Don't Open the Box

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Chapter 1

A candle was all she had to light her way. A blue and black candle. Needing both protection and forgiveness for what was about to occur. In a bag there were supplies that had been carefully selected over many weeks. After reading about a certain spell, he should fear her now. He really thought that he could get away with all that he did. He should know more about messing with such a powerful witch. Her blood ran with so much history that it was strange he did not know who he was sending that spell to. He sent an Enemy at Large hex. To do that means they are over for sure. They would curse each other, but hexing each other is something that can’t be forgiven.

The man who did it, Henry, was also a magick. He had much respect and power. They were very similar both mixing black and white magick. For those who don’t know terms because you aren’t in a magick school yet, white magick is healing, a selfless act. The definition we were given in class is the use of supernatural powers or magic for selfless purposes. Black magick is just the opposite.

The internet would label her a hereditary and ceremonial witch. Her family is extremely well known in the supernatural community and for him to not know who he was attempting to hex was laughable. He was lucky that everyone in the school was required to wear anti hex jewelry.

The astronomy room which gave the best light and energy was where this had to be done. The New Moon would supply strength for the spell and would heal the soul of the castor.

According to what she was told this was going to work. I mean he deserved all that was coming towards him. That man, who took it all, is going to know what it feels like to be drained of everything. Of power. Of blood. Of Energy. Of Everything. With this spell, I throw Karma unto you.

With the last utterance of the last word, a gust of wind burst through the room lighting the candles placed to channel her magic. With a gasp, her eyes rolled into the back of the head and the girl collapsed. That night the magic could be seen like a sword heading towards its target.

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