"Hello I'm mira, how can I help you?

As she looks up she looked at me worriedly as she could see I was dirty and looked drained and then she looks down at Xavier and she smiles a little.

"Come here hun I'll get you a room and some fresh towels." As she grabs the keys to a room and few towels in one hand and she grabs my wrist into her other hand as she dragged me to a room close to the office, unlocked it and we walked in she quickly shuts the door behind us.

"Are you ok?" Mira asks

"Yeah I'm just tired" giving her a small smile.

"What's your name?"

"Lillian I answer almost to quickly" i hope she doesn't notice. She gave me a small smile.

"I dont like to pry but I know your liying to me but that's ok you seem scared are you running?"

'Hazel shes not human but shes no wolf either?!?' Now I'm curious and worried what if shes an ally of theirs. I start to take a few steps back.

"I won't hurt you hun." She says reassuringly looking down at xavier she smiles. "I want to help I'm a witch and I can protect you if you let me."

'Hazel i feel like we can trust her. Let her help.'

'Are you sure ash?'

'Yeah plus better her than to be brought back to the rouges' that's true it was terrible over there I could never raise a child of mine in there. It made me mad not being able to leave when I found out I was pregnant but I wasn't strong enough yet.

"Fine I'm trusting you with my life but if anything happens to my baby boy I will kill you" i tell mira carefully

"That's fine but i promise i won't let anything happen to either of you as long as you stay here." She said with a serious face to let me know she wasn't trying to fool me.

"Ok then yes I'm running"

"From who?" she asks.

"From rouges..."

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